Top sports bars in NYC to check out

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    Oh, there is so much to choose from, if you are a fan of sports and eating and drinking at the same time. Depending on the chosen sport, you can pick some of the top sports bars in NYC and enjoy great food and atmosphere with like-minded people. It can be a relaxed place that serves barbecue or it can be a more fancy place to spend your game night. When you are moving to NYC from some other city, you will soon realize that it is a heaven for sports fans. Find excellent packing services NYC and wait no more to move here. 

    Most popular sports in NYC

    Baseball is still regarded as the most popular sport in NYC. Just in case you don’t know, two major league teams are New York Mets and New York Yankees. The Mets play in Queens, at the Citi Field. The Yankees play in a famous Yankee Stadium. Honestly, no matter where you live you must know about Yankee Stadium, as they are all-time favorite baseball team. They are in the Bronx, uprising NYC borough.

    baseball ball Yankees
    You can find different baseball memorabilia in these popular sports bars in NYC

    If you are thinking about moving to New York,  your first move should be, of course, finding reliable West Village movers. As soon as you hire a good moving company and settle in, you can start exploring the boroughs and bars in them. We all know how important this can be if you are a fan of some major league team. 

    If you ask any New Yorker they will tell you that there is the right way of watching a game. You can go to Yankee Stadium, City Field or to one of the top sports bars in NYC. So if you want to blend in and become a true New Yorker, you can start with watching a game in a sports bar. The best selected sports bars for fans of baseball are: 

    • Foley’s
    • Finnerty’s
    • McFadden’s Citi Field
    • Standings


    This is one of the most popular sports bars in NYC for baseball and also Irish baseball hall of fame. This restaurant is considered to be one of the best sports bars in the country as well. It is right across the Empire State Building and this is a must-see even if you are not a fan of baseball. Foley is not just an ordinary pub for watching games. You can bring your kids here, too.

    bite size burgers
    Foley’s has nice family-friendly menu, so you can enjoy with the whole family.

    Food is suitable for families as well as it is for game night. The menu mostly consists of burgers, soups and appetizers and entrees. Large portions, great beers and a friendly atmosphere in the heart of NYC is something you can’t miss. 


    As they say “home away from home” for all San Francisco fans. Located in East Village, a great place for meeting friends on a drink or a bite. You can expect to see fans cheering for San Francisco 49ers, Giants, Golden State Warriors or San Jose Sharks. 

    McFadden Citi Field

    The right place for Mets fans. It is actually a part of Citi Field, but you don’t need a ticket to get in. The bar is opened only for Mets home games. It opens three hours before a game, so you can start with drinks and food well in time.

    Another great sports bar in NYC – Standings

    A small bar, but still it sits at the top NYC sports bars list. An excellent place for baseball and beer fans. It is different from other popular NYC sports bars mainly because of its size. But you will see a positive side as soon as the game starts. It is packed with other cheerful baseball fans and you can see the game in any corner of the bar. Although you might already have a favorite fast-food spot, once you visit this place you might change your mind.

    Top sports bars in NYC for basketball fans

    The other popular sport in NYC is basketball. These two sports share the throne for some of their fans. If you ever tried to get tickets for any of the most famous teams like the New York Knicks, you know what we are talking about. New York Knicks play at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan and this you need to see at least once in your life. 

    slam dunk from below
    There is a difference in opinion which sport is the most popular in NYC.

    Top sports bars in NYC for basketball fans are:

    • The Grayson
    • Lansdowne Road
    • 40/40 club
    • Blondies sport

    The Grayson

    The Grayson is in East Village and it is a place that welcomes sports fans and their friends as well. You can watch a game in a relaxing atmosphere and at the same time sit in other parts of the bar and grab a bite to eat while listening to music and watching the game simultaneously.

    Lansdown Road

    Many people consider it to be the best local bar. You can feel a friendly atmosphere here and try out some of the best wings and sandwiches. The best sports bars in New York, like this one, offer you a perfect neighborly place to watch a game or enjoy a drink with friends.

    40/40 Club

    This place is a bit different from other bars on this list. It is more luxurious and it has a famous owner. The hip hop star Jay Z is the owner of the club and it actually got the name after one of baseball’s most prestigious achievements. This sports bar has an upscale menu of traditional sports food with a modern twist. It is a large place for fans who would rather watch games in a modern setting.

    Blondies Sport

    This sports bar is all about wings and sport. If you are living in Manhattan and are a fan of both then this should be a number one in your list. NFL football fans should find their place in here too. When the season begins it is packed with face-painted fans, so try to make a reservation if you like to bring some friends to watch a game. This is definitely among the top sports bars in NYC.

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