What to check before signing a moving contract

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    Moving can be very hectic. With your life being uprooted to be moved to a new place there are a lot of things to worry about. From how your items are packed and handled to even what to wear on moving day. That’s why it is essential to keep a level head while moving. One of the more pressing issues that will arise during the move will be a cooperation with a moving company. If you choose a reliable moving company, you might not even feel these. However, it’s always smart to check certain things before signing a moving contract. Precisely that will be the topic of this article.


    Before even thinking of hiring a moving company you should do a bit of research. Compare different moving companies and their rates and services on offer. By doing this you will be able to get the best deal out of your move, something that is especially important if you are moving on a budget. By checking the different rates for your type of move you will be able to find a reliable company that will move you for a price that’s right for your pocket. Also, you may discover that postponing your move by just a few days may land you in a more favorable time for a move, saving you even more money.

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    Check before signing a moving contract what are the prices for your time of the move and if you have chosen a reputable moving company.

    Doing your research will play another significant role here.  By checking out different moving companies, you will be able to tell approximately how much your move should realistically cost. Finding a moving company that will move you for much less will then be a bit of a red flag. In that case, it would be smart to look up any negative reviews on The Federal  Motor Carrier Association ‘s (FMCSA)website. This will tell you if you are dealing with a fraudulent mover, something you really should know before signing a moving contract.

    Check before signing a moving contract if the moving company has all the necessary licenses and insurance

    After doing your research and setting your mind on one or a few moving companies, you should look into their business a bit deeper. If the moving company of your choice has all the necessary licenses and insurance will be an important thing to check before signing a moving contract. Cross country movers NYC might tell you that a reputable moving company will have nothing to hide. So feel free to call your movers before you sign them on. Check what kind of insurance do they offer as well as the following:

    • Check if they have the equipment needed for your move
    • Ask about insurance coverage in case of damages
    • Check for how long have they been in the moving business
    • Make sure they have the proper licenses and that they are registered with the S. Department of Transportation (DOT).
    • If you are moving high-value objects like artwork or antiques, ask about their experience with moving these and if they have any special policies on moving said items.

    Check before signing a moving contract that you know what you’re signing

    As with any legal document, do not sign anything you don’t understand. Moving contract and certain additional documents will influence a lot of things related to your move, especially how to deal with possible damages. Also, knowing what you’re signing will protect you against sudden and unplanned moving expenses.

    A person signing a contract
    It is very important you fully understand what you are signing.

    Another important point we should make here is to never ever sign any blank document. Any moving company offering you such a document can immediately be considered unreliable. The same goes for incomplete documents. So, check before signing a moving contract if there are blank spaces that can be later filled out in a way that can cause you financial harm.  Both of these cases are a major red flag. Our friends at the nomad moving company tell us that only fraudulent movers will ever try to slip you a blank document to sign. So you should consider breaking up cooperation with any moving company that offers you these immediately.

    Check before signing a moving contract what is your moving estimate

    After finding a reputable moving company, you should have them give you a moving estimate. Also, have them outline the terms of your move. Having clear communication here is key as you will be able to know how much your move will cost and all the different services you will need. Again, doing prior research and knowing price ranges will help you out as you will know approximately what is the reasonable price for your move.

    Check the bill of lading

    One of the most important documents in a move is the bill of landing. So, before signing a moving contract you should definitely check the bill of lading. It will include the actual price of your move and the services used, as well as other important information. Things like the timeframe of your move, insurance and how any disputes should be resolved. All of these are very important information and you should check them before signing any binding document.

    A contract with a lock on it.
    The bill of lading is one of the most important moving documents.

    Another thing to check before signing a moving contract is your inventory list

    Finally, you should have a list of your items ready and compare it to the inventory list your movers made. This will play an even more important role in the case that you are having some items delivered to your home and some moved to storage. Having a complete inventory list will be your only proof of handling certain items to your movers. Therefore it is so important to check this before signing a moving contract.

    Things to check before signing a moving contract

    There you have it! Follow our list of things to check before signing a moving contract and you will ensure a stress-free move. If you prepare yourself well, do your checking and research, your move will go smoothly. After that, you will be able to start your new life, care-free!

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