Trick to make your apartment appear bigger

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    Getting an apartment is a serious business. Not only do you have to deal with realtors and moving companies, but you also need to deal with the fact that the average apartments in the U.S are getting smaller. Therefore, you might want to know how to make your apartment appear bigger so that you can get more enjoyment out of it. Luckily, we are here to give you a couple of tricks so that your apartment look much grander.

    Ways make your apartment appear bigger
    There are some pretty clever ways in which you can make your apartment appear bigger.

    Tidy up

    The first thing that you can do is to tidy up. You probably need to do this anyhow, but there is no hurt in knowing that when you tidy up your apartment you make it look bigger. Simply putting things in their right place will make room in your apartment. This will give the impression that the room that your apartment has is much bigger then it would be if everything was laying around. Do not underestimate this. Even small things like shirts or shoes can leave an apartment looking cramped if they are laying around everywhere. Do yourself a favor, and tidy up your apartment.

    Color can make your apartment appear bigger

    Which colors you should use is a big issue when you decorate your apartment. What you need to realize is that you cannot have everything. The color that you choose will either be warm and cozy or fresh and opening. You cannot have it both. But, what you can do is to think carefully which colors you will use for your rooms. You should paint your living room in colder, open colors such as blue or green if you want to make your apartment appear bigger. Save your warm colors for your bedroom so that it will feel nice and cozy.

    Nature is associated with openness

    The main reason why colder colors give the impression of openness is that we associate them with nature. Being out in the open means that you’ll be looking at blue sky and green plants. Therefore, a good way to make your apartment appear bigger is to introduce nature. You’ll be doing so when you paint your apartment in blue and green, but there are other ways also. You can place some plants around so that the feel of nature is always present. And it may seem counterintuitive, but the bigger the plants are, the better. Yes, they will take up more room, but they will give the impression that the room they are in is bigger, not smaller.

    Even a couple of plants will make your apartment feel healthier.

    Fresh air

    When trying to make your apartment appear bigger you need to remember that all of our senses play a big role in perceiving something as large. Open spaces have fresh air. Therefore, if you want to make your apartment feel large, you should make sure that your home is aired out. The sent of fresh air combined with pine will make you feel as if you were out in the open. Add to that some plants laying around and your apartment will feel like it is twice its actual size.

    Connect rooms

    It’s not the number of rooms that make an apartment look big. It’s the size of them. If you have the opportunity to change the arrangement of your rooms, try to make it so that you have the smallest possible number of them. One open room feels much more spacious and larger than two smaller ones. This is why loft apartments feel so large. If you do decide to rearrange your apartment, you should reach out to local movers Manhattan to help you with your possessions.


    The way in which you arrange the items in your home will have a huge impact on how you perceive it. The general rule of thumb is to have and place as little items as possible. The more items you have, the more room they will take up. And the more room they take up, the less room you will have to move around in. So, in order to make your apartment appear bigger, you should incorporate minimalism. By doing so you will tremendously reduce the number of items that are laying around and will, therefore, make your home feel more spacious.


    When it comes to tricks to make your apartment appear bigger, mirrors are the oldest one in the book. By placing one in your room you will easily make it look much larger than it actually is. The reasons are that our brains do not perceive mirrors for what they are right away. Subconsciously we assume that they are windows and that the space we see in them is the continuation of the room that we are in. Of course, we know that they are mirrors, but our brains are not so sure. Therefore, if you want to make your place feel more spacious, simply place some mirrors around and you can make your room feel like it’s double its original size.


    Light plays a big role in how we perceive space. If the light is centered and dim we will perceive the space as if it was small. If the lights are bright, have numerous sources and are placed on opposite sides of the room we will feel as if space was bigger. The reason behind this is the simple association. The bigger the room is the more light we need for it. Therefore, if a room has multiple lights, it must be big. Once again, this is not completely logical once you think about it. But, our brains are not that much concerned with logic while they perceive the space around us.

    Smaller rugs

    The last trick we have in store for you are smaller rugs. A big rug will make a room feel cozy, but also small. Therefore, if you want to make your apartment appear more spacious, you should place smaller rugs. Or, even, no rugs at all. Just put them in one of the top Manhattan storage units.

    No rugs
    A room will look much bigger if it has no rugs in it.
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