Why should you hire professional furniture movers

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    Moving furniture is no easy task. There are a lot of things that need to be done, and they have to be done properly. But, even so, some people think that they can do it on their own. And, look, we applaud the effort. Taking matters into your own hands means that you are not afraid to tackle hard tasks. But, in order to handle this one, you are going to need to have skills and tools, that few non-professionals have. And, even if you do read a guideline for moving furniture and get the tools, there are still issues that you will have to deal with if you do not hire professional furniture movers.

    Moving furniture.
    Moving furniture is a complicated project.

    What goes into moving furniture

    Just so you can get a better idea about why you should hire professional furniture movers, we are going to go over what actually goes into moving furniture. You should think about this before you try to free up space in your home, by getting the furniture out on your own. As you will soon see moving furniture is a tricky project that doesn’t leave room for mistakes.


    The first thing that your professional furniture movers will do is to assess your furniture before disassembly. You should disassemble every piece of furniture. Even if your furniture was made with the possibility to be disassembled, there are multiple factors that influence whether it is possible or safe to do it. The biggest one is time. It is often the case that you cannot disassemble old furniture. If you do disassemble it, you will not be able to reassemble it. The wood and materials became old and are no longer fit to suffer the stress of disassembly and reassembly.

    Old furniture needs to be transported by professional furniture movers
    If you want to move old furniture properly, you need to hire professional furniture movers.

    Preparing for transportation

    If it is possible to disassemble it, you need to do it properly. Make sure to take it completely apart and save all the parts. Then, you need to make sure that every part that you want to be transported gets properly packed. While you can hire professional packing services to help you out, it is much better to let professionals deal with the whole procedure. You will need to make sure that everything is properly wrapped, padded and packed.


    Once you have packed your disassembled furniture, it is time to load it. Modern furniture can usually get disassembled into parts that are quite manageable. But, older furniture is as difficult to load as if you were transporting a pool table. You cannot possibly load something of that size and weight on your own. Therefore, you will need help. Now, what you need to realize, is that loading furniture is a skill of its own. First, you need to have proper safety gear, like gloves and boots. Then you need to plan your route so that you do not bump your furniture along the way. And, to top that all off, you will need capable friends to help you out. Hiring professional furniture movers sounds better and better, doesn’t it?


    Once the moving truck is loaded, it is time to transport. Have you ever driven a moving truck? Probably not. Well, there are some guidelines for driving a moving truck that you follow. But, it is still your best bet to hire professional furniture movers. Not only will you have to deal with traffic, but you will have to make sure that your truck gets to the destination safe and sound. As anyone who has driven a car can tell you, there are some things that you simply need the experience to learn. The same thing goes for moving trucks. And don’t think that your car driving skills will simply transfer. Moving trucks are as different from cars as cars are different from bikes.


    Let’s say that you managed to deal with everything so far. And that’s truly saying something. Let’s us even say that you managed to unload your furniture properly, which is like loading only in reverse. Therefore, more difficult. Now what you need to do is to reassemble your furniture. Well, if it is new, you will not have many problems. Simply follow the official guideline and try not to lose any tiny part. But, if it is an old piece of furniture, well you are going to have a hard time. When it comes to assembling old furniture, you need to have experience. You need to be able to recognize how tight you should assemble it on order not to break it. Also, you need to assemble it tight enough so it doesn’t collapse when you use it.

    Assembling and disassembling furniture.
    Assembling and disassembling furniture can be quite difficult.

    The advantages of getting professional furniture movers

    Now that you are familiar with the procedure of moving furniture, you should realize that hiring professional furniture movers is your best course of action. But, we do realize that there are still some of you out there that think that they can and should handle it on their own. They have the people and the tools needed to do it properly. And, at the end of the day, how hard can it be? Well, here are a few more reasons why you should leave furniture moving to professionals.

    Less stress

    First off, less stress. No matter how good you might think you are, moving furniture is a complicated project and not everything will go as planned. And, more often than not, you’ll be moving furniture while moving a bunch of other stuff. It that is the case, don’t even think about doing it on your own. Especially if you are moving your office. Even if you have everything planned out, there will be a bunch of unforeseen circumstances that you will need to deal with. Hire office movers Manhattan and save your energy for the rest of the move.

    Little room for mistakes

    Furniture doesn’t forgive. While you can transport other items with ease, furniture is simply too difficult. A small rookie mistake can easily lead to damaged furniture, or even worse, hurt friends. Do everyone a favor and hire professional furniture movers. Don’t take unnecessary risks.

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