What to do with moving boxes after the move?

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    Moving is pretty stressful, and there is a lot of work to do. However, after the moving process, you are not done. You still cannot relax. Why? Because, the aftermath of every move is the process of unpacking, decorating, deciding, etc. There is another question to deal with, after the move besides the things we already mentioned. What to do with moving boxes after the move? It is important to have an answer to this question for numerous reasons. Let’s jump immediately to the most obvious solution –  storage facilities in Manhattan. However, that is only one option. We have more.

    How to handle moving boxes after the move?

    When you arrive at your new home all you want to do is to get some rest and think about unpacking tomorrow. So, we are here to talk about things that you can do with moving boxes after the move, but one pro-tip, ok, two: Pack an overnight bag and make sure to check out Upper East Side movers. It will be so much easier for you to take a rest the first night in your new home. This bag should contain:

    • Toothbrush and paste
    • Change of underwear
    • Change of clothes
    • Two towels

    That is it. All you need for your first night, and you don’t have to go through boxes just to find a toothbrush. Now let’s go back to our subject. What to do with moving boxes after the move? There are more ways than one to think about this. Practical and environmentally aware. We will make sure to give you both explanations.

    What to do, what to do…?

    First thing, first. You have to make more room in your new apartment no matter how big is the apartment, to begin with. So, making sure that you get rid of the boxes is a must. Yes, you can simply go downstairs and throw them away, but this is the worst thing that you can do with these boxes. Not to mention that it is definitely not environmentally friendly. That being said, let’s see what is environmentally friendly to do since we are mentioning it so much. The first thing that you can do and that is actually a really nice gesture is to see if anyone around you is moving and in need of some moving boxes.

    Also, this could be a great intro starter for your new neighbors. Ask them is they would have any use of your boxes, and if they say no you can continue talking and introduce yourself.

    More ideas for dealing with leftover moving boxes

    More environmentally friendly things to do with moving boxes after the move is to recycle them. This is also the most popular way to get rid of them. Your conscience is calm and you are getting that extra room, without all those boxes all-around your apartment. Go online, and check to see the nearby places where you can take your boxes to be recycled. The next thing that you can do is to simply leave them with you if you have room to spare. If you think that somewhere in the near future you may need them again, do not get rid of them.

    recycle logo
    Recycling is always a good and responsible thing to do

    Sell them

    Another way in the sea of ways to get rid of the moving boxes after the move is to sell them. It is not like you will earn a lot of money from it, but is a good way to remove them from your place and earn some pocket money. On the other hand, if you have bought used boxes already, depending on their condition, you may not be able to resell them. If they are still in good condition after your move, even though used several times, you might be able to sell them. It doesn’t hurt to try.

    Earn some money by selling your used boxes

    Give them away

    Once you have tried to give them to your new neighbors, or to your friends who are moving, or family and nothing worked, you can always give them away. Not to someone you know but simply clean them, pack them, go online, again, and see where you can take the boxes. There are a lot of places near you where you can give away your boxes. Then, someone who needs them will go there and take them for their move, with no charge. It is very simple actually, and a great way for people to reuse something that can be reused. The solution is not to buy and buy, but to work with what you have. The same goes for cardboard boxes.

    Keep them and give them a new purpose

    There are more fun things that you can do with these boxes. Simply keep them and make the best out of it. There is a number of tutorials on how to make some really nice bins out of these boxes. You can make something really cute and useful. A place where you can keep jewelry, or maybe even underwear. Research this a little bit, if you are creative at least a little bit, you will be able to make something really nice and more importantly useful. Think of it like making a little storage for some of your items. It won’t occupy space in your apartment anymore, quite the opposite, it will save you space.

    closet with clothes
    Find another purpose for your boxes

    Once you have moved you will have a lot of work to do. To think about what will go where, then the decorations, etc. You may think that thinking about what to do with moving boxes after the move is not a priority until you realize that they are all over your new place. Therefore, think about this ahead of time even before you even move, you should decide what to do with the boxes once unpacked.

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