Ways to identify bad landlords

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    Sometimes life gives us opportunities to prosper, and we would be foolish not to take them! So we take these chances, hoping for success in our respective fields. And the last thing you need to worry about at that moment is a bad landlord. This is where our article comes in handy! Let us help you identify bad landlords, so you can focus on more important things!

    Identify bad landlords by asking a lot of questions

    When it comes to landlords, it is imperative to ask as many questions as you can! A good landlord will always give you the answers you need. And, if they are sincere, they won’t hide anything from you! While the walk-through, you can ask a lot of questions. This will benefit you in many ways! First, of, you will get more information regarding the place you want to rent. Second, you will have a good insight into what kind of person your landlord is. One of the main questions you need to ask the potential landlord is, what is his policy about couples? Most of the time there is a certain prejudice revolving tenant couples. But remember, before you ask your landlord, ask yourself what is the best time to move in with your partner?

    Questions used to identify bad landlords (who, when, where..).
    You can identify bad landlords by asking them a lot of questions

    There are a couple of other questions you will always have to ask your landlord. Use these questions to easily identify bad landlords:

    • Ask them about the neighborhood! How close are the grocery stores, gas pumps, etc? If he knows the surrounding area, he will give you the answers immediately!
    • What kind of security does he use? Don’t think that if the place has high security, it is a good choice. There is a reason why the place is so secured! And sometimes it is because there is trouble close.
    • Do you have any pests and what did you do about them?
    • How long did the previous tenants occupy this place?
    • If there is a yard, who handles it?
    • How fast do you respond if there are problems in the place?
    • Do you fix it yourself, or do you call someone?
    • Are you the owner of the place, or are you sharing ownership?
    • How long are you owning this place?
    Tools on plumbing
    A good landlord deals with every problem with speed and precision

    Bad landlords won’t give you enough answers 

    As you ask them these questions, pay attention to how they answer them! Before you decide to put a deposit for the place, think about it twice. The landlord must be easily accessible at any time! That means, they must give you some private information, such as phone number. If they give you an email address or P.O. box, they do not plan to be there for you! If they are avoiding this, they are probably very bad landlords and care only about the money. What happens next is that they won’t answer you immediately. Whether or not the problem is urgent or not, they are not that hesitant to answer. If they avoid to do it, they will most likely not be there to help you. In this case, move on! They are obliged to tell you about any pest problems they have or any issues revolving plumbing. Also, if there is any problem that can occur, they must tell you about it.

    Words no yes maybe.
    Bad landlords will sometimes avoid some questions.

    You need to know about this stuff if you are searching for a place to live. There are two things you need to worry about here. Finding a good moving company and a landlord. But, if you know where to look for, you can find reliable Harlem moving companies in no time! That way, you can focus on and identify bad landlords so you can avoid them!

    Bad landlords will rush you into deciding

    This is not some decision you can make instantly. It takes time and patience! If you happen to come across a landlord that is rushing everything, just leave. You must spend about an hour or so in talking with your potential landlord and look around. In that time, you will ask questions and test things around the place. If you happen to be in a situation where your potential landlord is rushing the tour, leave. Their impatience, not willing to listen to you, or telling you how “everything is fine, no need for the tour” – leave. This is the easiest way to identify bad landlords. There are two possibilities here:

    • The landlord doesn’t really care to whom he rents the place. He only wants money.
    • He is hiding something important from you.
    A woman with glasses in blue shirt.
    If the landlord rushes you into making a decision, better leave.

    Finding the best place you can rent and figure out if your landlord is good or bad takes a lot of time and patience. Not to mention when you are also figuring out how to plan a long distance relocation. Even though you don’t do those things simultaneously, every kind of help is great! It’s good to know that you can find a good long distance movers Manhattan, and then focus your energy on renting a place.

    Do they acknowledge your tenant rights

    The easiest way you can identify bad landlords is to ask them about your tenant rights. If they are eager to help you and acknowledge them, that is great. As soon as they start going around it and avoid the topic, you should leave. They maybe don’t support your rights, but will most certainly know your obligations. When you are renting the place, the common ground for both parties is mutual benefits. A good landlord will always want a good tenant. This goes both ways! In order to see if your potential landlords support your tenant right, you should know about them too. Read about the tenant rights in NYC before you ask the landlord about them

    Tenancy agreement paper and a hand signing it.
    Landlords must acknowledge your tenant rights.

    Most of the time the law does not allow landlords to be “bad”. Since there are some requirements they have to do from their side. Use these tips we gathered for you and you will easily identify bad landlords. This way you will avoid any possible scams and misdeeds from them! Hit us up if you have anything else to add! Tell us about your experience!


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