When should I use specialty moving boxes?

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    Much as you are not fond of packing, you can’t avoid it. In order to do it the right way, you must find quality packing materials. Ordinary boxes usually suffice, but you have to use specialty moving boxes for some items. There are numerous packing and moving companies NYC has in its array. They offer packing services and also provide their customers with the necessary supplies. That makes every relocation easier as people don’t have to deal with the move alone.

    Why use specialty moving boxes?

    When it comes to clothes, pens, books, cutlery, or similar small items, standard moving boxes are enough. However, you can’t put TVs, paintings, or glasses and cups into them. In such cases, you need specialty boxes for moving that will help to preserve the belongings. By using them, you will diminish the possibility of damage to occur. For example, if you are moving to Manhattan from San Francisco, the journey will take some time. It is really important to protect all your stuff for such a long road. 

    Someone marking a box as fragile
    Traditional boxes aren’t enough for fragile belongings.

    What can you use non-standard moving boxes for?

    There are lots of things that require special packaging while moving. Some of them might never come to your mind. That is why you ought to make a good plan by studying everything you own carefully. Here are the top reasons why you should use non-standard moving boxes and some useful tips on packing such items. 

    Artwork, mirrors, chandeliers

    These are extremely fragile objects. Paintings can easily be torn or damaged. Sculptures can break or crack. Mirrors and chandeliers, like picture frames, have glass so they are prone to breaking. Needless to say, they all can’t be put in traditional cardboard boxes. You’d rather have to use specialty moving boxes for them. Fortunately, many companies offer fine art shipping services and transportation of similar fragile items. A good choice is crating, which means that special wooden crates are made and placed over the fragile item.

    Picture boxes can vary in size and you can choose the one that fits your stuff. However, for bulky pieces of artwork or wall mirrors, you need specialty boxes for moving that are called telescope boxes. These are two-part boxes that form one long box when pushed together.

    Use specialty moving boxes for electronics 

    All electronics are really delicate items. Not only can they get scratched or broken, but also they can stop working. Namely, their inner parts can be damaged, which causes the devices to go off. Not to mention screens because of which you have to use non-standard moving boxes and supplies. One of the best ways is to pack them in their original packaging. Otherwise, there are special corrugated boxes.

    When it comes to electronic stuff, mind the following tips:

    • You can get some telescope boxes for large electronic devices.
    • Think about moving kitchen appliances and packing them safely. 
    • Use specialty moving boxes and other protective materials, e.g. foam or bubble wrap.
    • Don’t forget to pack the manuals and check the instructions there.
    • Organize the cables and tiny parts with dividers or sealable plastic bags. 
    Couple carrying a huge box
    Telescope boxes are good for bulky stuff.

    Corrugated boxes for dishes and glassware

    Apart from electronics, kitchens are full of plates, pots, and glasses. Things made of china or glass are fragile and delicate too. One wrong move and they can break. That’s why many people use non-standard moving boxes, like corrugated cardboard boxes, which are thicker and sturdier than traditional ones. For extra protection, you will need divider sets to put them inside. That way, you will separate the plates, glasses, etc. Add bubble wrap, newspapers, or any other protective packing material. 

    Wardrobe boxes for your clothes

    When you open your wardrobe or closet and see those ironed clothes, you will probably feel desperate about having to pack them. In order to avoid wrinkling your suits, dresses, shirts, etc., you need specialty boxes for moving clothes. These are very practical as you don’t have to take the clothes off the hanger. Wardrobe boxes have hanging bars, so you can easily leave your clothes on the hangers. And guess what! You won’t have to waste time washing and ironing them again. 

    Use specialty moving boxes made of plastic 

    Plastic bins have proven to be useful in cases when cardboard can’t help. They usually come into handy for larger things, such as pillows, blankets, coats, bulky sweaters, etc. If you need to protect your belongings from dust and moisture, use non-standard moving boxes made of plastic. They can be closed safely without tape. What’s more, you can use them in your new home for storing things. 

    Packing a mattress

    Have you packed all the bed linens, blankets, pillows, and stuff under your bed? And now you don’t know what to do with the mattress. We have great news! Some smart people have invented mattress boxes. They are huge but not difficult to assemble. 

    Bankers boxes for offices

    If you are moving your office and you have lots of documents, bankers boxes are a perfect choice. They come in two main types — cardboard and plastic. You can recycle the former, whereas the latter is practical to store documents, files, and folders. 

    A man lying under moving boxes
    If you find it difficult to pack alone, hire movers to do that for you.

    Before you use specialty moving boxes, know where to find them

    If you are not sure about where you can get specialty moving boxes, you can always check with your moving company if they sell or rent them. Otherwise, you can buy them on Amazon’s website or any other reliable place. Or you can ask your friends, neighbors, and relatives to give you some for free. 

    All in all, one thing is for sure. If you have some delicate or bulky items, you are highly likely to use specialty moving boxes for packing them. You also need to find the best quality in order to make sure your belongings will be safe and sound. 

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