How to keep your Inwood home clean and organized after a move

Once you discover that you need to move, it could seem like the moving rush will never end. The picture of your neat, clean, and organized old home will disappear as you start packing your items. As the days go by, the mountain of moving boxes will only become more extensive, and soon you’ll forget about the previous layout of your home. Luckily, in just a few weeks, you will be at your new Inwood home, and the cluttered home sight will remain just a faint memory. With the help of experts from Manhattan moving and storage, you will conduct your move quickly and efficiently. Also, we will remind you of the ways to keep your Inwood home clean and organized after a move. So, stay with us and find out tips to get your Inwood home clean and organized. Let’s enjoy the best version of your new home!

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Creative and Unconventional Ways to Use Your Storage in Upper Manhattan

New York City is the third most expensive city in the world and the most expensive in the USA. The median home value is almost three times the amount of the national average, so you will pay a lot for a small space. Many people who live in minimalist spaces, often reach out to storage facilities in Manhattan to extend their homes. These spaces usually cost between $400 and $1,600 a month, depending mostly on their size. But apart from storing items, there are other ways to use your storage in Upper Manhattan. Let’s get creative and unconventional if you want to put your storage unit to the best use.

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How To Dispose Of Leftover Moving Boxes

As soon as your relocation is over you will be surrounded by many new tasks that wait for you. From cleaning your new home, and setting up your items, all the way to removing the excess materials, there will be a lot to focus on. One of those tasks will be to deal with your boxes. Since there is no time to waste and you should focus on the interesting things this relocation will bring to you, it is time to learn what to do. Here is how to dispose of leftover moving boxes!

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Guide To Storing Camping Gear

People who love exploring and spending time outside often claim that there is no better feeling than that. And since many things prove that claim, more and more people are turning to nature and a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes, certain changes will shift our schedule a little and we must be prepared for it. If you have a relocation on the way or any other event that requires packing and storing your things you could use some professional help. Here are some tricks for storing camping gear!

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Best organizations in Manhattan to donate your old clothes to

Moving is often an excellent opportunity to reorganize your wardrobe and clear any excess items you don’t wear or need. But what happens once you’ve sorted through all of your wardrobe piles? Consider contributing! We’ll provide some options for organizations in Manhattan to donate your old clothes to assist you to get rid of those unwanted items before your local move.

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Guide To Storing A Wardrobe

A wardrobe has always been a furniture item very important for our household. The majority of people use it for clothes or shoes, but some use it for other things as well. And wardrobe is a very wide term. It could be an object you place in your room or it could be an entire room. When the time comes for storing a wardrobe, you will need to be careful to save time and money. So, here is your guide and everything you should know about it!

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How To Store Art Pieces?

Decorating your home with art pieces is a great way to express yourself and your style. But when the time comes for you to remove them for a certain period, you should know exactly what to do. This could be due to relocation or renovation, even though the reason is not so important. What matters is that every single piece is safe and ready for storage. So, to make things much easier for you and your precious items here is how to store art pieces without damaging them!

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Tips For Storing Antique Books

Coming across one antique book can completely change the way we feel about them. Chances are huge that you will start looking for another one and before you know it, you will have your collection of these valuable items. So, if you decide to move someplace else or renovate your home or one particular room, you must take good care of them. Take a look at everything you should know about storing your antique books!

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Tips for saving money in NYC in 2022

It is not a secret that Big Apple is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Whether you decide to visit this famous city for a few days or already live in some of its neighborhoods, you’ll need to prepare your budget for many expenses. Precisely, NYC is known for higher costs of living compared to many other cities in the country. On the other hand, if you have a job here, you probably can expect very high salaries. Nevertheless, it is pretty challenging to find a balance between your monthly income, expenses, and savings when living in NYC. In case you feel you aren’t in control of your budget, our movers in Manhattan NY can help you on saving money in NYC in 2022. We will help you discover simple ways to save money in NYC in different situations. Let’s see do you know some of them!

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A Guide To Storing Gym Equipment

Leading a healthy lifestyle is one of those decisions you will never end up regret. And while taking care of your body is essential, your gym equipment needs a little bit of your attention as well. Before storing gym equipment you should know how to prepare it and what exactly you should store. So, to provide the best treatment for your items and to avoid making mistakes, here is exactly what you should do before storing everything! 

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