Items people usually forget during a move

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    One of the biggest jobs you will have when moving is packing up your items. Sometimes, it might seem like there is a never-ending stream of things you need to sort through and box up. If you are moving long distance, then forgetting something behind might put a chill in your bones. However, there are some things you can do to fight this. Your Tribeca movers are here for you with a solution in this very article! In order not to leave something behind, you need a good packing plan and a lot of preparation. And for this, you need to be aware of the items people usually forget during a move. Knowing them, you will make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

    The items people usually forget during a move

    So, you might be wondering why people leave items behind. It’s pretty simple, actually. Packing and moving can get quite hectic. There is a lot going on, and you might be feeling like you are going crazy. In this chaos, it is easy to forget to pack something and realize it only when you are unpacking. Other times, you leave something in a closet, thinking you don’t need it (or not thoroughly going through the closet when preparing) and realizing you do need it in your new home. Finally, you might be using some items during the packing process, you just you forget to put them in a box.

    In the end, which items do you need to take special care of? Well, they are as follows:

    • your tools are the items people usually forget during a move not realizing it;
    • wall hooks and things you hand your towels and coats on;
    • things you borrowed from other people;
    • your keys.

    Now, let’s look at each of these items separately. We will go over the usual reasons why you might forget the item, and how you can make sure you do not do it.

    Don’t forget your tools

    When it comes to the tools, hammers, screwdrivers, flashlights, all the little things you seldom use are easily forgotten during short-distance moving. This is because you do not really use them in everyday life (unless you are a carpenter), so they are not your priority. You might also need to disassemble some pieces of furniture, so you pulled them out and never remembered to pack them up again.

    A wrench.
    You should go nowhere without your tools.

    Then, when you arrive at your new home and start unpacking, you run into a problem. You need to assemble your furniture (or bought the new one), but your hammer is nowhere to be found! So, how do you fight against it? Well, it’s pretty easy – you just pack everything in your toolbox. Having an organized toolbox will be of great help during the move. In the end, with everything in one place, you can just put it in your car and take it with you. Just don’t forget the tiny things like screws, nails and similar items!

    Wall and door hooks

    These might be odd items people usually forget during a move, but it’s a pretty common thing. The reason behind it is that you just don’t see the point of taking off the hooks you have in your doors an walls. You can just get new ones, right? Well, sometimes, it’s not that simple. If you were leaving under a lease, then you might need to take them off and put the home in its original state.

    Wall hooks are among the items people usually forget during a move.
    Appreciate them while you have them.

    Also, when the chaos of the moving day arrives, you might be too busy unpacking your stuff or getting rid of the moving boxes in Manhattan, that you just won’t have the time to get new hooks and install them. You will notice a huge difference when you try to put a towel behind the door like you are used to, and it just flops down because there is no hook to hold it.

    Things that aren’t yours are easily forgotten

    When it comes to the things you borrowed from other people, there is one simple rule. Even though these are the items people usually forget during a move, they need not be if people just return them back. So, a few weeks before you start packing, make a point of collecting everything that’s not yours. Then, give the things back to their original owners.

    A vinyl player.
    Give those records back to your friend.

    Not to mention that returning these items will cost you less time than actually packing them and carrying them over to your new home. There are certain ways in which you need to pack collectible items (like those records your friend borrowed you), and then you will need to pay more because the movers are transporting these too. And finally, you don’t need to worry about breaking or damaging them if they are in their owners’ hands.

    Keys can be a nightmare

    Everyone knows just how easy it is to lose your keys, even in everyday life. Now imagine dealing with them in all the hustle and bustle of moving out. This is because they are so tiny, and there are so many of them. You might be keeping the keys from your parents’ home or the keys to storage facilities in Manhattan you have. Then, you might have a PO box or a safe somewhere, and some keys that you need for work.

    The rules here are similar to what we did with our tools. Since keys are items people usually forget during a move, then we want to organize them prior to it. Get a box or a dish where you will put all your keys as you go through your items. Then, just remember to put the box in the car on a moving day. It will be a huge problem realizing some time after the move that you do not have the key to your local PO box, right?

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