Ways to spruce up your rental in Manhattan

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    You just moved into your new rental In Manhattan with help from Nomad moving company. While still happy about the successful move, you suddenly notice that the new home is kind of dull. With the very competitive market in NYC, many landlords don’t invest in the apartments. You will usually find just basic colors on the walls and no decorations at all. For this reason, you will need to find ways to spruce up your rental in Manhattan. Before you start making your rental feel like a home, you should first check with your landlord if the changes are acceptable. Also, how long are you planning to rent the place? You don’t want to invest a lot of your money just to move out within a couple of months. Here are a few tips on how to redecorate your rental. 

    Use lighting to your advantage when you want to spruce up your rental in Manhattan 

    After you unpack all your moving boxes that were packed by packing services NYC, start decorating your home. When all items are put in the right place, see what improvement you can do. Lighting can do wonders for the small rentals to make them seem bigger and warmer. There are many options to choose from. You can buy floor lamps to put in the dark corner of the room. Another option is to get fairy lights and to put them around the TV, window, or the door. 

    One of the simple and effective decorating hacks is to buy stickers for the wall. You can find them in any shape and color. The best thing about them is they can be easily pulled off the wall. It is a great hack to avoid painting the walls. Ask your Manhattan movers about stickers if you have any dilemma.

    white table with brown chairs
    Use lamps and chandeliers to make your rooms look brighter

    Color is the key point for decorating the rental 

    If you don’t or can’t add some color to your wall, there are a few options to bring some warmth to your home. If your living room is too white and it has a sterile feeling, create a warm atmosphere with colorful pillows. You can match the colors of your carpet with the pillows and blankets. This way, it will feel more connected. However, that’s not a rule you must follow. Don’t be afraid to play with colors when decorating a home. 

    If you are moving in as a couple, you can frame your pictures from your dates or travels. You can make smaller pictures and hang them on the rope or fairy lights. Alternatively, you can make one bigger picture and make it a focal point on the wall. 

    spruce up your rental in Manhattan with colorful pillows
    Buy colorful pillows to create a warm atmosphere

    Get a budget-friendly decoration 

    After you finish with larger improvements, it’s now time for the final touch. The best way to spruce up your rental in Manhattan is to buy a small decoration. You can put them on book shelves, coffee tables, or any area you want. You can get many different things like:

    • Different kind of plants 
    • Scented candles 
    • Figurines 
    • Desk Shelf Clocks 
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