Top Manhattan neighborhoods for young professionals

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    Most people say New York City belongs in a class of its own in the United States. And it is no surprise it has such a reputation. First of all, NYC is truly a global city, and most would claim it to be the cultural capital of the world. With over 250 communities across the island, every neighborhood might offer you something special. However, if you are an ambitious Millennial, you need only the top-notch markets. Therefore, Heart Moving Manhattan NYC brings you to the top 3 Manhattan neighborhoods for young professionals. No matter if you’re in search of that affordable place to live with your roommates, or you want to be in the proximity of some very cool and hip places, or even if you’re ready to start settling down in the Big Apple this list is for you.

    Manhattan at night
    Manhattan neighborhoods for young professionals.

    1. East Village, Manhattan

    The East Village spreads right next to the campus of New York University. This proximity attracts the younger crowds to the East Village and offers increased diversity. According to New York Magazine, the East Village is one of the coolest Manhattan neighborhoods for young professionals because of its high concentration of bars. If Yorkville movers relocate you nearby, visit one of the most famous bars in the area McSorley’s Old Ale House. Old Ale House was the first Irish Tavern in New York. If you love music, the East Village is also home to the Turn Table Lab where you can shop an impressive collection of vinyl.

    2. Here’s how Financial District is one of the best Manhattan neighborhoods for young professionals (If you didn’t know)

    • New York’s Financial District, also called FiDi, is the oldest part of NYC. Since its founding, it has remained the epicenter of the massive growth that encompassed the southern tip of Manhattan island. Due to this strategic location, you’ll never be more than a 5-minute walk away from over 150 different restaurants featuring cuisine from around the world.
    • The Financial District makes the core of American business and commerce. FiDi is the birthplace of the New York Stock Exchange, home of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as well as Wall Street. Why don’t you book our reliable movers NYC to relocate you to this neighborhood full of things to do and see? We do need to share that FiDi is a bit on the pricey side. But that’s to be expected when you look at all the sights, sounds, and tastes this neighborhood offers. If you are a young professional looking to level up, there is no better neighborhood to be in.
    A restaurant in one of the top Manhattan neighborhoods for young professionals
    After your shopping spree, you should relax with wine and tapas at Balzem.

    3. Why is Nolita one of the premier Manhattan neighborhoods for young professionals?

    Just north of Little Italy in Manhattan spreads the Nolita neighborhood. This area has become one of NYC’s premium shopping districts. However, you’ll be glad to know it is more affordable than the rest of them. As opposed to the more well-known SoHo neighborhood, it has a quaint and almost European feel. It usually doesn’t draw in many tourists or large crowds. If you need a little piece of Europe in Manhattan, contact us and we will relocate you here. You won’t have to look any further than Nolita. Let us assist you and you can have a worry-free, seamless transition at affordable rates!

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