Moving with children stress-free – tips and tricks

Moving is complicated even when there is just one person moving on their own. The more people a family has moving, the more complicated it gets. Especially if there are children involved. But moving with children doesn’t have to be a chaotic, stress-ridden mess. If approached correctly, a relocation with kids will go smooth and easy. To help you achieve just that, we decided to write an article on moving with children stress-free. So, read on and fear not, after we tell you our tips and trick, you will be a family relocation pro!

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Prepare your long-distance move on time

A day has come, when you need to relocate and start a new chapter of your life. You might have several weeks for it or a couple of months. Regardless of the situation, you’ll have to prepare and organize a few things that are an essential part of every move. Hence, we assembled a simple guide on how to prepare your long-distance move. This is a simple reminder for those who moved already, and a brand new thing for the first time relocators. Let’s begin, shall we?

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How to pack a motorcycle for relocation

You might ask yourself, what are the situations when you need to pack a motorcycle for relocation? After all, a motorcycle is a great vehicle that you can use to reach your destination, right? Well, not necessarily. There are types of moving where you cant simply use your bike to get to your destination. Moving overseas, for example. Or, moving with a family. In these cases, you will need to prepare and pack your motorcycle for transport. This comes with certain precautions. To help you get your bike ready for relocation and to make sure it reaches the destination safe and sound, we have compiled this article. So, read on and enjoy!

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Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn stress-free

Are you thinking about moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn and wondering how to do it in the best way possible? Then you are in the right place. Relocation is one of the most stressful life events and requires a lot of energy and time for accomplishing every task. That should not worry you, because the key to successful moving is in good organization. In this article, we will give you some useful tips on how to prepare everything up front and have a stress-free relocation.

Why moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn is a good idea?

Whatever the reason for your relocation is, you will not make a mistake by choosing Brooklyn for your new living place. Living in Manhattan can be very dynamic, and for some people moving out of Manhattan can bring more peace and satisfaction. Brooklyn is one of the fastest-growing boroughs in NYC, that provides plenty of life opportunities. Even vibrant and alive, everyone can enjoy its serene side. What makes this place wonderful for a living are not just good schools, colleges and plenty of job opportunities. It is the sense of community, in all Brooklyn neighborhoods. With a less pretentious nightlife, big and less-crowded parks, spots for art lovers, it can pretty much suit everyone needs.

Brooklyn street
Brooklyn can provide a nice and peaceful life

Make a good moving plan

All events of this type require careful preparation and planning. To decrease the level of stress during the process of relocation, it is essential to have everything plan up front. That is an easier way to avoid mistakes and overlaps that can cause you headaches. The first thought that should be on your mind is making a moving checklist, which can lead you throughout this adventure. Take into consideration all the tasks that should be covered and prioritize them. Setting your moving date on time should be on the top of the list. The process of moving requires a time to invest, so set your moving date a few months before the moving day. You will not be under pressure, each segment will be arranged properly, and you will have more free time.

Moving is time and energy- consuming job, but also entails an investment of a higher amount of money. This can be more frustrating if you are moving on a budget. That is the reason why making a budget plan is a necessary part, which should have high importance. Calculate all the expenses of moving, check where you can save money, and set the budget. That way you will be able to monitor the flow of your money and not cross the limits.

Choose a reliable moving company for moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

What can bring the most peace while you are moving is hiring reliable movers. It is not an easy job to choose a moving company that is affordable, yet professional. It is important to do research and check reviews from previous customers. Find one that has extensive experience in the moving industry, such as Upper West side movers. A team of experienced people will take the utmost care of your belongings. With a different kind of services that they are providing, you can have a full-service arrangement. That implies- more time for taking care of about you and your family.

moving truck on the road
Choose the right moving company

Declutter your home and pack your belongings

Packing is probably the most tiresome job of all, where strategic thinking can be a great helper. Before you start packing of your possessions, it is crucial to declutter your home. Sort out things that are going with you, and those that you are not using anymore. The number of your belongings will have an impact on the moving charges. So, the lower expenses will be if you downsize the items that you are relocating. You are now presumably questioning what to do with all the things that you will not carry. There are several excellent options, such as selling, recycling, and the best one- donating. A storage unit is a perfect option in case you would like to save them.

