Top pool bars in NYC to visit this summer

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    Even though it can be exhausting and stressful, the relocation process doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing! If you are moving to New York, you definitely know what are you doing! If you are moving for a better job or planning to start a new life with your partner, congratulations! But, it’s summer! Plenty of sunshine and warm days won’t let you sit inside of your house or apartment not even for a minute! Therefore, when your professional Manhattan movers relocate all your belongings and you settle down, it’s time to visit some of the best pool bars in NYC and finally have some fun!

    The Best Pool Bars in NYC!

    Relocation will take a lot of time and stress you out. Therefore, after you settle down, you should get a vacation! Adapting to the fast lifestyle in NYC won’t be easy and you should slowly get around after moving in. Your Chelsea moving company will unpack all of your belongings if you get their full-moving services. Visiting the best pool bars in NYC will be a new, wonderful experience for you, especially if you haven’t visited any, ever before. Keep on your mind that most of the pool bars in NYC are at the rooftops of wonderful hotels. You won’t only enjoy drinking cocktails and swimming, you will also have a splendid view from each of those rooftops! Let’s see now, what are the best pool bars in NYC to visit this summer!

    • Sixty Les
    • McCarren Hotel & Pool
    • La Piscine at Hotel Americano
    • The Beach at Dream Downtown
    • 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Rooftop Pool
    Cocktail on the pool
    Don’t miss out! This summer, you should visit the top pool bars in NYC!

    Sixty LES – one of the best pool bars in NYC

    Formerly known as Thompson Hotel, Sixty is located at 190 Allen Street in New York at Lower Eastside. You will see the pool on the smaller side with limited sun. One pro advice: if you are planning to catch a lot of sunlight, try to get the furthest seats in the right corner (from the entrance). Non-hotel guests are not allowed unless you have one of the VIP cards for the locals! If you want to visit this place and you have no VIP card, you should meet your new NYC neighbors, maybe they can help you with that! Their signature cocktails are wonderful and they will cost 16 dollars per pop!

    McCarren Hotel & Pool

    This is the place with easily the biggest pool where you can actually enjoy the pool and bar without even having a VIP card! If you are visiting McCarren during the weekdays, you’ll have to pay 50 dollars for the day pass. However, if you decide to visit this splendid place during the weekend, you will need 65 dollars for the day pass. They have plenty of signature drinks that cost 14 dollars per pop. They also have the best poolside food. If you are visiting for the first time, you should get their delicious heirloom tomato salad with jalapenos and feta!

    La Piscine at Hotel Americano

    Another wonderful place and highly recommended visiting. However, if you want to get a “spot”, it’s better to visit La Piscine at Hotel Americano during the weekdays. During the weekdays, you will have to pay 40 dollars for the day pass. Though, if you decide to go there and spend the weekend, you won’t have to pay the day pass but keep in your mind that it will be crowded. The poolside menu is great (you should try chicken) and their specialty drinks cost 17 dollars each. Trying Regalo Verde–jalapeno tequila is a must!

    Bottle of Tequila.
    Regalo Verde–jalapeno tequila is a must!

    Best Pool Bars in NYC – The Beach at Dream Downtown

    As a non-hotel guest, you will be able to get here during the weekdays for 65 dollars. This is a place with the most idyllic surroundings. Having so many palms and plants around you will make you forget that you are still in a crowded city! Feel like drinking? Theif authentic drink will cost 16 dollars each ( if frosé is something that you like). Food is wonderful, poolside restaurant offers a full menu with a lot of tasty salads and ceviche plate. On your way back home, you can visit one of the top fast-food places in Manhattan!

    1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Rooftop Pool

    This wonderful hotel is placed in 60 Furman street, with a great view of a grassy walkway below and plenty of green trees. The view allows you to see all lower Manhattan skyline and Lady Liberty herself. Spending the afternoon in one of the best hotels in NYC is gonna be rough unless you are a guest of the hotel. But, trust us, its worth it! If you want to try some food, the lobster roll is a must. The wine is more expensive than their specialty cocktails, which cost 16 dollars per pop.

    Two g;asses of red wine and a bottle.
    Specialty drinks in 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Rooftop Pool cost 16 dollars! However, if you want a glass of wine, you will have to spend more than that.

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    Most of the best pool bars in NYC are on the rooftops of the finest hotels! As soon as you settle and unpack, head to the one that you like the most! Even though some of them seems a little expensive, visiting each of the pool bars from this article is worth! You will enjoy and have a wonderful time. Have a good move and best of luck in NYC, your new home!

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