5 summer home maintenance tasks to remember

With the summer just around the corner, time could not be more perfect for you to spruce up your home. Good weather will make all the jobs around and outside the place much easier. So, why not use this opportunity to tackle some of those summer home maintenance tasks that are bound to make the house shine again. We offer a helping hand in a means of a list that follows. It will help with focusing on the chores that make a big impact and create the most noticeable difference.

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Moving to West Village with family

The West Village offers an amazing escape from the NYC noisy and crowded streets. With some of the best properties, boutiques, and restaurants in the city, it is one of the trendiest neighborhoods to raise a family. And what gives this cozy little neighborhood its flavor are the kids and all the benefits they will have. With easy access to Hudson River Park, tree-lined streets and a chic downtown, you will certainly enjoy living here. Of course, living here is not cheap, but if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth it! Here are some tips for moving to West Village with ease!

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How to protect furniture when moving

Protect furniture when moving is just one of the many relocation tasks that you have to do. Still, it is one of the most important ones since it will ensure its safety during transport to your new home. This guide will show you some tips and tricks that can help you to keep your furniture safe during your relocation.

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How to make your home more eco-friendly

A lot of people across the whole world are becoming more environmentally-conscious and that is really one of the good things. Being eco-friendly won’t only help you contribute to the sustainable environment but it will also help you save up some money. There are plenty of ways to make your home more eco-friendly. Therefore, today we will talk about how to make your home more eco-friendly.

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When is the best time to settle in Manhattan?

The Big Apple is truly an amazing and unique place. Everyone who has even set foot there will attest to the city’s specific and mesmerizing nature. A true cultural cocktail in the form of a city that never sleeps. With a lot of NYC neighborhoods to choose from, each differing in its allure, finding a perfect place for home won’t strike you as too hard of a quest, as long as you have enough money. For all of you New Yorkers pending on a Manhattan settlement, thought must have crossed your mind: when is the best time to settle in Manhattan? The following text will address this matter in a way we find most fitting.

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Packing books and board games 101

We all have our favorite items and things we are attached to. Beside the financial value, these things have sentimental value that is much bigger. For some people, those special items are their favorite hobby items, such as books and board games. Hobby items are so special because unlike our job, they are something we choose to enjoy in our free time. Beside that, we have also spent some time collecting those items. That combination of our interest, time and money we spent on them, makes those items extremely valuable to us. And that is why we don’t want to see them damaged or even lost during our moving day. But if we make an effort to pack and load them carefully, there will be no reason to worry about. Check out this guide for packing books and board games, and pack them like a pro.

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Suburban home vs. downtown apartment – which wins in NYC?

Everyone went through the moving process at least one time in their lives. It is a big decision to make and we should think it through thoroughly. Before you start with organizing and making checklists, you should sort out your budget and decide where do you want to live. So, suburban home vs. downtown apartment? Both of those options have their good and bad sides. Which one is the right one for you depends on your lifestyle and needs?  Therefore, we will try to solve this mystery today, which one is better for you, suburban home vs. downtown apartment?

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Packing a king-size bed – tips and tricks

Packing and moving large furniture is always a challenge. And the biggest task is always packing the trickiest of all furniture- king size bed. It is heavy and massive, and impossible for one person to handle. Hence, better have a professional moving company by your side to help you out with packing a king-size bed. Whatever you choose, keep in mind these tips and tricks we have prepared for you.

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How to rent out your NYC apartment

Whether you are a first-time renter or have done so for a while, chances are you’ve put a certain amount of money into the place you are letting. So, your main goal is to find tenants you can trust not to ruin the place. However, the whole purpose of renting is the consistent cash flow, even more so if there are long-term agreements involved. Thus, we deem this risky venture worthy of trying. Still, in order to rent out your NYC apartment, it’s best that you familiarize yourself with the following few tips and guidelines. These are by no means a necessity but should prove to be worthy allies in your ultimate goal.

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Downsides of buying a house in NYC

New York is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it is perfectly understandable that you want to become a part of it. This is an extremely busy area, so better schedule your move with reputable Inwood movers as soon as possible. Maybe you are also thinking about buying a house in NYC. Historic details, vintage staircase, garden, several bedrooms, and bathrooms really sound dreamy. Especially in a crowded city like New York, living in a house is really something else. However, while townhouses can offer far more space and flexibility than living in an apartment, they also come with a lot of responsibilities. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, so better think twice before you purchase a house in a Big Apple. Here are some downsides of buying a house in NYC.

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