What items to pack first when moving house?

Packing is one of the most infamous tasks in the whole moving process. This is because it tends to be the most complex task in the whole relocation. This is because people do not know how to organize the packing process and they do not know what items to pack first when moving house. If you start your preparations early, then packing could be a relatively simple task. You will have almost nothing to worry about while relocating to Manhattan. Even if you make some mistakes you will be able to fix them since you have plenty of time in front of you.

Organizing the packing process properly

When packing your home you need to stay organized. Proper organization can make all the difference between a proper relocation and a complete chaos. The best way to get organized is to start your preparations early with a simple checklist. This simple trick will help you organize your entire move properly. Write down all the things you need to do to finish the relocation on a piece of paper. Make sure all the tasks are written in the right order. If you want to emphasize that a task is important, you can write in in bigger letter or use a different color for especially important tasks. It is very important to keep this list of tasks somewhere you can often see it. This will help you stop putting off the moving preparations.

Moving plan - a notebook and a pen
You need to make sure you make a proper moving plan

Declutter your home before you pack

Many people decide to pack and move all the things they have to a new home. Well, this is not the best idea. Downsizing before packing is crucial when moving to a new home. Everyone has some items they do not really need. If you waste your time with these items your packing process will be much harder. First, you will need more packing supplies. Then you will need to pay movers more since your things take more space in the moving truck. Afterwards, you will figure out that you do not have enough space for the item in question. This is why you need to declutter before you pack. You do not have to throw everything away, you can find Manhattan storage units and store the items that can’t fit in your home. This will make your new home look more spacious.

Clutter on the table
If you take your time and declutter your home you will have an easier time packing

Items to pack first when moving house – items that you do not use often

It is not unusual to start preparing for the relocation months before the moving day. You might get tempted to start packing right then and there. This is a great idea, but you need to know what items to pack first when moving house. The items that should be packed during this stage of preparations are the items you do not use very often. You do not want to pack your kitchenware a few months before you move and unpack it every time you want to eat something. This is why you need to start with rooms like garage, attic, guest rooms, etc. you can also pack your decorations at your more important rooms like the kitchen, living room, etc.

Out of season clothes are some of the items to pack first when moving house

Everyone has a lot of clothes in their wardrobes. Well, you will only wear clothes that are appropriate for the current season. You will not wear a winter jacket in the summer. Since now you will not need the jacket you can safely assume this is one of the items to pack first when moving house. If you do this early enough you will have an easy time when you are approaching the last weeks of living in your current home. This is because you will have a lot less stuff to pack.

Packing kitchenware you do not use very often

There are many people that have some kitchenware that they use only on special occasions. If you do not plan to have a celebration before you move you can go ahead and pack your kitchenware. The same goes for cooking supplies you do not use often. If you do not use a specific type of pots too often you can assume this is one of the items to pack first when moving house. You should leave the rest of the kitchen to the later stages of packing. Just be sure you take extra care while you pack any kitchenware, especially if you plan to move some expensive stuff.

Kitchenware - some of the items to pack first when moving house
If you have some kitchenware you do not use very often packing it first is a safe choice

Hiring professional movers

If you have a tough time while packing your home you can always hire professional movers. These trained professionals will make your packing process extremely easy. You will not have to lift a finger. But you need to make sure you take your time and do some research on the company you plan to hire. This way you will be able to avoid any moving scams. These are not common, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Mover carrying three cardboard boxes
If you hire professional movers you will have an easy relocation

Packing for a house move is a lot of work. This task gets very hard if you pack randomly without a proper system. This is why you have to know what items to pack first when moving. You do not want to go through your boxes every day just because you packed your things in the wrong order. This will waste you a huge amount of time. To avoid this problem get organized as early as possible. This will make your relocation go smoothly.

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