How to properly organize moving your company HQ

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    If it is time to move your business company, the best place to start planning your relocation is right here. For the successful business move, you need a competent and reliable ally. You need professionals who can coordinate your move from start to finish. Moving your company HQ is only possible with reliable office movers in Manhattan. Professionals know the best how to relocate your business to the center of Big Apple efficiently and safely.

    Tips for making your business moving plan: What to include

    Every business relocation is different and requires a personalized moving plan and approach. So, you need professionals who can decide which tasks to include in your business move. When you are making your business moving plan, be sure every step is covered with a timeframe and budget. Here are some tips for moving your company HQ:

    • Decide if you want full packing and moving services.
    • If you want full-service mover to make sure to find it on time
    • Take a time to do a proper research to find reliable Manhattan moving companies with commercial moving services
    • Think about the new office space for your company, make sure you have enough space for your office equipment and furniture
    • Find a perfect office location and negotiate for the rent
    • Make sure to get tips from your IT department for the new office infrastructure.
    • Decide what of your company’s belongings you want to move and what you want to throw away
    • Think about using storage units in Manhattan to store your business equipment. Storage solutions will free up your office space and it will give you a chance to store your files, documents, and furniture in a safe place.
    • Moving a company is a great chance to purge unnecessary files, dried pens, and old paperwork
    • Make sure to change your marketing material and to change your address on brochures, website, business cards, etc.
    • Notify costumers and vendors about the company move.
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    Plan your company relocation carefully and think about your moving budget

    Plan the move of your company carefully

    Create a moving plan on time which includes all necessary steps of your move. Make sure you have enough time to plan everything and to prepare your office for the move. Planning an office move depends on the size and type of the office. So, if you have a big company you want to relocate it is good to start planning at least six to eight months in advance. So the key to moving your company HQ is to start as early as possible.

    Measure your new office space and collect all information

    Before you make a move it is good to measure your new office space and to gather all the information you need. Make sure your furniture and desks fit in the new office perfectly. If your new office space is smaller than current it is good to know so you can plan to store your items in safe storage units. Make sure your new office space is ready for delivery of your belongings. It means it should be painted and cleaned properly.

    Gather your team and start packing your office

    When you are planning your company move, it is good to involve your employers in the process. They should be the part of the process from start to finish. Also, it is good to have one person you can trust to coordinate the move. Every employer should take responsibility for his desk, files, and other personal items. In case you have a smaller company, then you can do everything on your own. If you think that packing an office isn’t just a task for you and your employers, consider hiring Manhattan packing services and professionals will handle everything. Professionals are highly trained to sort, pack, protect and to disassemble your furniture. So, you don’t have to worry, your items will be properly packed, labeled and delivered to your new company’s address.

    Business meeting for moving your company HQ
    Moving your company HQ requires a good plan and a reliable team of people

    Have Regular Meetings with your employers

    Make sure your employers are notified about every detail during the move. Besides every employer should pack its own working place, also it should be informed about all concerns and steps of the move. Be sure they are informed about every decision and change in the relocation process.

    Determine your moving budget

    When planning a move it is important to identify your moving costs so you can make a moving budget. If you decide to hire Manhattan movers to handle your company’s relocation, you can get a free moving quote and you will know the exact price of your relocation.

    Hiring commercial movers is a crucial part of moving your company HQ

    One of the most important steps of moving your company HQ is hiring professionals to do it. Commercial moving companies are specialized and qualified in office moves. Make sure to do your research and to hire a moving company with a great background, reviews, and services. Hire a moving company who offers you the best balance between the services and affordable price.

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    Make sure to do a proper research to find a commercial moving company you can trust
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