How to move large items without getting injured

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    We all tried and failed to move large items! Especially not knowing the risks that tasks caries. To know how to move large items without getting injured is crucial when moving. Let us present you with techniques you must know before you try it yourself. This way you will lower the risk of getting injured while doing the heavy lifting.

    Learn how to move your body

    A very important aspect of this is knowing how to move your body. If you want to move large items without getting injured, then learn this. The technique is very simple but also very important. You can end up with some serious injuries if you do now follow this:

    • Always bend at the knees with a straight back. Remember, do not use your back to lift items, but use your legs.
    • Your center of gravity is in the middle of your body. To move large items without getting injured, try to position them near it.
    • Do not rush when lifting. Take your time and just walk step by step.
    • Doing a good stretch is important. Do them before and after you move them
    • Have in mind that the body is sending signals if something goes wrong. If you feel something is not right to stop what you are doing.
    A man having trouble to move large items without getting injured because of his posture
    You can’t move large items without getting injured if your posture is bad

    Empty and then move large items without getting injured

    Before you even start lifting heavy items, see what you must do about them. For instance, if they can get dismantled on empty, do it! Remember, if you dismantle them, know how to reassemble them as well. And whatever you have in them, get them out. Drawers, hangers, items, shelves or food from the fridge. They all add additional mass to items you want to carry. It will be easier to pack them as well. Especially when you hire moving companies. See what professional packing services NYC offer and how they can help you. And besides, it is far better to carry them piece by piece than as one big item. You can also remove furniture legs, and disassemble them as well. After you do this, they will get significantly lighter. Not to mention easier to carry. Because they will not have that awkward shape that can cause more problems. What makes this a good idea is how easy it is to pack them into a moving van.

    An empty closet
    Empty your closet before moving it

    Clean your home before lifting heavy objects

    A good preparation is a key to successfully moving. After you pack other smaller items, remove them from any path they take. Especially the one you need to go through when carrying bulky items. Keep that floor clear from clutter and toys. Also, do not leave packing material lying around. You can easily trip and fall over them. In all the commotion, it is easy to form clutters at home. After moving the furniture around and placing boxes wherever you can, it gets clustered. This is especially important and hard if you have small kids. A good idea is to pack and move their items last. Because they will still have that everything is a normal feeling. In addition to that, you will have fewer problems to worry about. The even better idea is to move and store those items before you relocate. Find an affordable Manhattan storage unit and rent them for your items.

    A cleared hallway
    Make sure to clear the path where you carry heavy items

    Wear appropriate clothes to avoid injuries

    Not only is lifting technique important but good and comfortable clothes as well. Lifting is challenging enough, but imagine doing it in something that is not comfortable. Moving heavy objects is very demanding. Pulling, pushing, carrying down and up the stairs is very tough.  You can even get minor injuries if those items have sharp edges. People often get cut when they don’t know how to pack glass items. So it is a good idea to wear clothes that will protect you from such things. Wear things like:

    • Clothes that cover your whole body. That way you avoid getting cut.
    • Do not let your shoes lose. Always have them tight and with fingers covered. You do not want to trip or drop something on your toes.
    • Gloves are a must have if you want to move large items without getting injured
    • What kind of clothes you wear depends on the weather. Make sure you are covered for all seasons, and not ending up cold in the summer.
    • Soles of your shoes must be thick! This is a good thing if you want to avoid trips and slips.
    • Protective glasses are very important! Perhaps you left out some small parts and then risk them falling into your eyes.
    • If you have a helmet, carry it. Not everyone poses a protective helmet, but if you do have one, use it. Better be safe than sorry.
    A pair of working gloves
    Protect yourself from cuts with gloves

    Take time and rest well

    As we said, preparation is the key to successfully moving. Prepare and rest is essential if you want to move large items without getting injured. You can also prepare by getting all the packing materials you need. Know where to search for packing boxes before you decide to move large items. If you know you will carry big items, consider planning ahead. See what you can do to make it easier for yourself. Few days before that moving day arrives, plan on getting a lot of rest. Do not miss on a good 8 hours sleep before lifting those items. A good rest is crucial if you decide to move heavy items. You can lose concentration and risk injuries if you are tired.

    a night time clock
    Take a good night sleep before lifting heavy objects

    Ask your friends for help

    If you are still uncertain whether or not you can do it, then ask your friends. This can ease up the moving process very much! Especially if you are not the strongest among your friends. And besides, more heads think better than one. You can easily find a solution when disassembling and reassembling those items. And moving them to the van is now piece of cake. Do not forget to thank the later for their help! And even return the favor if you can!

    Do not try yourself to move large items without getting injured before you read this! Things can get bad if you do not know a proper lifting technique. Or, if you didn’t prepare those heavy items for moving. That is why proper preparation is very important. If you have anything to add to his topic, please contact us in the comment section below. We are happy to hear from you anytime soon!

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