How to stage your home to sell

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    Just as with so many things in life, when it comes to selling your home, first impressions play a major role. That is why it’s important to understand how to stage your some to sell it. With all of the above in mind, we decided to write this article. It aims to help you stage your home as efficiently as possible, to help you get the best price you can. So grab some snacks, a drink and a comfy chair. We are going to go exploring how you can stage your home to sell, together.

    What does staging your home to sell even mean

    Staging is a process of preparing a property for sale. It can involve anything from a simple clean-up to a full-on renting of decorative furnishing. While the latter may seem excessive, keep in mind that a lot of people prepare their homes for staging after moving out. In that situation, their furniture may be stored somewhere else. However, they still need some to let the buyer get the feel of the space. Not only that but, in 2017 the National Association of Realtors (NAR) hade a survey regarding staging homes for sale and what they found is that 77 percent of buyers’ agents say staging makes it easier for people to visualize the property as theirs.

    A person using a laptop. Research has show that you should stage your home to sell it faster.
    A survey by NAR has shown that staging brings many benefits when selling a home.

    Simply put, staging does add value to your home, when it comes to selling it. According to the same survey, It also helps you sell your house faster. Obviously then, there is a need to stage your home to sell it. The question that remains is what are the ways to stage a home? Let’s explore these.

    Stage your home to sell according to your budget

    Staging homes comes in different forms. It might be just a touch-up or a de-clutter that utilizes your own furniture. Or it might be a full-scale staging with hired staging professionals that bring in their own furniture. While the first method is lighter on the wallet, the second one adds a professional service to the mix. And that is sure to contribute to your price. So when you stage your home to sell, here are some broad ways you can go about it.

    The most expensive approach

    If you are able to spend some money to stage your home to sell, a very effective option is to go with a professional staging service. This option, however, is the most costly too. Professional staging services can cost you anywhere between hundreds and thousands of dollars, depending on who you hire to do your staging and what services you require. Professional staging services will offer anything from consultation to fully decorating your home for sale. Keep in mind that, apart from their scope of work, the price of a professional home staging service will also depend on the demand and the location of your home.

    New York street.
    The cost of professional staging services will depend on the location of your home.

    If you decide to go for a consultation visit from a professional service, you will still need to complete any changes they suggested. Obviously, this will cost you money. On the other hand, having them stage your home to sell will involve less work from you, but it will be more costly. Depending on the decision of the person doing the staging they might even bring in items that you never had in your home, that might complement it. For example, piano movers Manhattan might tell you of the many times they moved pianos for a staging service to a home that previously didn’t have one.

    The medium approach

    If hiring a professional staging service seems too expensive for you but you still can set aside a few bucks to spruce up your home, you can always stage your home to sell yourself. The smart thing here would be to research interior design trends as people will be more likely to be interested in a fashionable home.

    A modern looking bathroom
    When you stage your home to sell, pay attention to the interior design trends.

    Another thing you could research are tips on how to change the layout of your home on a budget. Things like cost-effective kitchen renovation projects can contribute a lot when staging your home for sale, while still being easier on the budget than a full-on remodeling. You should also consider re-painting your home. Even though it requires a small investment, a fresh coat of paint will do wonders for the look of your home!

    The least expensive approach

    Finally, there are many cheaper ways to stage your home to sell. Even if you are not willing to compromise your budget too much. You could, for example, look up simple decoration ideas. like tricks to make your apartment appear bigger. These will give your home that competitive edge when selling it. If even this is too expensive for you, there are also several things you could do to stage your home to sell without spending any money. First of all, cleaning the home thoroughly will make it shine. In addition to that, de-cluttering your home is a great way to stage it for a sale. Having everything tidy and clear of clutter will immediately make the home more appealing, while only costing you some time and effort.

    What to do with your excess items when staging your home to sell

    A question that you might ask yourself is what to do with your items when you stage your home to sell it? First of all, if you decided to go for a professional staging service that will bring their own furniture along, you will need to move yours somewhere you can keep it until your relocation is done. In this situation, storage solutions like storage facilities in manhattan will come very much in handy. They will allow you to store your items somewhere safe until your move is done. This will free up your house for a staging service to stage your home to sell. As for the excess items you gathered when de-cluttering, you can always donate, gift or even sell these.

    Stage your home to sell like a pro

    After reading through our article, we are certain that you are better prepared to stage your home to sell. Now just plan it right, do your research and chose the best staging option for you. And soon enough the right buyer will come along and you will reap the benefits of all this effort!

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