Ways to create additional storage space in your NYC home

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    If you are bumping into things or your clothes is falling out of your closet when you open it, then it’s time to think about the ways to create some additional storage space in your home. Still, in New York City when most of us is living in smaller apartments, that may seem like the impossible mission. However, it really isn’t. You just need to know where you to look and how to exploit every inch of space for storage, and this guide can help you with that.

    Start with decluttering your home

    Before you start to plan for additional storage space, declutter your home.  When you were relocating to Manhattan you probably had fewer things that you have now in your home. Most people are adding things to their homes without getting rid of those that no longer need. It’s in human nature, so it’s very likely that you have a lot of things that you actually don’t use in your home.

    There’s no reason why you would keep these items. They only make clutter in your home and making it harder to maintain.  If you follow some tips, you can declutter your home with ease. When you have fewer things to storage, you will need lesser additional storage space to create in your home.

    That’s why decluttering as a part of your spring cleaning is always a great idea.

    Create additional storage space in your bedroom

    A bedroom is a perfect space for storing access to things. And it even doesn’t have to be the big one.
    The best storage space in your bedroom is underneath your bed. Believe it or not, you can create amazing storing space there. All you need is to elevate your bed.

    If you are in the market for a new bed, find the tallest one. The more space that you have from the floor to the edge of the bed, the more storage space you will have.

    Keep an eye for the ones without drawers – you will be able to fit more stuff underneath.

    On the other hand, if you wait for Washington Heights movers to deliver your shipment after relocation, which contains a perfectly fine bed, use that time. Make necessary preparations for elevating your bed. All you need is four very stable grounds that you will place under your bed’s legs.

    If that doesn’t seem stable enough, you can hire a skillful carpenter to extend the legs of your bed and make it taller.

    Tips on creating storage space underneath your bed

    Creating additional storage space is important, but not that important as the night of good sleep. So choose the elevation of the bed that you’re comfortable sleeping in.

    Here are some tips when transforming underneath the bed space into the storage space:

    • If you’re storing shoe boxes – Shoe boxes fit perfectly underneath the bed. Lay shoe boxes horizontally. Put two or three boxes on top of each other. Elevate your bed to that size and you will have a great place for keeping your shoes. Seasonal shoes put on the harder reachable end. Don’t worry about the bad odor if the boxes are shut properly.
    • Get plastic bins – Whatever you wish to store safely underneath the bed, plastic bins are the perfect solution. They come in every possible size, so maybe there’s no need for elevating your bed at all. When you close them, the plastic bin will keep your stuff safe so you can store them underneath the bed.
    • Vacuum bags – For all the bulky winter clothes and blankets that you don’t need in the summer, take advantage of the vacuum bags. After you pack your items in them, suck the air out of them with a vacuum cleaner and place them under the bed.
    Women sucking the air out of vacuum bag.
    These bags are very resilient and this is a great way to clear your home from seasonal clothing.

    Use your stairs to the max

    If you have stairs in your home, you’ve probably already used the space underneath them. Still, have you ever consider the actual stairs as additional storage space?
    Each step of your wooden stairs hides the small storage space. By using the space inside the stairs themselves, you can put a lot of things away.

    Modern living room with stairs that can double as additional storage space
    You may need help from the handyman to pull out this safely, but it will surely be worth the extra storage space that your home will gain.

    Make additional storage space and more seating space at the same time

    How is that possible, you may wonder. Well, this is much easier than you think. Since these days more and more people are choosing to live in the smaller housing units, the ideas for using every inch of the home for storing space are endless. Many of them focus on combining seating areas with storage space.

    Long wooden crates, for example, can double as the seating area and space to store your things. Put it next to the wall and place some cushions on it. Voila – you have a bench with your things safely tucked in it! All its left is to upholster a bench and that’s is. This is a great idea for the balcony. Just use plastic since they won’t be affected by the weather if your terrace is open.

    If you’re still lacking storage space in your home than it’s time to think about renting a storage unit. There are so many advantages of the storage units in NYC. The biggest one is that your belongings will be in a safe place for as long as you need.

    In fact, most of New York’s residents are keeping their things in storage facilities. The living costs of the Big Apple are very high, and housing is the priciest item. It is much cheaper to rent a smaller apartment and a storage unit than to rent a bigger housing space that can fit all of your belongings.


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