What is the best way to move a mattress across Manhattan?

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    Mattresses are big, heavy and floppy. Thus, difficult to move by yourself. Come moving day, it will be worth knowing how to do it. Contacting some of the best Manhattan moving companies proves to be useful. Keep reading to find out the best way to move a mattress across Manhattan.   

    Before you move a mattress across Manhattan, evaluate it 

    The average lifespan of a mattress is 10 years. Before deciding to move a mattress, consider if it is saggy or uncomfortable. Relocation might be the perfect timing to consider getting a new one. Otherwise, hiring an Upper East Side moving company might be the perfect solution to move a mattress. Besides, you may decide to do it single-handedly. In that case, consider: 

    • Asking your friends to help you 
    • Buy adequate packing supplies  
    • Have the right vehicle to move a mattress 

    We offer you some practical advice based on experience. Chose what suits you best and moving a mattress will be a cinch.  

    A queen sized bed and mattress
    When relocating a mattress, it is always best to hire a professional mover

    Consider finding storage space just in case 

    When relocating, you should plan the entire process in detail. This is because heavy and bulky items are often involved. Just remember, you need to move a mattress across Manhattan, for example. You might not be able to transfer it all at once. That is why we recommend looking for short term storage Manhattan when organizing your move. Having the option to keep your belongings safe and secure will give you peace of mind during the hectic relocation process. Even if you choose to move a mattress later after you move in, you have yourself covered. 

     How to move a mattress – a practical guide  

    Before we proceed with our practical guide, here is a word of advice worth mentioning. Regardless of whether you have decided to move a mattress or not, you should be aware that finding Manhattan storage space can be very difficult at times. So, make sure you secure some well in advance. If you are certain that moving a mattress with the helping hand of your friends is the right thing for you, follow our step-by-step guide below. Now, let us dive into it.  

    A girl and a moving van
    To move a mattress across Manhattan by yourself, you need to have a van

    You need someone to help you move a mattress 

    Although we highly recommend you hire professional help to move a mattress, you may decide to handle it yourself. In that case, it is crucial to have someone to help you. Obviously, you would not be able to lift a mattress on your own. And you would like to avoid injuries while moving. If you already have your friends by your side, get ready for the next step to move a mattress.  

    Purchase packing supplies before moving a mattress 

    The most basic you need is a mattress cover and plastic bag or foil. Ask your mover about this, as it is best if you purchase quality supplies, to ensure proper protection when moving a mattress the DIY way. Then, place it in the cover, and wrap it all together with the plastic bag.  

    Load the mattress on the vehicle

    Preferably, you have a van at your disposal, so the mattress will fit in and it would not get damaged during transport. When moving a mattress in a van, make sure it is secured with moving straps as well. A comfortable mattress deserves all the care you can give it.  

    Ultimately, our advice based on experience is to move a mattress across Manhattan by hiring professional movers. Your moving experience will be seamless and moving a mattress will be a cinch.  

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