What to pack first for your long distance move to NYC?

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    Depending on where you are coming from, the dictionary might take precedence over everything else. However, other than that, the list of priorities shouldn’t differ too much from the regular ones. When it comes to the order of what you ought to pack first for your long distance move, follow this simple guide, and you’ll be done in no time.

    Hold your horses

    However fast you want this done, you still need to be smart about it. In order to pack more efficiently, and even save up some of that hard earned money, you first and foremost ought to declutter. Besides allowing you to actually pack a smaller amount of items, you will also need fewer packing materials. In addition, since interstate movers NYC tend to give estimates based on the weight of your shipment, you will also pay them less. As you can see, there are no downsides to decluttering. And it will take is a bit of your time and effort. Start by going room to room, separating the items you often use from those whose existence has been long forgotten. Proceed with dividing the latter into three groups:

    • Gift
    • Donate
    • Toss

    What you will be left with are items that actually have some purpose and use in your forthcoming relocation to NYC.

    Five colorful trash cans
    Do not be afraid to throw away what you don’t need. You won’t even notice it’s gone.

    What should you pack first for your long distance move?

    We will presume that you are not taking one day, or god forbid, one night to pack. We will take such liberty as to approach this matter as if you have at least two weeks to handle this, we’ll admit, an arduous chore. The key is to do something each day and follow your packing list. So, let’s get to that list:

    1. Items that are in storage and seldom used

    Whether you have items packed in a storage unit, your garage, or in your walk-closed, they should be the ones you pack first for your long distance move. Reason being that you will be able to live swimmingly without them during this period. In addition, most of them are probably in boxes, so that takes a huge load off your shoulders, making the beginning of packing much easier. Still, don’t just check off boxes as good to go before you inspect the insides. Remember our first advice and get rid of what you don’t need before you hire your West Village movers.

    2. Clothes that are out-of-season

    Some of these might already be occupying the backs of your closet. Which is great, because you have already gone over them. Still, for those pieces that you haven’t gotten your hand on, the time is right. Unless you are moving from one climate to another, it’s safe to assume that you won’t be using these items for several months to come. That is why it’s smart to start packing them right away. Packing these clothes shouldn’t take more than a day.

    3. China and fancy silverware

    We will go on a limb here and say that the chances of you hosting fancy dinner parties during your move are slim. If this assumption holds water, your fine china, fancy silverware and other rarely used dishes should start finding their way into those nicely padded boxes. After you’ve taped the boxes shut, make sure to label them as fragile. As the moving day grows closer, feel free to pack the rest of your dishes and cookware. Know that you can use paper plates for those last few days in your old home.

    Fancy looking dinnerware on a wooden table
    If organizing such a feast is not in your plans, pack that china away.

    4. Picture frames, wall hangings, and other artwork

    Unless it’s an ultra-motivating piece of art that will get you through the process of moving, you really won’t need your decorations while you pack. This makes them a perfect candidate for packing as soon as you can. What’s more, with all the hectic chores closing in on you, it can be astoundingly easy to forget to pack them on time. So, in order to avoid taking your pictures down in the very last minute, make sure to put them on your list of items you need to pack first for your long distance move. In addition, you will have more time to pack your arts properly. This is highly important if you want to preserve their impeccable state.

    5.  Books and magazines

    The ones you are currently reading should, by all means, rest by your reading chair or your bedside for as long as you like. After all, there will be room for one book in your travel bag. As for all the rest, pack it. Let’s face it, you won’t be able to read the whole opus of Dostoyevski during the weeks prior to your move. If you find the time to do so, either you have forgotten some step of the move, or are the world’s fastest reader and deserving of a prize. A Nobel one, most probably. Nonetheless, books that are still waiting to be open should be on your list of items that take priority when packing. However, try your best to return borrowed books to their respective owners. Whether it’s to your friends or the library, both you and they will feel good about the deed.

    Colorful books neatly stacked
    Books that you aren’t reading should be one of the things you pack first for your long distance move.

    As you have probably been able to conclude, the golden rule when choosing what to pack first for your long distance move is to go with the items you don’t have use of for the time being. As you start narrowing down that circle, you will find yourself standing in an empty apartment will all of your items neatly packed. In addition, you will be able to unpack in accordance with the necessity and importance of those items. The future you doing the unpacking will thank you for all the efforts you made. Start on time, don’t forget your dictionary and happy travels!

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