After making a decision what to pack, be ready for dealing with moving boxes, and different types of packing material. To avoid possible packing mistakes, our recommendation is to pack one room at the time and to label each box. Unpacking will be much smoother if you know which box goes to which room. As you, probably, have in possession fragile items, such as glasses, mirrors, vase, etc. use as much bubble wrap as you can. Protect them with extra layers of paper and secure from damages. In case you are not a fan of packing, and it makes you nervous, hire professionals to do that for you.

Take care of yourself while moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

Stress is one of the biggest triggers and cause of health issues, in the modern era. Being under pressure to reach the goals, which will provide a decent life, is the root of the stress issues. Even though you can help yourself out by following the above steps, the nervous will not completely subside until you finally settle in, in your new home. Be patient and try to go with the flow. Take a break whenever you need, have the long walks, eat and sleep well. Meditate, go for a running, paint or do whatever makes you happy, and calm. Spend some quality time with your friends, or just stay in bed and watch TV.

Friends having fun
Spend some quality time with your friends

If you have kids, entertain them, show them love and support. Kids are more sensitive, so they can easily feel your energy, both positive and negative. Always have on mind that there is nothing more important than safety and health of you, and your family members.

There are numerous good reasons for moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and we mentioned just a few of them. You will have a lot of time to discover each part of it and to have a nice and comfortable life. Do not hesitate to contact us and have a smooth relocation with one of the best Manhattan moving and storage companies. With a professional helping hand, the level of stress will be reduced to the minimum. We wish you the best of luck and a great new beginning.

What to check before signing a moving contract

Moving can be very hectic. With your life being uprooted to be moved to a new place there are a lot of things to worry about. From how your items are packed and handled to even what to wear on moving day. That’s why it is essential to keep a level head while moving. One of the more pressing issues that will arise during the move will be a cooperation with a moving company. If you choose a reliable moving company, you might not even feel these. However, it’s always smart to check certain things before signing a moving contract. Precisely that will be the topic of this article.

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Disassembling furniture for a move: Tips & Tricks

Dissasembling furniture for a move is a very simple task! Don’t let it get to you as something very hard! Once you read the article we wrote, you will have an idea on how to do it properly and without any issues! Just keep reading and start packing for your big move!

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When is the cheapest time to relocate long distance?

Moving can be expensive. Especially in a long distance move. Therefore it is only natural that most people will look to save a buck during the relocation. There are many ways to go about this. You can get your packing supplies for free or you can de-clutter and reduce the number of items you will be bringing along. You can hire affordable interstate movers. Another thing you can do is check for when is the cheapest time to relocate long distance. As you will see below, this is a complex question. However, we can help you find the answer!

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How to label your boxes properly

Moving house comes with a lot of different obligations and assignments. You probably have a long list of things you need to do before you successfully move into your new home. Surely, the list seems endless and one of the bigger tasks is packing. Because you are packing all of your belongings and basically your entire life, this is probably a dreadful process. If you have too many things for your new place, you can, for example, look into storage facilities in Manhattan, but that isn’t the end of your issues. You need to pack all the furniture, decorations and clothes either way. That’s why organizing your things will be very important. Here is how to label your boxes properly and make unpacking easier. 

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Moving to Clinton, NYC with family

The moving process is never an easy one, but when you’re not alone in it, then it becomes really hectic. Moving with a family is a whole different story, and that’s when your organization skills (and patience!) are tested to the max. However, it does not have to be difficult, and with the right preparation, it can go really smoothly. If you’ve decided to move to Manhattan, and moving to Clinton sounds like a good idea, read on. We’ve gathered a list of things to take into account to ease your NYC moving.

Moving to Clinton with your family can be easy as 1,2,3!
Moving your entire family is never easy, but we’re here to help.

Talk to your children before moving to Clinton

Kids are more sensitive than adults, and this move may affect them more than you. When they’re young, they won’t care about all the possibilities of new life in New York can offer. All they care about is that they’re leaving their friends behind and everything they grew up with – their school, neighborhood, teachers… This is why it is very important to sit down and talk to them before the move. Explain to them what they can expect, and answer any possible questions they may have for you. Moving with kids isn’t easy, and don’t let your emotions get to you. After all, you want to make this move as stress-free as possible, both for you and for your children.

