Common myths about moving to Manhattan

Moving to New York soon? If you are, you might want to consider choosing Manhattan as your new destination. If you are considering an NYC relocation, you must have heard some of the most common myths about moving to Manhattan. Although this is one of the most prestigious areas to live in, it’s not affordable for everyone. Take a look at some misconceptions you might have heard from other people about living in Manhattan. Continue reading “Common myths about moving to Manhattan”

How to move house sustainably?

There are some easy ways you can use to move house sustainably. For starters, you can make sure that you get all the necessary items for your relocation. Then, you need to make sure that you do not endanger the environment in any way. There are some tips and tricks about how to do it properly and we will be more than happy to share them with you. We are one of the few Manhattan moving companies who actually care about our clients and the environment at the same time. So, let us see what we have prepared for your today, shall we? Continue reading “How to move house sustainably?”

Moving into a college dorm checklist

College years are probably one of the most exciting periods in one’s life. You are old enough to take care of yourself yet you are young enough not to have all those boring adult problems. For this reason, everyone deserves to enjoy their best college years. If you really want to feel like a college student, then you will probably live in a college dorm. However, it can be quite difficult to decide what they bring with you to your college dorm room. These rooms tend to be quite small so you need to be careful when packing your items. Therefore, here is moving into a college dorm checklist that you can use for your relocation. If you have more items than your plan, you can always search for movers Manhattan NYC.  Continue reading “Moving into a college dorm checklist”

Ways to pack and move glass decorations

Many people are not sure how to pack and move glass decorations and are afraid of damaging them, so they choose not to move them at all. It could be one of the options, but why not try to pack them properly? Specialized moving companies, like piano movers Manhattan, could protect the most sensitive items. They will not let you down, no matter how hard the task may seem. Continue reading “Ways to pack and move glass decorations”

How to prepare for a day of heavy lifting?

There are some things you can do to prepare for a day of heavy lifting. For example, you can either contact a moving company to help you out, or you can do it on your own. One of the most important things is to have good moving-day clothing. This will help you prepare yourself for lifting heavy items. Besides, you will also avoid potential injuries. However, we do not wish to spoil our guide for you before we even begin it. For this reason, make sure to read it until the end. We assure you – you will see some really useful tips and tricks here. So, let us begin! Continue reading “How to prepare for a day of heavy lifting?”

Should you discuss your move on social media?

Nowadays, social media took over every aspect of people’s lives. The world has come to the point if you are not on some social media then it’s like you don’t even exist. You probably saw on your feed post from friends about their activities from daily to special occasions. All big events are posted on social media and move certainly falls in that category. As you are contacting long distance movers Manhattan, you might wonder if it is okay to boast about your impending move. However, if you decide to discuss your move on social media, you also must think about risks that could follow. Between all moving boxes, you don’t want to add more problems to your list.  Continue reading “Should you discuss your move on social media?”

How to boost your relocation budget?

It is very important to boost your relocation budget if you have any chance to do that. Although there are affordable packing and moving companies in NYC, you should learn to make money in every situation. There are a lot of ways for it, though. You can earn by selling your old stuff or by applying some budget-friendly moving techniques. No matter what you have chosen, additional money will always be put to good use. Continue reading “How to boost your relocation budget?”

Top reasons to move to Tribeca this fall

People are wondering if moving to Tribeca this fall is a smart choice. There are a lot of reasons to choose this place for your next destination. However, you should not jump into this adventure unprepared. You will find out that living in Tribeca is a little different than in any other place. It has great places to visit and enjoy, but still, you will have trouble adapting if you come from a highly urban neighborhood. The only thing you should not worry about is moving, since packing services NYC will organize it properly. Continue reading “Top reasons to move to Tribeca this fall”

Should I hire furniture movers in NYC?

When it is time to move, the first question is whether to do it alone or seek professional help. By organizing the move all by yourself, you are possibly saving some money. However, as you are not as experienced in moving as many other people, many mistakes could happen. Packing smaller items isn’t much of a challenge, however, problems could happen when you start packing the furniture. As they are often large and bulky, the chances of accidents would be higher. The result of these accidents wouldn’t be just damaging to your bank account and furniture but also you can suffer a serious injury. For this reason, it’s better to hire one of the moving companies Upper West Side. Here some more reasons why you should hire furniture movers in NYC.  Continue reading “Should I hire furniture movers in NYC?”

Reasons why you should avoid low ball moving estimates in NYC

Are you looking for a moving company to hire, yet you want to avoid low ball moving estimates in NYC? That’s a legitimate concern, and Heart Moving Manhattan NYC has decided to tell you more about how you can recognize when someone is offering you the low ball moving estimate that’s actually a scam, as well as why you should avoid low ball moving estimates altogether. If you’re ready to learn more about why and how to avoid low ball moving estimates in NYC, keep on reading!  Continue reading “Reasons why you should avoid low ball moving estimates in NYC”

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