When is the cheapest time to relocate long distance?

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    Moving can be expensive. Especially in a long distance move. Therefore it is only natural that most people will look to save a buck during the relocation. There are many ways to go about this. You can get your packing supplies for free or you can de-clutter and reduce the number of items you will be bringing along. You can hire affordable interstate movers. Another thing you can do is check for when is the cheapest time to relocate long distance. As you will see below, this is a complex question. However, we can help you find the answer!

    How to choose the cheapest time to relocate long distance?

    When it comes to choosing the cheapest time to relocate long distance, there are many factors to consider. There are general rules on when is it cheaper to relocate. However, the ultimate decision of when you will be conducting your move will depend on your own situation in life. For example, families that are moving with children will look to avoid moving during the school year or the weekends. On the other hand, you might have a last-minute move on your hands. This will mean you don’t have the luxury of planning your move months in advance. Because all of this, we decided to give you a broad overview of moving moments in which you can find the cheapest time to relocate long distance, that will fit your own conditions the best.

    Which season offers the cheapest time to relocate long distance?

    If you have the time to plan out your move months in advance, looking at which season is the cheapest time to relocate long distance makes sense. Ideally, moves should be planned well in advance. Industry professionals, like our friends that work as Upper West Side movers, suggest six to eight weeks as an optimal time to prepare a move. However, there is nothing wrong with planning the move well in advance. In fact, it just might save you some money. Broadly speaking, you will get the best deal on your new home and the move in the off-season. In general terms, these will be the months from  September to April.

    A calendar
    The period between September and April is the cheapest time to relocate long distance.

    During these months the demand in the moving world dies down, meaning more flexible schedules and lower moving rates. Late fall to late winter is also great for obtaining real estate as the demands to buy and rent die down. Especially if you plan on moving to a city with a college or a university as students tend to move in during early fall and late spring. This is due to the fact that in these time periods most leases start and end. On the other hand, each season has it’s pros and cons, so let’s examine these first.


    Winter is probably the cheapest time to relocate long distance. Families with children tend to stay put due to their kid’s school and the holidays, while most people avoid moving during winter because of the weather. This all means that the demand for moving is low. With low demand comes lower prices making winter moves one of the cheapest.

    A town in winter. When it comes to the cheapest time to relocate long distance, winter is one of the top picks.
    With holidays and cold weather, people tend not to move in winter, making it a cheap time to relocate.

    On the flip side, there are a few cons of moving during the winter. Said weather is one of them. Although you could prepare yourself well, you will probably be moving in bad conditions, like low temperatures and icy roads. Therefore, when moving in winter it is a very good idea to hire professionals to conduct your move. Apart from the hazard of driving a heavy moving truck in the winter conditions, professional movers can help you out here in other ways. You will probably be facing snow or sleet at least at one point during your move. Due to that weather-proofing, your items might be important. In this case, having professionals like packing services NYC pack your items to withstand the elements would be a good choice.


    When it comes to finding the cheapest time to relocate long distance, the spring is somewhere in between. On the one hand, early spring is still considered off-season for moving. On the other, late spring, around the end of May is when the season kicks in. This means less availability form the mover companies and higher prices. Also, the spring does bring mild temperatures, but it also brings the possible last-minute changes in weather, depending on where you are moving to or from. Therefore, it is smart to keep an eye out for changes in weather on one of the many websites offering satellite forecasts, to make sure you’re not caught in the rain, unprepared.


    Summer offers a lot of practicality when it comes to moving. The school is out and the weather, is nice, even though it can get really hot. This all contributes to a lot of people choosing to move in the summer. Home sales hit their peak in the summer, and with so many people moving so does rent. This means the summer is great if you’re looking to sell or lease a home. However, if you’re looking for the best time to rent or buy one, while summer will bring a lot of choices, the prices will be inflated.

    A car driving along a beach in summer.
    Summer is great for selling the property and the variety on offer, but the prices tend to be high.


    Fall, like spring, can be said to be the cheapest time to relocate long distance. Early fall may not be ideal for a move to a city where a lot of students move to, as we mentioned above. However, mild climate and offseason make late September moves and onward less pricy. Not only will people with children avoid moving during this period, to not interrupt their children’s school year, but there are also several holidays which will make people want to stay put. On the other hand, if you have kids or plan to spend those holidays with family, fall might offer a shorter time window to organize your move.

    What is the cheapest time to relocate long distance for you?

    Finally, we come to the most crucial question. What is the cheapest time to move that will fit your needs? This is something only you can know. With your specific situation, be it work, children or other obligations, you will have to plan your move with them in mind. However, if you take the time and plan it out carefully, we are certain you will be able to choose well!

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