See what Clinton offers for your children

Before you choose your apartment, bring your kids around and walk a bit through the neighborhood. Take note on all the things which may affect your final choice of the estate. Also, include your older children in the process. They will enjoy their role and like to know that their opinion matters as well.  Are there any parks nearby? Is it in a good school district? Where will their school bus stop be? How safe is it? Although Clinton (also known as Hell’s Kitchen) was once heavily overcrowded and full of violence, today that’s not the case. NYC wanted to clean out its infamous rough neighborhood, and the result of that is safer streets and vibrant lifestyle.

Be smart when packing to move to this Manhattan neighborhood

Moving to Clinton probably means that your new apartment will be smaller than what you’re used to, as many apartments in Manhattan are. Therefore, you will have less space for your things. Before you move, go through everything and decide what to keep and what to toss. Make a few piles of things you no longer need, and figure out what to sell, donate or simply put it in a storage unit. Try to get your kids to do the same with their toys. Of course, you will end up with most of their toys after they are done “sorting through” anyway. If you can, look through their stack of chosen toys again when they are asleep, and make a few changes. In most situations, kids won’t even notice that some of their stuff are missing because they don’t play with them that often.

Take the opportunity of moving to Clinton to de-clutter and get rid of the things you no longer need.
Think carefully about what you’re bringing with yourself to Clinton.

Choose the right moving company prior to moving to Clinton, NYC

We’ll be honest with you: there are a lot of moving companies out there. Choosing a proper one for your needs can be tricky and time-consuming. There are a few things to keep in mind when picking the right movers for you:

  • Pick local experts. If you can, choose the moving company in the local area. First of all, they will know the neighborhoods well, and they won’t risk losing their reputation in the area, so they’ll try really hard to do everything right. So, if you’re moving to Clinton, pick Clinton movers – you’ll save money and your moving company can give you lots of advice about your future neighborhood!
  • Read the feedback. The best way to know whether your possible movers are also reliable and trustworthy ones is to see what their customers think. Scroll through the comments on their website or ask any friends who used their services. A good word goes a long way – trust your gut and your friends.
  • Estimate the moving prices. Everyone wants to save money on their move, and the moving quote your movers give you will play a role in this choice. Be wary of suspiciously cheap movers – there may be hidden costs along the way and even though you want to save money, your stuff may not be safe during relocation with unreliable moving companies.

Living in Clinton won’t be cheap

Like many other NYC neighborhoods, Hell’s Kitchen is not as affordable as many other US cities and neighborhoods. The Big Apple is a great place to live and grow up, but it’s not going to be cheap. Average monthly rent in Clinton is around $3000, and you’ll need around $1500-$2000 for monthly expenses for your family. Discuss this move thoroughly with your partner and calculate your living costs. Clinton may be great for families, but it’s tough on the wallet. There are ways in which you can save money when relocating. Picking an apartment near your office is one of them. You don’t have to spend the money on the daily commute (and you’ll have more time to spend with your children). Always keep in mind what your end goals are, and you’ll be good to go.

A typical NYC neighborhood, Clinton can get pricey.
Living in Clinton can be expensive.

This up-and-coming NYC neighborhood is gaining popularity

Since there are more and more people coming to NYC, and moving to Clinton, there has to be a reason behind it. Not that long ago, it was not the most pleasant NYC area, and the crime rates were sky-high. Now, the only thing that’s rising is estate prices and the quality of life. If you decide to move here with your family, we promise you won’t be disappointed at all. Clinton’s got its charm and plenty of little secrets to discover, and will swipe you off your feet in no time!



Guide for shipping furniture cross-country

When we mention that it is the time for the move, some of you might think that it is easy. Simply pack everything, load a moving truck and drive. Not so fast. Simple as it sounds, it is actually one of the hardest situations in people lives. You need to pack and transport everything without damages and injuries. Not to mention the emotional aspect of the move itself. You will leave friends and memories behind. But you will also gain much on the way. A new beginning means a fresh start for everyone. There must be a reason you are moving to another city. We hope that it is a promising career move. Therefore, the only thing you might be missing is a few tips and tricks on how to pack and organize for shipping furniture cross-country.

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