How to declutter your home with ease?

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    Do you ever wonder how other people make the moving process seem easy and fast? With a few tips from professional movers, you will be able to relocate without emptying your wallets. Here are the most effective tips on relocating without stress and even saving money in the process. Keep reading and find out how you can declutter your home with ease without spending days of your free time.

    Make a plan to declutter your home with ease

    The best way to start preparing for your relocation is to make a plan. Making a detailed plan to declutter your home in advance will ease the process and save a lot of time. Decluttering can be very interesting if you approach the process the right way. You should plan your future and set your mind to get rid of the old and start choosing the new colors for your new space. If you think positive thoughts you will be able to declutter your home with ease and save money in the long run. If you are honest with yourself and really get rid of the items you don’t need and won’t use anymore, you will save a substantial sum when hiring a Manhattan moving company for your relocation.

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    A good plan will save you a lot of time when decluttering your home.

    To declutter your home with ease, you should set the order in which you will declutter rooms in your home. Most people will start with their closet, but that may not be the best idea in most cases. Professional decluttering assistants will advise you to start decluttering your home at the garage. When you start with your garage you will have plenty of space to organize and sort out the belongings you don’t need. If you do, you will be able to organize a garage sale with ease and sell most of these items and make a profit when moving.

    Declutter one room at a time

    To declutter your home with ease consider using the four-box decluttering method. This method is very effective. On the other hand, this method will help you avoid spending too much time thinking about certain items or getting too emotional when decluttering.

    The four-box method

    Before you start decluttering your home like a professional, consider finding new and sturdy moving boxes Manhattan.  Also, you can use plastic bins to sort out everything. When you have all the boxes ready, make sure you label them – “toss”, “keep”, “donate” and “sell”. After you label all of the boxes go through your garage and start decluttering your home with ease. You will work more efficiently and fast if you set a timeframe for decluttering. Set a timer for 15 minutes for every part of your garage.

    plastic bin
    Consider using plastic bins when decluttering your home with ease.

    If you have old gym gear, sports gear, and other items you plan but never use put them in a corner. After you finish with your garage, move around to other storage spaces in your home. Keep in mind that timing your work will help you avoid getting emotional and reconsidering every little thing. When you declutter every storage space in your home, half of the work is complete.

    How to sort out your clothes?

    When you come into your closet and go through your clothes, your child’s clothes, make sure to stay focused. In case you are the type of person who has trouble throwing anything away, consider asking a friend or a family member to keep you company. If you have a company and assistance the decluttering process will be faster and less boring. On the other hand, you will have someone around to tell you if the clothing items you choose is long overdue to part with.

    Make sure to get rid of or donate all the clothes you don’t fit anymore or won’t ever wear again. All the old and worn out clothing items that only take space shouldn’t add weight on your moving cargo.

    declutter your home with ease
    You can save money if you sell the items you no longer have the need for.

    Declutter your kitchen like a pro!

    When you declutter your home with ease you will make room for some new items and additional space for your new home. In case you are downsizing and moving to a smaller residence, you may avoid the need for additional storage space. In this situation consider getting rid of the old furniture pieces that take up too much of your space. Visualizing your new space will help you figure out which furniture pieces are too bulky or excessive for your new space.

    Decluttering your kitchen is the easiest part of the decluttering process. If there are any small items, kitchen appliances or mugs, you plan to replace, throw them away immediately. This way you will downsize your moving expenses. On the other hand, you will still choose new items that will fit your new kitchen perfectly.

    Find a good storage solution

    In case you have too many items before moving to a new smaller home, look into cheap storage Manhattan. Sometimes a small size storage unit is the exactly what you may need. You will be able to keep your valuable items and not overcrowd the space with too many items. There are numerous storage facilities in Manhattan that vary in size and type. If you plan to rent a storage unit and keep additional items in a safe location, consider finding the reliable storage company in your area.

    There may be the number of storage facilities in your area, but you shouldn’t choose the facility based on location. Make sure to check each company’s license and in detail before you rent a storage unit for a longer period of time. Good storage facilities have:

    • Top notch security systems
    • 24-hour surveillance
    • Latest security protocols in place for fire, water damage etc.
    • Climate controlled storage units for storing temperature sensitive items
    • Working hours that suit your schedule
    • Insurance policies for your items
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