Common unplanned moving expenses

Planning a relocation is not simple! There are a lot of things that can go wrong, especially if you are not organized. Many unplanned moving expenses and mistakes are caused by not having a precise and well-planned checklist. Here, we will tell you all you need to know about them and how to avoid them. So when the moving day arrives you will be absolutely ready for anything! Continue reading “Common unplanned moving expenses”

Tips for packing perishables for the move

When moving, one of the worst things you need to worry about is packing. There is always just so many things to pack! And when you add all the proper ways you need to pack them, as well as added padding and security, this can easily turn into a nightmare. This is why many people decide to ask for help from packing service NYC. While they take care of the packing, you can do other things in your move. However, there are some things that even your movers will not take with them – or will need special care for transport. These include perishable goods – like foods and plants. So, how do you pack them? Are there ways to sort these goods, and does each “category” require special care? In this article, find out our best tips on packing perishables for the move.

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Where to look for free cardboard boxes in NYC

When we prepare for the move there are a bunch of tasks we must complete. Clean the house, pack the items, prepare the furniture. Not to mention the process of hiring reliable movers in NYC. With all this chaos it is a good idea to prepare better for the job at hand by doing one task after another. Making a moving plan is the first thing to do! And the first task in it should be finding free cardboard boxes in NYC. Find out here where you can find them and even save money you can use later! Continue reading “Where to look for free cardboard boxes in NYC”

How to pack a moving truck right?

Sometimes, when moving, you will want to try and do it by yourself. And even though you can easily plan for the move and find a suitable moving location, there are some things you cannot do with ease. For example, once you pack everything up into the moving boxes, you might not know how to transport everything. This process requires you to rent a moving truck, but this comes with a problem of its own. You might start wondering how to actually pack a moving truck right. Are there certain things you can do to ensure your items don’t get broken during the travel? Is there a particular order to how you put your items in? If these questions are plaguing you, do not fret! We are here to offer the best packing expertise NYC has to offer! Find out how to pack your truck in this article!

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How to protect glassware during transport

There are a lot of things that you should think about – even when you are moving short-distance. There are movers to call, packing supplies to gather and finally a lot of packing to do. One of the biggest concerns that our clients face daily is how to protect glassware during transport. There simply are items that need more care than the others – and we are well aware of that. Things like mirrors, family heirlooms, or just your typical glassware and silverware all need proper handling. In this article, we take a look at how to transport your breakable items, and how to best prepare them for this trip. Continue reading “How to protect glassware during transport”

Self-storage for college students 101

College years are usually the most interesting part of a person life. They don’t have to suffer living with parents and they don’t have to deal with obligations of adults. Suddenly you are out of high school and you find yourself in a place where everyone is learning new things and exploring themselves. But, during college years, you might find yourself gathering more things than you can handle. Be it that you need to move, or your dorm room is too small, you might need to find self-storage for college students. Well, in order for you to do that properly, we have made this comprehensible guide for you to get informed. Continue reading “Self-storage for college students 101”

How to declutter your home with ease?

Do you ever wonder how other people make the moving process seem easy and fast? With a few tips from professional movers, you will be able to relocate without emptying your wallets. Here are the most effective tips on relocating without stress and even saving money in the process. Keep reading and find out how you can declutter your home with ease without spending days of your free time. Continue reading “How to declutter your home with ease?”

How to pack collectible items safely

90% of moving accidents are caused by improper packing. Someone doesn’t use the right material or doesn’t label a box properly, and wouldn’t you know it, an accident happens. Now, our everyday items like clothes and books are pretty resilient. They can take a bump or two without getting damaged. But, when you move fragile items, every little bump can lead to destroyed property. That is why you need to know how to pack collectible items safely so that they will survive your relocation. Continue reading “How to pack collectible items safely”

Reasons to hire pool table movers Manhattan

Relocating a pool table is a big task. Most people will try to save money and relocate this big and bulky and delicate Item by themselves. But that may not be the best decision. Pool tables are very heavy and the smallest mistake can cause injuries or damage. There are numerous reasons to hire pool table movers Manhattan. Keep reading and find out how you can find and hire quality pool table movers near you and relocate with ease. Continue reading “Reasons to hire pool table movers Manhattan”