How to organize a small living space in NYC?

It can be difficult to live in a small apartment or house. Especially if you have lots of stuff. It is important to keep everything tidy and find a place for each item. If you don’t know how to organize a small living space in NYC, remember to be creative and resourceful. Think both inside and outside of the box to find some practical solutions. In case you are moving house and downsizing, your Heart Moving Manhattan NYC movers can help you with unpacking. That way, your stuff will be organized from day one.  Continue reading “How to organize a small living space in NYC?”

How to pack a home grill

Most people go through a relocation at least once in their lives. The process itself is exciting and daunting at the same time. Even if you hire one of the moving companies Upper West Side to assist you with your move, there are still things that you need to do on your own. Like packing a home grill, for example. In order to pack a home grill for relocation, you will need some tools and some knowledge, the latter of which you can acquire in this article. Continue reading “How to pack a home grill”

4 roommate horror stories to avoid

Living with roommates could be easy, especially if you know which roommate horror stories to avoid. For people who live in large cities, having roommates is almost a must. The first thing you should do before moving to New York is to find reliable long distance movers NYC. Then, you should look for a good and cheap apartment. It is not hard, though. For most people, it could be even less expensive if they share costs with roommates. Continue reading “4 roommate horror stories to avoid”

How to find licensed interstate movers in NYC?

If you have planned to move any time soon, you should use only licensed interstate movers in NYC. The reason is that they will offer a much better service. You will surely demand only the best cross country movers NYC, and it is excellent. Non-licensed companies are cheaper but not always trustworthy. It would help if you could rely only on companies that have proof that they do their job well. Continue reading “How to find licensed interstate movers in NYC?”

What to unpack first after the move?

You surely want to know what to unpack first after the move. When that hard job is over, you do not have time to think about the schedule. You may feel that it is easier to start from the first box you come across. However, Inwood movers recommend following a properly organized checklist. It is much better to make a plan as you have done before packing. Continue reading “What to unpack first after the move?”

Feng shui tips for moving house

Moving house is never easy. Most people end up losing something or causing damage to their items or property. For this reason, the moving stress is at an all-time high. People have different ways to cope with stress. Some start to practice rules of feng shui in order to bring prosperity and good health. Feng shui practice is over 6,000 years old and includes the elements of astrology, philosophy, astronomy, and even physics. If you want to continue with your good luck, here are all the feng shui tips for moving house. Even your packing and moving companies NYC will respect your life philosophy.   Continue reading “Feng shui tips for moving house”

Should you move as an empty nester?

The kids have grown up and left home. You and your partner are now alone after so many years. That has both positive and negative sides. You certainly have more time to dedicate to yourself and your lifelong partner. You may also wonder if you should move as an empty nester now. The solution depends on your decision. If you feel like moving, hire Heart Moving Manhattan NYC to help you with that complicated process. If you prefer staying in the same place, then you might wish to make some changes. Continue reading “Should you move as an empty nester?”

How to prepare for a fresh start in Manhattan?

Prepare for a fresh start in Manhattan easily and on time should be your mantra when moving house. For the people who have not lived in Manhattan before, it is an exciting and challenging city. There are a lot of surprises, but not much differences from any other place in the US. The reasons are great places and cultural events that you can visit there. Thanks to that, relocating to Manhattan could be very challenging yet exciting. Continue reading “How to prepare for a fresh start in Manhattan?”

Sharing living costs in NYC

Living in a city as big as NYC will inevitably cost more than you might be used to. You can foot the bills on your own and potentially struggle, or you can try sharing living costs in NYC, your choice. Even if you are moving into West Village with the help of West Village movers, you may need to reduce the living costs to a manageable number. There are many benefits of doing so and this article is going to explain them further. Continue reading “Sharing living costs in NYC”

How to pack a children’s room when moving

Packing your home is difficult. There are many reasons why. You need to dedicate a lot of your time to pack your household while going to work every day, taking care of your kids, pets, etc. The tension will slowly increase as the moving day approaches when cross country movers NY will finally arrive. For this reason, you need to plan your packing process well. The essential rooms should be packed last. What are the essential rooms? The kitchen, bathroom, and your kids’ room. Today, you should read how to pack a children’s room when moving  Continue reading “How to pack a children’s room when moving”

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