Where to celebrate 4th of July in NYC

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    NYC is the most accomplished when it comes to the 4th of July celebration. It does not matter if you are a resident or you live somewhere else. This time of year, in NYC is something you should not miss. Or at least you should attend at least once in a lifetime. Therefore, we are bringing a simple guide on how and where to celebrate 4th of July in NYC. Enjoy.

    There is no way you can celebrate the 4th of July in NYC without fireworks!

    On the 4th, everyday activities become lit with the smiles of locals and visitors alike. But the culmination is in the evening when the sky is colored with the magic of fireworks. Some would argue that the 4th of July fireworks are greater than the ones fired on the New Year’s Eve. Therefore, you should attend Macy’s 4th of July firework marvel. It is organized for more than 40 years with around 70.000 shells fired during the event. You have the unique opportunity to see the sky above the Brooklyn Bridge lit with the colors you never knew existed. This celebration includes the music show with many famous musicians sharing the event with us. Be sure to check the Macy’s website to get informed on this year’s lineup. Maybe you can pair your favorite performer with the stunning fireworks above.

    fireworks in the sky
    Fireworks for the 4th of July

    This breathtaking event will for sure leave all the newcomers breathless. To participate in one of the greatest Independence Day celebrations will keep you smiling for days. It can be a deciding factor to think about moving to such a live and friendly environment. And if you decide to move and start your new life here we will recommend booking local movers Manhattan. There is no better way to relocate than to enlist the moving crew that possesses the knowledge of the area. With years of experience and thousands moves performed, they are your best choice.

    Celebrate 4th of July in NYC by booking a firework cruise

    Firework cruises are growing in popularity each year. This way of participating in this holiday event is for sure unique. We are not sure how to express this to you, other than to say that it is a must see. The advantage of such an event is that it is more relaxed than to mingle through crowded streets. Furthermore, you’ll have a nice dinner and unobstructed view of New York’s skyline.

    Also, you can book your cruise in advance and be sure to have a nice spot to enjoy the event. And more importantly, everything is affordable and well organized, so you won’t have to rush anywhere. Simply lay back, relax on the water and witness the event of your dreams. If you find this proposition appealing, check the local cruising companies, many of them organize a firework cruise.

    Organize a barbeque day in the park

    One of the most common ways to celebrate 4th of July in NYC is to make a picnic or a barbeque in the park. The best choice would be the Brooklyn Bridge waterfront park, but it is a destination for many tourists and locals. Luckily, Manhattan is the home of numerous green areas and parks despite all the concrete there is. Therefore, start early and pick a nice spot where you’ll spend the day and wait for the evening fireworks. Central Park is another destination crowded with people where you can join the others in their barbeque endeavors. This is a great way to meet your new NYC neighbors. Gather your family members and hit the park. Although, you might want to reconsider bringing a pet on this day. Fireworks are loud and flashy, and most of the pets won’t appreciate it.

    A barbecue in the park
    A barbeque day 

    This kind of family picnic is an everyday event for the locals. Green areas and lush parks around Manhattan are organized to accommodate everyone’s needs. You can have a picnic, barbeque or simply walk with your pet on a sunny day. For sure a place where you can raise a family. That being said, it might be time to pack your bags and move to such a promising environment. Or maybe to leave the packing to the professionals. Check out the downtown Manhattan movers, a moving crew that will pack, relocate and unpacks your belongings with utmost care. Moving was never easier. Give them a call and utilize the services they provide.

    Make a picnic on the beach

    All the fuss and the loud fireworks might drive some of you away and make you want to skip this event. Not to worry, there is a way you can have the celebratory experience in a more relaxed way. Celebrate 4th of July in NYC by spending a day on the beach and watch the fireworks in the evening. It is a perfect solution for those who do not like overcrowded places and loud noises. Hence, you should hit the subway to the nearest beach on Coney Island. Spend this most cherished holiday sunbathing and swimming with your family. Your kids will have a blast for sure. Furthermore, there is Luna Park to keep everyone entertained before the firework begins.

    Friends having picnic on the beach
    Organize a picnic on the beach

    Maybe you are up for something new?

    We covered the most popular options like the beach, park, and big organized events. But, however, you choose to celebrate 4th of July in NYC it will end with the fireworks in the evening. Therefore, you can simply hit the streets and take a walk. This would be the best way to explore NYC street art and maybe to find some new cool spots for the future.

    Also, you can visit your favorite dining place. Many restaurants organize a 4th of July menu with special offers for families and couples. Or you can explore and find your new favorite Manhattan fast food spots. And not only restaurants, but the coffee shops, bars, and night clubs. Many of them organize a local event dedicated to the celebration of independence. People go out dancing in the streets, watching the fireworks from the rooftops, organizing drinking and eating contests, etc. You will for sure find something that suits you, by going out to the streets on the afternoon and taking a walk around the neighborhood.

    And there it is. We hope that we helped you in deciding where to celebrate the 4th of July in NYC. The options are vast, and you won’t make a mistake if you choose any of those mentioned above. We wish you happy holidays and a lovely time.

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