Top reasons why people move to NY

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    You have probably heard of saying that everybody should live in NYC at least once in their lifetime. Have you wondered why is that? Well, apparently Big Apple offers something that no other city can. This urban jungle is more than a large city, it’s a lifestyle, a place where everything is possible and nothing is like elsewhere. If you are one of the people that always wanted to move to New York, you are in the right place. Although you are already convinced, here are the top reasons why people move to NY.

    Public transportation paradise

    Coming from another city or state, you are probably used to a car. Well, here things work differently. Driving a car in NYC is basically mission impossible, especially if you are moving to Manhattan. Besides, there is no need for it really, since public transportation covers all neighborhoods, it’s frequent and functional. You will find it strange in the beginning, but after a while, you will realize the benefits. Because a life without worrying about a car, parking, tickets, and parking means just one thing- freedom!  Sure, there are some people that own cars in the city,  but most rely on public transportation. NYC subway system is efficient and easy once you figure it out, and it will get anywhere you need to go. An I mean anywhere.

     reasons why people move to NY, its red brick buildings, bikes and trees on the streets
    NYC has its own way of commuting, living and expressing

    Everything is a train ride away and it’s safe

    Life is fast here in NYC and there is no time for long drives. But that is why everything is a train ride away! Everybody uses the subway because it’s the fastest way to get somewhere. You will see people in fancy suits riding too because public transportation is the best choice for them too. You can use it to get everywhere you want to go. If you want to pay a little extra, the cab is also an option. Be prepared to fight for it do. You can make it from one side of Manhattan to the other in less time than you need to go to the grocery store in other large cities. And most noteworthy, commuting this way prevents many accidents caused by drunk driving. So, NYC keeps you safe, too.

    It’s shameless and we like it that way

    When you move to NYC, you immediately feel that raw and wild atmosphere that surprises you and makes you feel home at the same time. Being probably the most diverse city in the world, it is full of the most different people from all over the world, but they all have something in common. They love it here. The feeling of freedom that Big Apple brings makes people express themselves more freely than anywhere else. You will get to see all the faces and stories it hides. You will see passion on the streets, people screaming and crying, and laughing like nowhere else. Because this is a place free of judgment, rules, and fakeness.

    You won’t get weird looks whatever you look like, whatever you do and whatever you wear, and that is just liberating! Nobody expects you to be married with kids at the age of 35, but if you are – good for you! In NYC, you don’t have to grow up ever and that makes your freedom to seek your dreams more passionate than anywhere else. When fear, shame, and meaningless rules disappear, that is when the magic happens!

    Graffiti of little monsters on the wall
    Street art is everywhere you look

    Your carrier will probably blossom

    There are so many job opportunities that it’s almost impossible not to find a job of your dreams in NYC. This is one of the reasons why people move to NY. If you already have a job, chances are that you will improve it here big time. Because this is an environment where you can accomplish basically anything, with a lot of effort and a little bit of luck. So, find a good office movers Manhattan, and get started!

    Networking is one of the most important things here, so try to connect as much as you can, and job opportunities will find you. Someone will always reach out to their old coworkers when they are hiring or know of a job opening at their company. Referrals from your personal life are also an excellent way to get an introduction that can help you land an interview for a job you want. New Yorkers work hard on building their networks and make an effort to stay connected to people. For this reason, they are often attending reunions and gatherings with former coworkers, and keep in touch. You never know who could lead you to your next job, so keep your eyes wide open.

    Park with trees, lake and bridge, high buildings in the back
    Central Park – a green oasis in the middle of a concrete

    Days are not long enough for everything you can do in your free time

    One of the biggest reasons why people move to NY is just having fun. There are so many activities that you won’t have an idea of where to start.

    • Central Park is perfect for basically any outdoor activity, Whether you want to run, paint, read, lay on the grass, make a picnic, rollerskate, listen to the good music or drive in a carriage, you will be able to do that here.
    • Art is everywhere! By simply walking through the Soho and other neighborhoods, you will see many street art locations worth exploring.
    • Besides that, there are so many museums, you will need quite some time to visit them all. The most famous one is probably The Guggenheim, but don’t miss the Museum of Modern Art, Van Courtland House Museum, the Museum of Sex and many others. You can get an NYC museums pass and save money.
    • Food in NYC is a fusion or so many world cuisines that you will feel like you are eating in a different country every day. From one dollar pizza to Manhattan Beach restaurants, you just need to try it all. Because that is what New Yorkers do.

    Top reasons why people move to NY

    One of the biggest reasons why people move to NY because they need a change. That change is big and sometimes intense but in the best possible way. Nobody knows exactly why, but this vibrant city makes you fall in love and feel like home. There is simply no other place like it in the world, and it’s worth every effort to get there. May you enjoy your new life in New York, to the fullest!

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