Favorite fast-food spots in Manhattan

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    Gourmand or not, eating is a sustainable part of our lives. Different cultures bring many diversities, cultural, ethical, religious. Diversities is also known in food, and it is something that makes this planet a better place for living. Food is something that doesn’t make prejudice, food, with all its flavors, is connecting people all over the world. People often find their peace and enjoyment in eating, while their senses are hovering with satisfaction. Fast way of life and the lack of time for preparing food, lead us to easy and fast prepared meals that anyone can catch on the street. Nevertheless, fast-food can be more than just junk food. That is why we will present favorite fast-food spots in Manhattan, where everyone can enjoy. From meat lovers, vegan, vegetarians and others with the special senses of taste.

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    Shake Shack- among our favorite fast-food spots in Manhattan

    There was a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in Manhattan. It started appearing in 2001 up to 2003 for three summers in a row. It was so popular that the line was stretching across the park. A permanent kiosk was installed in 2004 and it is up and running to this day. Food is delicious, and workers always with a smile, greeting their customers with hot dogs and burgers like no others. Take a walk in the park and have a delicious bite. Possibly the most unique and one of the best fast-food spots in Manhattan.

    hot dogs
    Try one of the best hot dogs

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    Check what Carnegie Deli has to offer

    Just across the Carnegie Hall, you’ll find Carnegie Deli. A place of wonders and a family business running for three generations. Started by The Corned Beef and Pastrami Maven, Milton Parker who turned this place into a culinary spectacle. They are serving customers the highest quality meals since 1937, and by the look of it, for years to come. By curing and smoking their meat, baking cheesecakes, and keeping the old kosher-style alive, they achieved the impossible. The highest quality product served in a respective family manner. One of the fast-food spots in Manhattan you should not miss.

    Take a break at Jollibee

    Jollibee Foods Corporation and its flagship Jollibee stores are among 500 best ranking restaurants in the US. In 2017 they have been awarded as Multinational Corporation of the Year. They operate across the globe in more than 1300 places with 37 in the states. Here you can find a variety of meals such as Jolly Spaghetti and Peach Mango Pie. Their Chikenjoy will leave you breathless, as well as the highest quality of customer service. Be sure to stop by.

    One of the best fast-food spots in Manhattan- Chick Fil A

    This is a green franchise that is mainly focused on chicken products. They are inventors of a simple chicken sandwich that is perfected in 1964 once introduced to the public. Customers stated that it is perfect and they wouldn’t change a thing. So, they never did. A simple idea grew into an everyday marvel, operating in 46 states. They have more than 2000 establishments operating on the highest culinary and technological standards. Keeping up the pace with modern fast way of life, they implemented an “upstream ordering system”. Using the iPad, you can get your meal within minutes.

    Chick Fil- A is one of the best fast-food spots in Manhattan
    The best chicken sandwiches in Manhattan

    Most importantly, this is a place for a family where you have soda-free and organic options for kids meals. The boneless chicken between two buttered pieces of the bun is waiting for you. Hence, if you are moving, drop by and treat your financial district movers with the best chicken in the heart of Manhattan.

    Do not miss out Five Guys

    If you are moving to West Village with family, we have another fabulous family business to recommend. Initiated by the joined forces of four brothers. Since 1986 up to 2003 they were serving their magical burgers in Virginia and Maryland only. But as their fifth brother grew, so was their business. A small business grew into a worldwide sensation. Since 2003 up to now, they are operating on 1500 locations across the globe. This is a carry-out burger place where you can find a burger from your dreams. Using only peanut oil and fresh ground beef, with the side of fresh-cut fries, five guys managed to make a perfect meal. Definitely one of the best fast-food spots in Manhattan. And as brothers stated themselves “There are no freezers at their establishment, only coolers”

    Sweet Green- visit one of healthiest fast-food spots in Manhattan

    One of the benefits of moving to Tribeca is a Sweet Green community, that supports the healthiest way of life. They are on the top when it comes to a nutritious meal on the go. It is important what we eat, and how we prepare it. And Sweet Green is using only simple and fresh seasonal products combining them into a healthy meal suitable to everyone. Changing their menu each year, they keep the offer appealing and fresh as their products. If organic food is your choice, this is one of the fast-food spots in Manhattan you should visit.

    salad on the plate
    A place with healthy meals 

    Murray’s Bagels

    Murray family created a fast-food spot that will feed your soul. A simple old fashioned bagel shop nestled in the heart of Chelsea, New York. It is running today at the same location, feeding the locals with the possibly best bagel in the US. They believe only in creating masterpieces in a traditional NYC way. We can’t express in words what the feeling you have after a single bite. Do not miss this. Also, while you are in Chelsea neighborhood, check the High Line, one of the top Manhattan street art locations to explore.

    These were a few among the best fast-food spots in Manhattan. Do not hesitate and give them a chance if you are in the area. Some of the places we mentioned are worth being the sole purpose of visiting. Try them out and you’ll have the time of your life.

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