Ways to handle disputes with movers

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    Although you may have spent days looking for the best, the most professional and most reliable moving company, accidents can always happen. Even to the best. Unfortunately, there are various issues that may happen during the relocation. Sometimes it’s just a misunderstanding or a mistake. But, there are cases when the moving company itself is to blame. If you’re thinking about relocation to a new place and you want to know how to handle disputes with movers, check our tips! And if you urgently need a licensed, reputable and affordable moving company, consider hiring Clinton movers and avoid fraudulent movers.

    Know your rights and mover’s responsibilities

    You will know how to handle disputes with movers if you learn what are your rights and mover’s responsibilities. If you have enough time, you can read “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”, a booklet prepared by the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration to explain to customers what are their rights and what they can expect from hiring professional movers. But if you don’t, let’s see the most important information.

    • Movers must provide you with estimates in writings.
    • Movers may give binding estimates.
    • Non-binding estimates are not always accurate; actual charges may exceed the estimate.
    • If your mover provides you (or someone representing you) with any partially complete document for your signature, you should verify the document is as complete as possible before signing it. Make sure the moving contract contains all relevant shipping information, except the actual shipment weight.
    • Your right is to request from your movers the availability of guaranteed pickup and delivery dates
    • to ask movers, and request an explanation of the difference between valuation and actual insurance.
    • the right to be present each time your shipment is weighed.
    • and to request a re-weigh of your shipment.
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    Knowing your rights and your mover’s responsibilities will help you to avoid possible frauds and disputes.

    Be patient to handle disputes with movers without stress

    If you want to handle disputes with movers without stress and like a professional, don’t panic. There is a reason why something’s wrong. Instead of getting angry, try to solve the problem. Although we don’t like to hear „calm down“ when we’re nervous, patience is gold when it comes to moving. Once found out your rights and movers’ responsibilities from above, there is no need to overreact. Try to stay calm and relax because there are reputable associations to watch your back. Sometimes a small misunderstanding is not worth your nerves and health. If you’re interested in hiring reliable movers and avoid stress, check cross country movers NYC!

    Avoid companies with day laborers

    Relocation is not a cheap process at all. This is why people want their money to be safely invested in moving services. When you’re searching for a reliable and licensed moving company, make sure you avoid those with day laborers. Customers usually have a bad experience with companies like these, because day laborers are not professional movers. Licensed moving companies have their experienced full-time movers, day labor change their stuff all the time. Day laborers don’t have the experience, they don’t know how to carefully pack items, carry boxes and load the moving truck. Besides the risk of damaging your items, there is something more. Full-time employees have health insurance and they are covered under the moving company’s insurance policies and licenses. If something happens to a day laborer on your property, he can file a personal injury lawsuit against you and seek payment for medical expenses.

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    Feedback from other users is the best way to know how to handle disputes with movers.

    They don’t show or late

    One of the biggest problems, when people want to know how to handle disputes with movers, is when they don’t show up. Before you start to panic, keep in mind that movers can be late for many reasons, from huge traffic, mechanical problems or some accidents. Stay calm and call the moving company. Ask them about the issue. Confirm the pickup time, find out if the movers are late and when they’ll be able to arrive. Don’t overreact, because even the best companies can run into unforeseen issues. The most important thing is to solve the problem. If it’s about fraudulent movers? In this case, you can sue them in your local court, because moving companies are not regulated by the state.

    They don’t cooperate

    How to handle disputes with movers if they don’t cooperate? Even if you’re angry, try to call movers and talk about issues. Before you start panicking, try to resolve the problem in a professional way. Remember, the goal is to find a solution beneficial to both sides so that no one is damaged. If you fail at this, you can file a complaint letter with your moving company. If they still deny what has happened and rejects your appeal you can fill a claim with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Organization which operates on interstate movers. And, if the company is a part of the American Moving and Storage Association, they will take care of the dispute on your behalf. Better Business Bureau will notify the company within 48 hours. The moving company has 14 days to respond. Your dispute should be finished within 30 days!

    handle disputes with movers
    When there is a conflict between you and your movers, don’t overreact, try to solve things in a friendly but professional way.

    Extra fees

    Extra fees, additional costs, costs for special services, everything should be written in a contract you have signed. If you think that relocation costs you more than you’ve expected, check the contract first. If you use a binding estimate in the first place it can save you from unpleasant situations. The final bill should always match. Before you sign a contract ask about additional fees. If there are extra costs after moving, call your moving company and ask them why is the bill so high. Maybe it’s simply a mistake. Try to handle disputes with movers without acting angry.

    Damaged or lost items

    Before you sign a contract, you should ask the moving company about moving insurance and choose one. All movers are required to assume liability for the value of the goods that they are relocating, which is covered by federal law. But what if professional movers damage your item? Or you arrive at your new address and find out that something is missing? In this case, you can file a complaint against your movers. The period for complaint regarding the lost items is nine months after the delivery. You have enough time to think and react. If your item is damaged you can act according to moving insurance you chose. Just keep in mind that unexpected situations, car accidents and disasters like hurricane and flood are something movers are not responsible for.


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