Your rights and responsibilities when you move

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    Relocation is a serious business. You must prepare, pack, and cover everything, to make the whole process smoother. The thing is, that most of us are not aware of all the available options, especially if this is your first move. The rights and responsibilities when you move are a vast and complicated topic. Today we will try to explain it a bit further and make your relocation manageable and safe.

    Preparations for the move

    Organizing and preparing for a moving day can be tough, but necessary. You should search for a reliable moving company. Then, you’ll need to declutter, downsize, pack, clean, and cover the legalities. All things mentioned might seem tiresome and boring. But you will help yourself by covering every aspect. Especially if you are moving on a budget. Most of the tasks that you can do yourself will cost you time and energy, rather than hard-earned money.

    Person using a laptop to find a moving company
    Search for a reliable moving company

    Moving companies provide many services that will make your life easier, but they charge them as well. Therefore, you can save time and money by completing most of it before the moving day. For example, you can buy a few packing materials and moving boxes. Pack yourself, and don’t forget to label your moving boxes with the content, and the sign “fragile”. This will raise awareness and keep your items safe. Although, if you have stretching moving budget and money is not the issue, then your options vastly improve.

    Making the right choice

    You will be the sole responsible for the choices you make, therefore, let us make them count. Before choosing a moving crew that will relocate you, you need to do research. Go online and check out a few moving companies, read their websites and blogs. Check for some positive and negative reviews. Upon finding a suitable match, give them a call. Ask all the questions relevant to your move. Be sure that they possess all the permits and licenses to operate in the state and your area. That is why if you are relocating to Manhattan, the best choice would be to settle with a local moving crew. There is no safer way than to place your project in the hands of those familiar with it.

    An additional proactive way to check up on your movers is to visit them. Make sure that they have a physical address and that they are operating legally. At the same time compare their prices with the other local moving companies. You don’t want to get overcharged for a service. Keep in mind that there are many fraudulent companies, like in any other business. A step further is to contact the Better Business Bureau and check the whole business history of the moving company you enlisted.

    Evaluating the moving offer is one of the rights and responsibilities when you move

    Once you checked everything and you are sure that you made the right choice you should assemble the moving contract. Movers offer many moving services that you’ll find useful and lucrative, but they can add up. You need to calculate the moving costs to avoid hidden fees and unexpected expenses. Upon deciding which services, you will purchase, and how many items you are moving, you can set a moving price. There is the option to set a certain limited price and make a not-to-exceed proposal. Another option is to agree on a fixed price of your move. Then, when everything is done, you won’t pay a dime over the initial price. The contract must be signed by both parties and each party should have a copy. Furthermore, there are a few more documents included. A checklist, inventory list, insurance policy, bill of lading, etc.

    Money calculations
    Calculate all the moving costs

    One of the rights and responsibilities, when you move, is to read all your documents several times. You must be sure that everything is in order. Most important, read the fine print on the bottom of each legal document. But here we will recommend a reliable and trustworthy moving company. Check out the movers in Manhattan NYC. The Heart Moving will provide a moving crew like no other. With countless successful relocation performed, they are exalted in the area and the state. Give them a call and reap the rewards.

    What are the rights and responsibilities when you move?

    We will list a few things that should be mandatory for each relocation. Some of them can make a huge problem if overlooked and neglected.

    Mover’s LiabilitySome movers assume higher and some lower levels of responsibility. But a standard liability is 60 cents per pound. This means that if your movers damage an item that weight 10 pounds, they will reimburse $6 for the item. Therefore, you must communicate with your movers and if possible agree on a higher level of reliability.

    Insurance – Reimbursement is not enough for certain items of great value. Moving companies can’t pay back for a unique family heirloom or a priceless painting you possess. Therefore, think about moving insurance. There is partial and full coverage. Communicate this with your movers and find out what is best for you. Furthermore, for full coverage, you can address this with a proper insurance company, and stay on a safe side.

    Inventory checklist – One of the rights and responsibilities when you move, is to obtain a full inventory list. Both you and your movers should have a copy. This is reviewed before loading the truck and upon delivery, and it should be signed by both parties. This way you can rest assured that your belongings will be delivered as promised. Remember to check your cargo before signing the proof of delivery.

    Payment method – A method of payment is determined before the signing of a moving contract. Also, it is determined by your binding or non-binding estimates. Although, additional charges may occur misprocess. You reserve your right to pay in whatever way you choose. But be ready to pay up to the full amount initially proposed in a moving contract.

    Moving dates

    Pickup and Delivery Dates are not set in stone. Due to unforeseen circumstances, they might shift. But if that is the case, you must contact your movers immediately. Otherwise, they might charge you for the partial service. You don’t want movers at your door while you are not there to let them do their work.

    One of the rights and responsibilities when you move is confirming a moving date with your company.
    Check your pickup and delivery dates with your moving company

    In case you must make claims against your movers

    What to do in case of any damages to your cargo? Or if you are for any reason displeased with the service you received? You must know that you can make claims against your movers. Usually, you have two weeks up to three months to make your claim. Meanwhile, you should gather all the information and make a solid presentable case. Your movers are obligated to respond within twenty days and to reimburse for the damages within 90 days. Also, they will send the inspector to inspect the damages to be sure that the problem is real.

    If you for some reason forget or miss out to file a report within the period mentioned, your claim will be denied. This is another thing you should include in your moving contract. If everything is underlined and included, you should be covered. Of course, this may vary from state to state and you should inform yourself. Read about the moving laws in the one you live in.

    Hopefully, we provided enough information on rights and responsibilities when you move. Both sides should honor the agreement, working together toward a swift and pleasant relocation. We are sure you won’t have any problems while organizing your move. Just remember to do as much as you can before your movers arrive, to make it all easier. Firstly, for you, and then for your movers. We wish you a positive outcome and the safest relocation possible. Good luck.


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