How to meet your new NYC neighbors

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    Moving is one of the biggest life challenges, and NYC moving process is particularly demanding. Concrete jungle can be intimidating to all newcomers, but only until they fall in love with it. Meeting new people and adjusting to a new environment is always pushing you out of your comfort zone. But that is where the magic happens, believe me. You will be surprised how fast you will learn to commute, eat well and find your way in Big Apple. And hopefully, these tips will give you ideas on how to meet your new NYC neighbors.

    Central Park open cinema is a great place to meet your NYC neighbors , people sitting on the grass
    Central Park is a great place to meet your NYC neighbors

    A big smile is worth a thousand words 

    You will probably get a chance to meet your NYC neighbors on your moving day. In order not to start on a wrong foot, try not to block the entrance to their driveway with your moving truck. Especially if you are moving to Manhattan or some other busy area, keeping the truck for too long in front of the building will probably obstruct your new neighbors’ driveways. Your entrance into your new neighborhood will probably be the first impression you will make on them. So try to make it a good one! You will certainly have your own problems handling a huge moving truck with big luggage, but try to be nice, it will be worth it. It’s quite a challenge being polite with people you met during the chaos of your relocation, but a smile won’t hurt. It’s easy, it cost you nothing and it breaks all the language or cultural barriers.

    There will certainly be a curious neighbor or two that will welcome you to the neighborhood while passing by. And even in the agony of unloading the truck and carrying moving boxes, try to find the time for saying hi! A big welcoming smile and brief small talk are a small effort that will prepare the ground for future friendships. This is your first step to meet your new NYC neighbors, make it a good one!

    You just need to go out

    A great thing about New York is that meeting new people is so easy. People are open, direct and not stiff at all. They will talk to you everywhere, in the store, coffee shop, park or street. And they will do that for no particular reason, that’s just their way of communication. Don’t think that they are hitting on you or trying to sell you something, NYC is not like the rest of the world. One of the benefits of moving to Tribeca and Soho is that there are so many events, places for chilling and mingling.

    Of course, don’t overdo it by randomly chatting with everyone you see, but use the situation that presents itself. Start up a conversation in an elevator, ask for directions and a piece of advice. Don’t hesitate, everyone does it. There are constantly so many newcomers here that people are used to helping each other and making friendships fast. Also, you can offer your help as well. Whether we are talking about taking a photo of a couple in Central Park or helping your neighbor carry something bulky, asking for and offering help is always a great and useful way to meet your new NYC neighbors. And even the smallest help can lead to introducing yourself and mingling.

    Man and woman and a pug sitting and chilling
    Your four-legged buddy will help you mingle

    Having a dog will definitely help you meet your NYC neighbors, big time

    Metting your neighbors in NYC is so much easier when you have a dog. Because you are not the only one, there are so many dog owners and dog lovers that you will have company all the time, when walking your furry friend. Hence, every walk or visit to the vet can be an opportunity to meet your NYC neighbors, that already have something in common with. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take your dog to a dog park nearby, to Central Park or to another dog-friendly area. You will get a chance to meet people that live near you and share similar interests and lifestyle to yours. And once you make a connection with other people who have dogs, you can set up a playdate for your four-legged buddies!  You can get to know other dog owners while your pets play.

    Don’t be a stranger

    Most noteworthy, some buildings have common areas where residents can meet and spend their free time. These spaces, such as a gym, pool or outdoor areas are perfect for getting to know your NYC neighbors. It’s always easier to connect when you are involved in some activity or hobby you are all into.

    Children are bringing people together

    If you have children, they will certainly break the ice for you. You just need to introduce them with similarly-aged kids in the local park or your neighborhood. Or just let them introduce themselves. Hence, if you notice other parents with children in your building, or that your kids get along with some other kids in the park, you can invite them for a playdate! While you get a chance to introduce yourself, your kids will make friends too. You will kill two birds with one stone and meet your NYC neighbors with ease.

    Two little girls in a park
    Nobody can break the ice like your kids

    How to get involved in the community?

    Involving in the community is super easy in a place like New York. You just need to find things you like to do around here. Finding a new job, hobby, volunteering, or getting involved with your kids’ school is a great opportunity to meet new people. Everyone who wants to be a part of the community can do it, it just takes a little time and effort.

    When is the best time to meet your new NYC neighbors? There is no better time than the present, so be bold and show them what you got!


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