Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn stress-free

Are you thinking about moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn and wondering how to do it in the best way possible? Then you are in the right place. Relocation is one of the most stressful life events and requires a lot of energy and time for accomplishing every task. That should not worry you, because the key to successful moving is in good organization. In this article, we will give you some useful tips on how to prepare everything up front and have a stress-free relocation.

Why moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn is a good idea?

Whatever the reason for your relocation is, you will not make a mistake by choosing Brooklyn for your new living place. Living in Manhattan can be very dynamic, and for some people moving out of Manhattan can bring more peace and satisfaction. Brooklyn is one of the fastest-growing boroughs in NYC, that provides plenty of life opportunities. Even vibrant and alive, everyone can enjoy its serene side. What makes this place wonderful for a living are not just good schools, colleges and plenty of job opportunities. It is the sense of community, in all Brooklyn neighborhoods. With a less pretentious nightlife, big and less-crowded parks, spots for art lovers, it can pretty much suit everyone needs.

Brooklyn street
Brooklyn can provide a nice and peaceful life

Make a good moving plan

All events of this type require careful preparation and planning. To decrease the level of stress during the process of relocation, it is essential to have everything plan up front. That is an easier way to avoid mistakes and overlaps that can cause you headaches. The first thought that should be on your mind is making a moving checklist, which can lead you throughout this adventure. Take into consideration all the tasks that should be covered and prioritize them. Setting your moving date on time should be on the top of the list. The process of moving requires a time to invest, so set your moving date a few months before the moving day. You will not be under pressure, each segment will be arranged properly, and you will have more free time.

Moving is time and energy- consuming job, but also entails an investment of a higher amount of money. This can be more frustrating if you are moving on a budget. That is the reason why making a budget plan is a necessary part, which should have high importance. Calculate all the expenses of moving, check where you can save money, and set the budget. That way you will be able to monitor the flow of your money and not cross the limits.

Choose a reliable moving company for moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

What can bring the most peace while you are moving is hiring reliable movers. It is not an easy job to choose a moving company that is affordable, yet professional. It is important to do research and check reviews from previous customers. Find one that has extensive experience in the moving industry, such as Upper West side movers. A team of experienced people will take the utmost care of your belongings. With a different kind of services that they are providing, you can have a full-service arrangement. That implies- more time for taking care of about you and your family.

moving truck on the road
Choose the right moving company

Declutter your home and pack your belongings

Packing is probably the most tiresome job of all, where strategic thinking can be a great helper. Before you start packing of your possessions, it is crucial to declutter your home. Sort out things that are going with you, and those that you are not using anymore. The number of your belongings will have an impact on the moving charges. So, the lower expenses will be if you downsize the items that you are relocating. You are now presumably questioning what to do with all the things that you will not carry. There are several excellent options, such as selling, recycling, and the best one- donating. A storage unit is a perfect option in case you would like to save them.

After making a decision what to pack, be ready for dealing with moving boxes, and different types of packing material. To avoid possible packing mistakes, our recommendation is to pack one room at the time and to label each box. Unpacking will be much smoother if you know which box goes to which room. As you, probably, have in possession fragile items, such as glasses, mirrors, vase, etc. use as much bubble wrap as you can. Protect them with extra layers of paper and secure from damages. In case you are not a fan of packing, and it makes you nervous, hire professionals to do that for you.

Take care of yourself while moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

Stress is one of the biggest triggers and cause of health issues, in the modern era. Being under pressure to reach the goals, which will provide a decent life, is the root of the stress issues. Even though you can help yourself out by following the above steps, the nervous will not completely subside until you finally settle in, in your new home. Be patient and try to go with the flow. Take a break whenever you need, have the long walks, eat and sleep well. Meditate, go for a running, paint or do whatever makes you happy, and calm. Spend some quality time with your friends, or just stay in bed and watch TV.

Friends having fun
Spend some quality time with your friends

If you have kids, entertain them, show them love and support. Kids are more sensitive, so they can easily feel your energy, both positive and negative. Always have on mind that there is nothing more important than safety and health of you, and your family members.

