Top Manhattan Beach restaurants to experience

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    Everyone loves Manhattan. Like you needed additional reasons for hiring Clinton moving company to relocate you to Manhattan Beach, here come some of the restaurants in the mentioned area worth visiting. Our top pick will be more than just the goal of satisfying your pallet. The top Manhattan Beach restaurants that have made it to our list will prove to be a delight for all your senses. What you will receive is an unforgettable experience. So, dress nicely, but also avoid wearing anything too tight. Here are the kitchens of glory.

    A restaurant kitchen
    Here are the top Manhattan Beach restaurants where all the magic happens.

    Seasonally focused, elegantly plated fare

    Oh, and let’s not forget the dazzling ocean views The Strand House has. As a matter of fact, you could be eating plain bread and still enjoy the scenery. Luckily, executive chef Austin Cobb’s beautifully executed plates undoubtedly live up to the view. Parker House rolls are probably the most reputable delicacy. However, the kitchen maestro has enriched the menu with some eclectic combinations. Chili-dusted avocado with a crème fraîche-filled core served over crunchy jicama, fluffy Italian gnudi dumplings stuffed with silky ricotta, as well as tender Kurobuta pork chop accompanied by German-style spaetzle and braised cabbage are just some of his mouthwatering creations. And just when you think you have no room for more, desserts make their way into the scene. Equally jaw-dropping like their predecessors, citrus-olive oil cake, bubble waffle topped with cheesecake curd maple ice cream, and a variety of flourless chocolate cakes will leave you wanting for more.

    Perfect for late-night munchies

    The Kettle is like a warm bed after a long, cold day. Like a caring friend after a bad break up. Like a welcoming community after a long distance relocation. It is open 24/7, and thus ready to embrace both you and your core desires. Desires of your hungry, yet picky stomach. This place has found its way on our list of top Manhattan Beach restaurants for its openness to individuality. Namely, you are free to customize any item to your liking. It can be anything from the crispy breakfast potato nachos, or crab cake po’ boy sandwich, all the way to spicy chicken parmesan. Whatever you end up choosing, know that their warm, homemade muffins are non-optional. You are simply obliged to try them. Feel free to thank us later. If it so happens that you visit this wonderful place during long wait times, the staff will make the delay more than bearable with sampling these muffins along with hot coffee.

    A muffin on a colorful surface
    Who would have thought that a simple thing as a muffin could be considered a piece of art?

    An impressive meat selection

    Vegans and vegetarians ought to avert their eyes. Meat lovers, on the other hand, will now seriously ponder relocating to Manhattan. LeFevre is a sleek, upscale, first-class steakhouse. Japanese wagyu streaked with white marbling will make you fall in love. Prime, dry-aged steak, like the nutty-sweet bone-in tomahawk, will bring tears to your eyes. Pot roast slow-cooked to a melt-in-your-mouth texture will bring back your favorite childhood memories, long forgotten. However, that’s not the end of this meat fairytale. See, this place makes it so that the sides are no afterthought. Football-sized popovers filled with the sharp tang of Emmenthal cheese will accompany your meat slice like Prince Philip accompanied the Sleeping Beauty. Crisped-up Brussels sprouts roasted with dates and red onions, and a creamed spinach will help you grasp the concept of ”a match made in heaven”.

    Fresh juices and quick, healthy bowls

    SunLife Organics is one of the top Manhattan Beach restaurants that put a lot of effort in enhancing your healthy lifestyle. This wellness-focused cafe fits right in with the beach crowd. And it’s no wonder. Their fresh-squeezed juices, superfood-enhanced shakes, bone broth, and other health boosters will make anyone feel more energized and feeling awesome overall. We know what you are thinking. Sure, it’s healthy, but I will leave feeling hungry in a matter of minutes. Well, think again. SunLife Organics’s staff makes the portions hearty and satiating. Ingredient-packed smoothies are rich, while everything on the menu is simply delicious. If you are one of the many surfers and sunbathers, you will find this place to be the perfect pre- or post-beach spot for a bite.

    Where Asian-fusion trend is done extremely well

    Little Sister is one of the top Manhattan Beach restaurants that’s worth getting in the car and driving to from wherever you are in the city, or even further. We are aware that the Asian-fusion trend has generally been watered down these days, but this place stands as an opposition to that current. Little Sister is a cool, modern spot is a blend of Vietnamese, Balinese, Sichuanese and every other cuisine in between. Not to mention that it’s utterly outstanding in both quality and taste. Although the interior is not huge, it can accommodate enough people for you to have a great time, all paired with an intimate atmosphere.

    Table of food in one of the top Manhattan Beach restaurants
    Feeling hungry for Asian food? Only one place to go for that authentic taste.

    One of the top Manhattan Beach restaurants that is more than a pizza place

    Sure, Love & Salt does an outstanding job at making pizzas that can compete with Italy’s best. However, the pies are the stars of the show. The secret is in the dough. Although made with only four ingredients, flour, water, yeast, and salt, the way they are combined makes all the difference. See, after the careful mixing, the dough has to rest for a minimum of 48 hours. This enables a long, slow, cold-fermenting process to take place. Consequently, a crisp, crunchy, light-as-air crust is brought to life. The maestro, chef Michael Fiorelli claims that this is the reason behind people eating so many duck egg slices without keeling over. Oh, don’t miss out on the new Early Bird Special. Every Saturday can be great if you are one of the first 15 guests, who receive a chicken sausage sandwich on the house.

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