Top Manhattan museums to visit

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    Nothing compares to visiting a good museum in your free time. Especially if you just moved into your new town. In Manhattan, there are plenty of museums you can visit, and perhaps too much to mention them all. This is why here we will tell you about top Manhattan museums you can visit anytime and have a great time there. Sit back, relax and read all about these museums and plan your next visit soon!

    The Metropolitan Museum of art as one of the top Manhattan museums to visit

    For a long time, precisely a one and a half century, this museum is a center of cultural life in New York City. All this is thanks to overwhelming and breathtaking exhibits that are often very extensive, and permanent. The specific style of this building can be described as a Revival-Gothic type of architecture. What is the most recognizable feature of this museum are its tiered steps! The location of The Metropolitan Museum of arts is at Central Park, and the building is a sight to behold for itself. But, when you enter the Great Hall, you will meet up with a hundred others museum enthusiasts. With all the people who share the same passion for art like you do, you will see wonderful displays of art. Dive in in this magnificent place and see for yourself first hand how amazing it is. Among people who moved to Manhattan, there is a common thought. They all loved The Metropolitan Museum of art, therefore this might also be one of the reasons why relocating to Manhattan is a good thing!

    A woman at one of the top Manhattan museums
    Top Manhattan museums always have great exhibitions

    Museum of Modern Art

    Not too long from now, this museum will celebrate its 100th birthday! Founded in 1929, this impressive museum dedicated itself completely to contemporary art. Located in Midtown East, the museum shows an overwhelming and all around impressive collection of modern art. They covered modern art in all forms starting with sculpting, painting, designing, and movies. One of the most famous works exhibited here is Van Gogh’s The Starry Night alongside with Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. This thriving center within itself includes many educational programs, films from all around the world and other cultural events. There are many special events throughout the year here! And a lot of them are family-friendly events you can visit with your children. Take your time and visit the Museum of Modern Art with your family and show them how much exactly art matters! Visiting a museum is always a good idea after a stressful moving. Therefore, this must be one of the must things to do. The relocation process can really take its toll easily. Have this in mind when you are searching for Clinton moving company near you. After you finish with your relocation, visit this museum for a great time!

    A bronze statue
    Enjoy the beautiful sculptures in the Museum of Modern Art

    American Museum of Natural History

    Our list of top Manhattan museums to visit wouldn’t be the same without the American Museum of Natural History. This marvelous piece of architecture takes around four city blocks. And it is next to Central Park! Here you can see all the aspects of the natural world. Starting with the huge collection of taxidermy mammals, to the depiction of how Native American tribes lived. One entire hall is even dedicated to the marine life, with a huge life-size model of a blue whale. The most popular part of this museum is the dinosaur floor. This floor is entirely dedicated to dinosaur friends, with the huge and terrifying skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex in it. Enjoying art like this is easy once you figure out how to get through Manhattan. With all the traffic jams, there is, it is easy to get stressed. Figure out how many top Manhattan museums you visit if you are familiar with the public transportation of Manhattan.

    A stuffed bird
    You can find the biggest taxidermy mammal collection here

    Whitney Museum of American Art

    Located right next to the High Line park, this overwhelming Whitney Museum of American Art shows over 22, 000 pieces of art. The art they exhibit come from all around the world. This museum was found in 1931, by a popular sculptor Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. Its primary role was to display art from her Greenwich Village studio. Now, thousands and thousands of people come from all the different places to enjoy the contemporary art of America. Many of the exhibits will include sculptures, paintings, film, performance arts etc. But, maybe the most imposing thing about these places is 13,000 square feet of highlights outdoor exhibition, where each and everyone is facing the High Line. Whitney Museum of American art is very popular among students. It is always a good option to visit while they are searching for educational facilities in Manhattan. This is just one of the top Manhattan museums you can visit and never regret that decision!

    A woman sitting and enjoying paintings
    Enjoy art from all around the world

    These are just several top Manhattan museums you can visit when you relocate here. Include any of them in your plans if you really wish to enjoy this part of Manhattans cultural life. They will surely leave you breathless and stunned with awe. Enjoy the art from all around the globe alongside all the other visitors as well. There are hundreds of museums we could tell you about, but that would take a lot of pages. We chose what we believe are the best ones you should see! If you have any other museum you wish to add to our list, feel free to write it about in the comment section down below!

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