There are numerous good reasons for moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and we mentioned just a few of them. You will have a lot of time to discover each part of it and to have a nice and comfortable life. Do not hesitate to contact us and have a smooth relocation with one of the best Manhattan moving and storage companies. With a professional helping hand, the level of stress will be reduced to the minimum. We wish you the best of luck and a great new beginning.

Guide for shipping furniture cross-country

When we mention that it is the time for the move, some of you might think that it is easy. Simply pack everything, load a moving truck and drive. Not so fast. Simple as it sounds, it is actually one of the hardest situations in people lives. You need to pack and transport everything without damages and injuries. Not to mention the emotional aspect of the move itself. You will leave friends and memories behind. But you will also gain much on the way. A new beginning means a fresh start for everyone. There must be a reason you are moving to another city. We hope that it is a promising career move. Therefore, the only thing you might be missing is a few tips and tricks on how to pack and organize for shipping furniture cross-country.

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What to pack last for moving out of NYC?

When it comes to moving, planning is key. It just plays such a major role. It’s important to plan out everything, from who is going to conduct your move down to what to wear when moving. Naturally, one of the most important things to properly plan is the packing order. Some items you will want to pack first, while other you will pack last for moving.  To help you decide this very important step in every move, we’ve compiled this article. So, sit back, relax and let us walk you through what to pack last when moving.

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Post-graduation decluttering – what to get rid of

So, you just graduated from college? Congratulations, you’ve made a final step into adulthood. The first thing that you should do is to get rid of the clutter that you’ve accumulated before your college years. Post-graduation decluttering is necessary, especially if you’re moving back to your hometown or to another city in the search for the amazing business opportunity. With these tips and tricks, you can do it quickly and easy.

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How to reduce office relocation costs

Relocating your office is a challenging, time consuming and a quite costly task. It is hard to determine an accurate budget of such a complex move, especially when one wrong step can raise your expenses. It will also take a lot of your time and it can negatively affect your business. Still, with exceptional organization skills, a bit of help and with the rights tips on how to reduce office relocation costs, your commercial moving doesn’t have to be the money pit.

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Guide for protecting property during interstate transport

When you’re relocating your home to another state, that is considered as the interstate type of moving. Relocating to another state is much harder since it requires more things to consider. Protecting property during interstate transport is one of the biggest concerns. Still, if you follow some tips and tricks you can ensure that your belongings will arrive at your destination safe and unharmed.

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Millennials are leaving New York – learn why

The urban jungle, the cultural cocktail, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps. New York is a place of many names and even more stories. People flock to it in hopes of fulfilling their dreams. Nonetheless, they are welcomed with unforgiving tempo and constant competition. However, many young entrepreneurs often thrive and describe New York as a truly unique place, worth the fight. And when you truly look around, hard work is always required. Still, besides all the lights and beauty this city has to offer, millennials are leaving New York. The following text will go in depth about the most common reasons for them doing so.

A big red apple
The Big Apple, although tempting, has many challenges.

The main reason why millennials are leaving New York

It is no secret that the Big Apple is a rather pricey place for living. This is best seen through the cost of housing. Upon arriving in the city, millennials need to face the harsh truth: only the well-situated can afford the cost of the commodity and good location. So, you are presented with a choice – either you live in a shack, or you find a roommate. Most, as one would suppose, choose the latter. Still, even with this adjustment, that’s not where the challenges end. You see, the median wage has increased by 1.8% in the last decade. However, the rent went up twice as much over the same period. To simplify the math:

  • Rent growth is considerably faster than income growth
  • The lowest-priced rents are the ones who have increased the most
  • People who ear the least got the smallest paycheck raises

You can see how this can turn into a major issue for anyone trying to make ends meet. Consequently, millennials are leaving New York. We bet that even you would choose to hire long distance movers Manhattan you can trust and try to find a place with better prospects.

Living above their means

Having to grow up in hectic times failed to teach millennials how to handle money. Most are quite lost when it comes to real-life math. If you ever come across anyone from those generations, you know what we mean. This lack of financial education left a noticeable mark. Millennials quite often make the mistake of living above their means. While this can be acceptable in other cities, New York is the kind of place to make you pay for every mistake. There is this aspiration of owning a home that runs high among the generation, in spite of budgeting constraints and rising housing costs. So, a millennial a buy or rent a place he or she simply cannot afford and then struggle months on end until they realize it is useless.

