Where to look for free cardboard boxes in NYC

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    When we prepare for the move there are a bunch of tasks we must complete. Clean the house, pack the items, prepare the furniture. Not to mention the process of hiring reliable movers in NYC. With all this chaos it is a good idea to prepare better for the job at hand by doing one task after another. Making a moving plan is the first thing to do! And the first task in it should be finding free cardboard boxes in NYC. Find out here where you can find them and even save money you can use later!

    Check with the bookstores for free cardboard boxes in NYC

    Bookstores are perfect if you are searching for smaller packing boxes. The best way to find some of them is to check them out one by one. These boxes are perfect if you want to pack books, clothes, kitchen and garage tools as well as some other small items. When you use them, always have in mind that they are not that hard. Never overpack them because you risk damaging your items! Not to mention that they might break apart if there is too much stuff in them. Now, that is not a problem if you pack correctly and secure them.

    After you use every available space within them, try to fill out the empty parts with packing foam, sponges, paper or any type of clothing. This is a great idea because you will prevent any possible tumbling and braking. Therefore your items will be more secure. Also, you can use these boxes to pack any small valuable items you have in your household. For anything else, you will need tougher boxes. They are not that hard to find! But bear in mind that sturdy moving boxes Manhattan will take a bit of room since they can be big.

    Folded free cardboard boxes in NYC
    Bookstores are a great source for free cardboard boxes in NYC

    Sometimes moving companies will provide their own boxes

    This is a common option if you opt for a full service from your movers. They will provide you with their boxes as well as with packing and loading. Perhaps this is the best thing you can do for your relocation. Since your items will be handled by experienced professionals. You can rest assured they will be promptly packed and loaded in the truck. Depending on what type of items you are transporting there are various types of boxes:

    • Sturdier boxes are meant for kitchen appliances and breakable items
    • Special boxes made for artwork
    • Boxers, or in this case, cases used to transport musical instruments
    • Special waterproof cases movers use to transport other high tech electronics

    Also, besides many packing boxes moving companies can provide, they have excellent wrapping materials. These materials are hard to find for commercial use because they are mostly sold in large quantities. Consider this when you want to hire professional Clinton moving company. In the end, maybe it is better to leave everything to the professional moving companies.

    Movers packing items in a box
    Movers can provide their own boxes

    Check out local grocery stores

    If on the other hand, you do not have some highly valuable items, then the grocery store is your next stop. These stores will almost always give away free cardboard boxes in NYC you will need. They come in all shapes and sizes, therefore you can rest assured everything will be packed. The only down part of this is that they are not as durable as some other sturdier boxes. Remember, they are used to transport food, not heavy items such as the ones in your household.

    But, never the less, they are very useful for any kind of relocation. Use them to pack bigger items that can not fit in those boxes you got from bookstores. Before the moving day comes, talk with your grocer. They will tell you when they have their shipments so you can come and collect boxes. Just have in mind that these boxes have holes in them. This is due to the fact to provide a constant flow of fresh air for the food! You must be aware of this when you start packing. Checking the grocery stores is the first thing you should do before the relocation. There is also other stuff to consider before moving. Make sure you cover everything there is to know before you plan your relocation with your moving company!

    A woman talking with the store clerk
    Ask for boxes in your local grocery store

    Ask for boxes at your workplace

    This is just one of those places you must check out first. Always ask around your workplace if there are any free cardboard boxes in NYC, and possibly in your own workplace. Now it all depends on what kind of job you are doing. If you are in the food industry, then good news! You probably get new boxes on a daily bases. You can say the same thing for those who work in deliveries or any kind of industry. They probably have a lot of big packing boxes you can use to further secure your items for relocation. These boxes are the best thing you can get for free. For any other special cases and boxes, you will have to pay a certain amount of money. But, in the end, it all falls down to whether or not you have something highly valuable to transport. Once you gather boxes it is time to think about other packing supplies. As we mentioned, based on the type of items you transport, there are different packing supplies you need to have. Once you get your hands on them, it is prime time to start packing and move to your new home.

    Boxes on a wheel cart
    Your workplace could provide you with some boxes

    Finding free cardboard boxes in NYC is very easy once you know where to look for. They are literally everywhere and not that hard to get. Just ask around with local businesses and with your friends. They might as well have some they do not need, and will be more than happy to give them to you. Worst case scenario, leave it to the moving company to provide you with some boxes. But remember, it will cost you a bit more. We hope this guide helped you with your relocation! Good luck with packing.

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