What features to look for in storage facilities in Manhattan?

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    If you don’t have a clue where to put all your belongings while moving, you need a storage unit. However, not all storage facilities in Manhattan can fit all your needs. Some people require larger space, whereas others could do with a smaller one. Some customers are satisfied with basic services, while others look for additional features. Whatever you decide, one thing is for sure — you would like to hire some movers in Manhattan NY with a fair price-quality balance. So what are the main storage features that sustain such a harmonious balance?

    Spotlessly clean storage facilities in Manhattan

    To begin with, it is of utmost importance that your storage unit is impeccably clean. None of us want some dirty self-storage in Manhattan that will cover our possessions with dust. Not to mention spiders, ants, mice and rats. That’s why, when moving to Manhattan,  you should pay a lot of attention to the cleanliness of the storage. Some questions to pose when looking for a storage unit are what kind of cleaning services is offered and how the maintenance works.

    Clean your stuff prior to storing

    On the other hand, hygiene is your responsibility too. You should wash and clean all the things you want to store. Afterward, you ought to pack your stuff for storage well. Make sure to disinfect all bags and boxes before loading them with your items. That way, you will avoid bringing all the city’s dust and dirt inside your self-storage in Manhattan once you fill its space. When your lease ends and you start taking the belongings out, you will see that they are well-preserved and in much the same condition as when you left them there. 

    A couple packing some stuff
    Clean your belongings and pack them safely.

    Climate-controlled Manhattan storage units

    A lot of items can be easily damaged when stored in space with extremely cold or hot temperatures. For example, home appliances and electronic devices are highly susceptible to such damage. Good storage facilities in Manhattan offer climate-controlled units where the temperature can be changed according to the needs. It is really important to keep the temperature at a moderate level in order to:

    • keep paper things, such as documents and books, dry and safe,
    • prevent wooden furniture from damage,
    • protect metal items from rusting,
    • safeguard clothes and keep moths away from them.

    Secure storage facilities in Manhattan

    One of the essential criteria when choosing a storage unit is security. You want your self-storage in Manhattan to be safe and protected from vandals and criminals 24/7. That’s why high-tech security measures combined with security personnel is the best choice. It is beneficial when:

    • those storage facilities in Manhattan have alarms,
    • they are equipped with CCTV surveillance camera systems,
    • the units have multi-level locks,
    • there is always staff to keep an eye on everything.

    Easy access to your self-storage in Manhattan

    You can choose an affordable storage service that looks great in pictures. But, when the day for transporting your goods comes and you arrive there, the worst thing that can happen is that it is extremely difficult to access the storage. For that reason, mind the following:

    • good Manhattan storage units are easy to find,
    • they have easy access,
    • you can move the stuff through them without difficulties,
    • there is good light both inside and outside,
    • you can choose how much space you need to rent, 
    • they have proper signs that will make it simple to find your unit.
    Clean storage facilities in Manhattan
    Your self-storage in Manhattan must be clean and with a proper lighting system.

    What is really significant here is that the facility is well lit. Ample lighting enhances security. In case some burglars break into the storage, you and police will be able to see the recording far more clearly than when caught in the dark. 

    Quality equipment provided

    Apart from easy access, it is also necessary to obtain practical storage equipment. Reputable storage facilities in Manhattan differ from rogue ones in that they provide their customers with such equipment. Thus, when you arrive at your unit with all those bulks, you can transfer them from the truck to the storage without considerable difficulties. The supplies may consist of:

    • dollies and trolleys,
    • ladders,
    • shelves,
    • floor pallets,
    • boxes and bags.

    Packing services with storage facilities in Manhattan

    What can you do if you don’t have enough time for packing due to lots of obligations? Don’t worry! Some agencies for Manhattan storage units do the packing and unpacking, as well. This is also worth for those who lack organizational skills and can’t manage the action of packing in a practical way. That’s why professionals are there. They will do everything — from finding the right packing supplies to packing and labeling your possessions

    A man lying on the floor surrounded with the boxes and belongings
    You don’t have to be alone. If you can’t pack and transfer your stuff by yourself, you can pay some professionals.

    Reliable customer support

    When negotiating with a storage agency, make sure they provide quality customer service. They should be available 24/7 through different communication channels. Reliable storage facilities in Manhattan have features like phone, email, live chat, contact pages, apps, etc. The answers by their support agents must be clear, concise, and understandable. They must not avoid responding or ignore any of your questions related to the services they offer. 

    Besides, it is an advantage if they allow their clients to visit the storage at any time during the day. Remember that you should have access to your stuff whenever you want or need it. 

    Licensed storage facilities in Manhattan

    Before hiring a mover you should do a bit of research. First, check if they possess certain certificates or licenses. There are several ways how to check it. You can also go through websites with mover reviews in order to check how reliable the agency you want to hire is. Also, mind hidden costs that may be lying in additional services. Certainly, reputable agencies that provide storage facilities in Manhattan will state precisely if any additional expenses can occur. Just in case, before accepting a service, double-check the price and terms.


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