How to pack bunk bed for relocation?

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    Moving large furniture is always a challenge, and bunk beds are particularly tricky. Before you start packing them, you need to separate and disassemble them. This is definitely not a one-man job, so start thinking about moving companies and friends that may be willing to help. With a proper plan and assistance, everything should be fine. Here are some tips on how to pack bunk bed for relocation.

    Step 1- prepare everything

    You will need some space for maneuver. Don’t try to do this in some corner among the moving boxes, you could hurt yourself and break something. Hence, take the time to clear the room as much as possible and then move the bed into the center for easier disassembling. Also, place it as far as possible from walls, not to scratch them while dismantling.

    pack bunk bed for relocation
    Make enough space for maneuver and place the bunk bed in the center of the room

    Find some help, you will need it

    You should always have someone with you when building or dismantling something with heavy parts. That person or few of them should be constantly present to assist when needed. Keep in mind that dismantling furniture can be dangerous if something gets dropped, especially if you are not wearing proper protective gear. But most noteworthy, almost every moving company Washington Heights offers to disassemble furniture as well, along with packing services. So, consider leaving this to the professionals.

    Protective gear saves a day, and maybe a toe too

    For this purpose, getting steel-toed boots is a great idea! Maybe this sounds unnecessary, but protective gear can prevent any possible accidents. And they do happen. If you don’t have any gear and you don’t want to buy it because you are moving on a budget, it’s understandable. But then at least reduce the risk of injury by wearing long trousers and closed-toe shoes.

    Remove the mattresses from the frame and place them aside

    Don’t even try to pack bunk bed for relocation with mattresses on. It is very impractical and risky as well. Hence, remove the mattresses before disassembling and packing. Also, now is as good a time to wrap your mattress in plastic. This way, it will keep dust and dirt out of your mattresses. Dismantling the bunk bed will be messy and dusty, so better do it before that. To make some space in the room for disassembling we recommend that you place the mattresses in another room, especially if you are working in a tight space.

    Place screws and bolts in a bag or box and label it properly

    Step 2 – disassemble it 

    The rule is simple- disassemble whatever you can before you pack a bunk bed for relocation. The more you disassemble it, the easier you will carry the bed and pack the truck properly. Follow these steps to do it with ease:

    • Disassemble all the parts that can be disassembled. With most of the bunk beds, you will be able to separate top and bottom part.
    • Take all the bolts off your bunk bed. They are often arranged so that you can disassemble and reassemble them easily. Most noteworthy, there are some main screws holding everything up. You will find those screws usually in the corners of the bed.
    • And remember, don’t do this by yourself! Or the bed construction could drop off and injure you. Make sure you have someone to hold the frames while you unscrew the screws.

    Store the small parts right away

    Small parts are especially important since you won’t be able to reassemble the bed without them. And they are super easy to lose, so better store them right away. So, collect the bolts, screws and other tiny parts and place them in a bag or box. Furthermore, label that box properly and put somewhere where you will be able to find it easily.

    Step 3 – pack bunk bed for relocation

    Yes, bunk beds are heavy, bulky pieces of furniture to pack. While some of them are made of wood frames, others are made from metal frames. Whatever the case may be, they are heavy and need to be packed properly. Not only they can get damaged if not packed well, but they can also damage things around them. 

    • Once you have packed smaller parts into boxes or bags, wrap each part in bubble wrap or moving blankets. Once you wrap it up nicely, fix that protecting layer with some duct tape.
    • If you have boxes that are large enough, place wrapped pieces in boxes.
    • Then, make a sling out of bed sheets or use moving straps to carry the mattresses. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get mattresses out of your home, especially if they are large and you have to carry them down narrow staircases or through tight doorways.
    • Make a plan where the bunk bed goes in your new home before you arrive. This way you will be carrying it only once.
    • Consider leaving this part to the professionals. Large, heavy items like bunk beds are difficult to pack and move on your own, which is why it’s always a smart idea to hire Tribeca movers and packers to handle it for you.
    Mattress, pillow and a teddy bear
    Remove the mattress and pack it separately

    It’s loading time

    This is the part where you need to be especially careful because most of the injuries happen while loading. Hence, clear the path to the moving truck and make sure there are no obstacles on the way. Load the bed piece by piece. Finally, once you load them, secure them with some additional ropes, to keep them in place! Keep in mind how heavy they are and they can easily break something in the van if they are not fixed. But with the right moving company, you don’t have to worry about loading. They will do that for you. We really hope this guide has helped you learn how to pack bunk bed for relocation. And we hope it will be easy for you, good luck!

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