Ways to avoid theft when moving to Gramercy Park

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    Theft is one of the worst things that can happen during relocation. If we add the possibility for it to happen during the move, it becomes even worse. Moving is a delicate process for most people. They make plans, act on them, get moving supplies, and many more things. Just imagine how you would feel if the theft happened during your relocation to Gramercy Park. Theft can happen at all stages of the move. It is important to learn how to avoid theft when moving to Gramercy Park because you will avoid any complications from this action. Naturally, having good and secure Gramercy Park movers is important but it is not everything. Here is how to completely protect yourself during your relocation to Gramercy Park!

    When can the theft happen?

    There are many ways on how to theft happens during the move. It does not have to be only about items that you are currently moving. It can also happen to your new house, to your current house. Not everything is about your belongings. But, are there some ways on how to prevent theft when moving to Gramercy Park? None of the ways are 100% efficient. But, the key is to minimize the risks. Even though something can always happen, it does not mean that it is going to.

    Keep expensive belongings with you at all times

    Most people will think about clothes when moving. But, moving is so much bigger than that. You can move various items like furniture, bathtubs, kitchen appliances, and much more. But, one of the most important items that get stolen is personal items like jewelry. Even though you may have the most efficient and reliable Yorkville movers in the world, it does not mean that you should leave them with your personal expensive items.

    In order to protect yourself, you need to keep them with you. You are the one responsible for them and you have to protect them. You will have some items with you like toiletries, electronics, and similar items. Be sure to add your expensive jewelry and personal items because they are most likely to get stolen.

    a woman holding earings - avoid theft when moving to Gramercy Park
    Expensive items should be with you when moving

    Label your moving boxes properly

    When moving, you want to label your boxes. You may have a ton of them. That can create confusion if you do not know where all your items are. But, you have to be careful when labeling your boxes, even if you are first using Manhattan storage units for storing your items before the move.

    The purpose of labeling the boxes is not to know where each item is. The purpose is to reduce time when having to unpack. You know what goes where, so you have no real need to write each and every item on the box. If you do this and show the potential thieves which box to pick first, they will know what to grab first. The key is to keep as little information on the box as possible. This way, they will be discouraged to try anything.

    a black marker
    Do not write everything on the boxes

    Make your home look occupied

    When moving to another place, one of your places will be empty. That makes it even easier for burglars to come in and take what they want. You may not think that this is important but think again. You do not have to move everything at the same time. That means that some of your stuff will be exposed.

    In order to make your home seem occupied, you can place some outside lightning if you are moving into a new house. Even though your house will be empty, potential burglars will not know that. They will just assume that someone is inside and they will not even try to do anything.

    Install security system

    Another way to avoid theft when moving to Gramercy Park is to place a security camera system. Naturally, this is when opting for a house. Protecting a house is much harder because you have to do everything by yourself. On the other hand, most buildings are usually well protected and you should not worry that much about items that are currently in your apartment.

    cameras on the wall
    A security system can secure your home

    Work on your move with reliable people to avoid theft when moving to Gramercy Park

    Since you will be in constant contact with your movers, you have to make sure they are the right people for you. Naturally, you want someone that has experience but that is not all. You want someone that has a pristine record. Finding reliable people, like Heart Moving NYC can be a long process because you do not know who you are going to encounter. But, how do know they are the right choice?

    • get referrals
    • read moving reviews
    • focus on their communication
    • look for bad signs(estimate too low, conditions too good…)
    • use time to your advantage

    Of course, you should not expect this to work like magic. This is just the list of actions that will minimize the chances. If all of these things are good, there is very little chance that some of your items will get lost or stolen. Since you can never know, always make sure that you get moving insurance. You want to be as protected as possible, even if someone steals anything.


    Theft is not that common when moving. Even though it happened to someone, it does not mean that it is going to happen to you. But, you can never to too cautious. Protecting yourself is important and you should do everything in your power to prevent bad outcomes. We wanted to help you out because we understand how something like this can ruin your entire relocation, especially when moving to a good place like Gramercy Park. Be sure to use these ways to avoid theft when moving to Gramercy Park and make your relocation process easier. They will not make you 100% safe because something like that does not happen. But, it will certainly reduce the risks and you will be able to focus on things that really matter.

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