Simple and effective decorating hacks for renters in NYC

Hip, hip, hooray! What has just finished is your moving day. Yet, many more things are on the way. For example, what to do with the moving boxes Manhattan movers use for packing and relocation? How to organize the new space and belongings? Are there any decorating hacks for renters in NYC that can refresh the apartment? Now, again say hooray! We have the answers to these questions.  Continue reading “Simple and effective decorating hacks for renters in NYC”

Best gift ideas for first-time homeowners in Washington Heights

Going to a housewarming party means that you should bring a gift. But, that gift should be something that will enrich the home you are going to. And that will actually be useful. Yet something that the person you are visiting doesn’t already have. It’s often difficult to pick out the perfect present. But, there are some great items that you can get for first-time homeowners in Washington Heights. Items that will make their home homier. And most importantly, items that they have a use for and will actually use. Here are some great gift ideas that you can use. Continue reading “Best gift ideas for first-time homeowners in Washington Heights”

Top Manhattan neighborhoods for young professionals

Most people say New York City belongs in a class of its own in the United States. And it is no surprise it has such a reputation. First of all, NYC is truly a global city, and most would claim it to be the cultural capital of the world. With over 250 communities across the island, every neighborhood might offer you something special. However, if you are an ambitious Millennial, you need only the top-notch markets. Therefore, Heart Moving Manhattan NYC brings you to the top 3 Manhattan neighborhoods for young professionals. No matter if you’re in search of that affordable place to live with your roommates, or you want to be in the proximity of some very cool and hip places, or even if you’re ready to start settling down in the Big Apple this list is for you. Continue reading “Top Manhattan neighborhoods for young professionals”

Ideas for redecorating after the kids move out

When kids grow up and start their adult lives in new homes, a large number of parents become afraid of empty nests. In New York, many young adults are moving to Manhattan more and more, thus leaving their parents behind. Some empty nesters move as well. But most people opt for redecorating after the kids move out, therefore staying in their old homes. Either way is fine, just consider what is more practical and useful for you. Continue reading “Ideas for redecorating after the kids move out”

4 roommate horror stories to avoid

Living with roommates could be easy, especially if you know which roommate horror stories to avoid. For people who live in large cities, having roommates is almost a must. The first thing you should do before moving to New York is to find reliable long distance movers NYC. Then, you should look for a good and cheap apartment. It is not hard, though. For most people, it could be even less expensive if they share costs with roommates. Continue reading “4 roommate horror stories to avoid”

What to unpack first after the move?

You surely want to know what to unpack first after the move. When that hard job is over, you do not have time to think about the schedule. You may feel that it is easier to start from the first box you come across. However, Inwood movers recommend following a properly organized checklist. It is much better to make a plan as you have done before packing. Continue reading “What to unpack first after the move?”

Sharing living costs in NYC

Living in a city as big as NYC will inevitably cost more than you might be used to. You can foot the bills on your own and potentially struggle, or you can try sharing living costs in NYC, your choice. Even if you are moving into West Village with the help of West Village movers, you may need to reduce the living costs to a manageable number. There are many benefits of doing so and this article is going to explain them further. Continue reading “Sharing living costs in NYC”

Hidden storage potential in small apartments uncovered

If you want to make the most of the hidden storage potential in small apartments, you have definitely come to the right place. Our moving company will help you out with everything concerning moving, as well as finding storage options inside of your own home! Remember, you can use everything you can to complete your move. From simple cardboard boxes to professional moving supplies. Everything will work as long as your belongings are safe. The same can be said for a hidden storage potential you never knew existed in small apartments! Stick with us and you will see what we have in mind. Continue reading “Hidden storage potential in small apartments uncovered”

How to adjust to the suburban life

Lots of people dream of escaping from crowded cities to more peaceful places. Suburbs are a great choice in that case. They are close to downtown, yet so different. It can come as a tough challenge to adjust to the suburban life when moving there. Although your Chelsea movers can help you relocate to the suburbs, that doesn’t mean the relocation is over. Only then will you have to take a step to get used to your new lifestyle.  Continue reading “How to adjust to the suburban life”

How to set up a home gym after moving?

If you are wondering how to set up a home gym after moving, you came to the right place. Here, we will try to give you some pointers on how to do that in the fastest and safest way possible. One of the very good and relieving things is that you have Heart moving Manhattan NYC to move you and you will have enough time to dedicate to setting up a gym, instead of looking for the right moving company. So, with no further ado, let’s find the best way to set up a home gym after moving. Continue reading “How to set up a home gym after moving?”

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