The benefits of moving to Tribeca

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    Are you moving to Manhattan? Excited about the prospect of moving? Have you already gone through the expert packing services Manhattan has to offer and made your pick? Organized a moving company to take you to your new home? Or maybe you are still sitting at home, only in the early stages of planning your move. You like how moving to Manhattan sounds, but you are not sure about where exactly in Manhattan you would like to settle. We understand – Manhattan is huge, and it offers many good neighborhoods. Your pick will really depend on who you are and what your lifestyle consists of. In this article, we are exploring one of the Lower Manhattan neighborhoods – Tribeca. Keep reading to find out the benefits of moving to Tribeca, and whether (or not) this is the perfect Manhattan neighborhood for you.

    About the neighborhood

    Tribeca is, as we mentioned, a neighborhood in the Lower Manhattan. Its name is actually an abbreviation of “Triangle Below Canal Street”. This is because the Canal Street separates the neighborhood from Soho and Washington Square on the north side. However, the name isn’t quite correct – Tribeca is actually a trapezoid, bounded by the Canal Street, West Street, and Broadway. The fourth border depends really upon the person you ask, but it’s either Chambers, Vesey or Murray Street.

    A street - like many you'll walk on after moving to Tribeca.
    Tribeca is a trapezoid south of Canal Street.

    The history of Tribeca is complex. At first, it was just a farmland, and then people started settling here in the early 1800-s. After that, it became a mercantile center, with a focus on produce, dry goods as well as textiles. Throughout the years, the focus shifted to artists and actors, and then later to models, celebrities and entrepreneurs. This population nowadays makes Tribeca one of the best parts of Manhattan for young entrepreneurs.

    Why should you consider moving to Tribeca?

    So, once you know the history of the neighborhood, you might ask a (valid) question of why you should consider moving to Tribeca. And the answer to it is manyfold. There are just so many things to see and do here! First, even though it may still seem a bit industrial, the neighborhood is now filled with affluent couples as well as families. There are a lot of fancy bars and restaurants that you can dine out at, as well as galleries to enjoy. Finally, Tribeca offers so many great views of the city that you will need multiple lifetimes to enjoy them all!

    However, there is a certain type of people moving to Tribeca. Usually, these are either celebrities or judges and lawyers – the employees of Manhattan courts. The neighborhood is for the rich – doorman buildings are on every step. The rent is, on average, $4,100 per month. If you can afford this, then you should call the experienced Tribeca movers. The sooner you start planning for the move, easier it will be for you during the process!

    What can you enjoy after moving to Tribeca?

    So, after moving to Tribeca, where should you go? What are the places where you can spend your time? Are there any must-visit spots for every resident of the neighborhood? First, we need to mention the Tribeca Film Festival. It started in response to the September 11 attack. Its purpose is giving life back to the neighborhood which suffered greatly during the attack.

    Downtown Manhattan. moving to Tribeca
    Downtown Manhattan is close nearby.

    However, this is not the only thing worth seeing in Tribeca. There are many notable buildings around the neighborhood, too! First, there is the Henry J. Hardenbergh’s Textile Building, the neo-Renaissance wonder from 1901. Then, there is a designated Landmark on Hudson Street, called the Powell Building. It was built in 1892 and its design was by Carrère and Hastings. If you are looking at something even older than these two, make sure you check a row of neo-Renaissance White Buildings at 73 Worth Street. These go as far back as the end of the Civil War, or 1865 – to be precise.

    If you are a student, then you should know that you can find the Borough of Manhattan Community College in Tribeca as well. There is also the Metropolitan College of New York, a private school on Canal Street! Those who commute in Manhattan from New Jersey go through Holland Tunnel, which has an entrance (and an exit) around St. John’s Park in the northwest of the neighborhood.

    Is moving to Tribeca with kids?

    So, we already mentioned that there are a lot of families living in Tribeca. You might ask just how great the neighborhood is for the families before you decide to call your professional moving company. You should not worry – your children will love Tribeca. First, the neighborhood is great and compact – and there are subways you can walk to from every spot of Tribeca. There is A, C, and E at Canal St, and there is 1 at Franklin St, while 2 and 3 are at Chambers St. You can easily use these to get to other parts of the city.

    A man playing a piano in the park.
    There are many events in the Tribeca parks.

    As far as the schools go, you will be satisfied after moving to Tribeca. Apart from two higher education institutions we mentioned, there is also Stuyvesant High School which is one of the nine specialized schools that New York City has. For the safety of the students, there is even the Tribeca bridge across West Street! And as far as the green areas go, there is the Hudson River Park right on the edge of the river, running from 59th St to the Battery Park. Finally, there is also Washington Market Park with a large playground and many community events.

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