Dollar bills
The amount you are spending needs to be at least the same, if not smaller than the amount you are earning

Maintaining a certain image

However ridiculous it may seem, living in New York implies a certain lifestyle. It is highly likely that the millennials have put this upon themselves. Still, the issue persists. You simply have to start your day with a quality cup of coffee, followed by an expensive brunch and a taxi ride home. In addition, people expect that you live such a life in an effortless fashion. In your 20s, and not a CEO? You have failed. Although abundant with job opportunities, it seems like New York only loves the bosses. And not everyone can have that job or its’ paycheck. This creates a huge pressure for aspiring young individuals. It’s like being chased by a dog every single day. Everyone expects you to succeed in record time, all the while making it look effortless. And, let’s face it, one cannot be a go-getter every single day. Although it is easy to find office movers Manhattan, it’s not so easy to find an office that will welcome you with open arms and a high salary. It’s no wonder the saying goes ”If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”. New York makes you work hard just to be average, let alone in the top niche.

Everything has a price

And this stands for more than the food and the rent. Although exceptionally high, costs of living are just the first line of difficulties. Just as you start working your third job, you start to realize that you have virtually no time left for anything else. Due to the lack of time, you will inevitably lose some of your closest relationships. Everyone going through those first couples of years of adjustment is facing this bitter situation. You must decide what goes first and what can be sacrificed for that greater good. The pace of life is relentless, and the anxiety will get you sooner or later. If you plan on calling New York your home, you must be ready to face the pressure.

A group of friends sitting in a living room
It is up to every New Yorker to decide how much time they should dedicate to their relationships.

The advantages of the West Coast

Since most ex-New Yorkers choose the West Coast for their new home, we will address its virtues:

  • You have more living space. Apartments are small in NYC and those with lower rents have a poor view, to say the least.
  • If you plan on raising a family, know that New York is not too family-friendly. LA is has a calmer and safer environment.
  • It is no secret that the Big Apple is not the cleanest city. With so many residents, it’s no wonder. Millennials are leaving New York in a search of cleaner living conditions.
  • As you move away from this jungle, you will feel the tension and existential anxiety slowly crawling away.
  • West Coast has predictably good weather, unlike the harsh winters and scorching summers of the NYC.
  • Besides all the great weather, you have an abundance of outdoor activities to choose from, all in the proximity to nature.

Millennials are leaving New York – are you?

Hopefully, you get an idea of why Millennials are leaving New York. And who knows, maybe you will choose some other place for living. Either that, either you will try to change that statistic. Whatever you choose, we wish you luck!

Moving-out checklist to implement

Making a comprehensive moving checklist is crucial when it comes to having a stress-free move. It will help you not just like a reminder of all the tasks you need to handle but will give you motivation as well. The more boxes you check, the closer your goal is. Additionally, you can make it like a step-by-step timeline, for easier organization. Let’s try to make your moving-out checklist together.

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Guide for using storage container pods

Preparing for relocation is never easy. You need to figure out which items to relocate when to do so and hire professional movers to help you out. But, what most people don’t know is that most moves can be made considerably easier by using storage container pods. These pods allow you to pack at your own pace and not rush anything come moving day. And, as anyone who has moved can tell you, this is a huge advantage. Especially if you know what you know how to use them. Therefore, in order to help you make the most out of storage pods, we have come up with a comprehensive guide.

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Tips for moving a business over state lines

Owning a business is an always changing game. Sometimes, it may feel like you are juggling so many factors that your head spins. There are so many things to worry about, so when comes the time for a change, you might feel frightened. Packing up your office and moving it to another state may seem like a nightmare. However, there are many reasons for moving your office. Your business might be too small to accommodate all the workers. Maybe there are more clients waiting somewhere else. Or you have found a great and cheap office space, so relocating is simply the best option. Whatever the reasons for the move, there are a couple of things you need to do. In this article, we give you some of the top tips for moving a business over state lines. Follow these for a stressless and successful move!

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