Top reasons why you shouldn’t move to Manhattan

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    Living in Manhattan feels like a dream for millions of people. While walking down Broadway Street, you would feel like a star in high budget movies walking to new adventures. Who would want that? However, the reality is unfortunately very far away from movies. A large number of people come to Manhattan with endless hope only to leave with a bitter taste after living there for some time. This doesn’t mean you should definitely avoid Manhattan as a plague, just you shouldn’t rush the big decision. First, see the reasons why you shouldn’t move to Manhattan. If you can still see yourself living here, then you should hire Manhattan movers and live a full Manhattan life. However, if everything that Manhattan offers is not for you, then pick some other place to live. 

    What are the major reasons why you shouldn’t move to Manhattan? 

    You probably already know that life in Manhattan is pretty expensive. You will need a very good budget if you don’t want to end up in some tiny one-room apartment. Even that tiny apartment will cost you more than the bigger one in the suburbs. Buying is often out of the question as prices are extremely high. Rentals are often minimally decorated, so you will need to do some work on upgrading your rental. 

    Even if you can find Clinton movers for a fair price, you won’t be so lucky with other services. Your day-to day expenses will be very high. If you don’t have a big salary, you will more likely just be trying to survive instead of living a normal life. 

    Manhattan during the day
    It is extremely expensive to live in Manhattan

    You will have to share your living space with other people

    You should know that about 8.4 million people live in New York City. Add six times the number of residents and you get about the number of tourists coming every year in NYC. Crowds are inevitable and transport can be a true nightmare. You should prepare yourself for long waiting in public institutions and in traffic. If you have a problem with anxiety, this will not help with keeping anxiety under control. 

    With this many people, the crime rate will also be higher than in smaller cities. With a higher chance of burglary, you should think twice before discussing your move on social media. You should also take precautions such as not walking alone at night, locking doors and windows, etc. 

    reasons why you shouldn't move to Manhattan include heavy traffic
    Manhattan is overcrowded and extremely loud

    Overstimulation is not for everyone 

    The top reasons why you shouldn’t move to Manhattan include the city being too expensive and having too many people. However, some people could also find these reasons as cons. 

    • Overstimulation – the city can be too loud and uncomfortable due to so many people and activities.
    • Subway – with a growing number of people come long lines in subway, overcrowded subway with people who don’t care about personal hygiene etc.
    • Big competition – for everything, but mostly for job opportunities. 
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