Top challenges of moving to Manhattan alone

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    “Welcome ladies and gentlemen! We are on board heading for the core of Big Apple. The weather is changeable. The prices are high. The place is crowded. The citizens are kind but predatory.” What would you do if you were moving to Manhattan alone and heard this? Would you run away in dismay? Or would you face the challenge, choose one Nomad moving company, fasten your seat belt and hasten courageously? In order to decide, you should familiarize yourself with the top challenges that might strike you in that way.

    Moving to Manhattan alone but not on your own

    The fact that no one is going to relocate with you and that you don’t know anyone in NYC doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get any help. For that reason, Heart Moving and Storage NYC is a perfect choice, offering good-quality services, which are affordable at the same time. Let’s be honest, someone has to transport your belongings and you probably need to store them somewhere for some time. If you are relocating to Manhattan solo, at least let some professional assist you. That will mean a lot as you can focus on other issues. 

    Housing options when relocating to Manhattan solo

    First things first, you obviously need a place to live. What is extremely important here is that you lower your expectations when moving to Manhattan alone. Unless you have money to burn, you won’t be able to afford a top-floor apartment. Well, not even a second-floor apartment of a modern and expensive building. However, finding a decent accommodation isn’t an impossible mission.


    A man sitting on the sofa and listening to music
    You don’t need a huge flat to enjoy yourself.

    Certainly, it would be much easier if you had someone to live with. You would split the costs with that person and wouldn’t have so many worries. Nevertheless, if you want to start over in Manhattan alone, you ought to be prepared to allocate considerable sums of money for the rent and utility bills. The median monthly studio rent in 2019 exceeded $3400. In order to find a flat, you will have to deal with a load of paperwork, such as bank statements, tax refunds, a letter of employment, renters insurance, etc.

    Tips for finding an apartment in NYC

    While looking for a flat, Manhattan’s newbies can easily fall into traps. For that reason, keep the following advice in mind:

    1. Beware free months. If you see a one-month-free advertisement and the amount of rent written next to it, don’t fully believe it. You will have to pay off that free month through higher monthly rents than advertised. 
    2. If you are hiring a broker, make sure you learn about all the expenses. You wouldn’t like to spend more on hidden costs.
    3. Not all landlords accept musical instruments, as they are afraid the tenant will make too much noise. Also if you are moving to Manhattan alone and you want a pet, check the terms in detail, because restrictions may exist. 
    4. You should have access to all amenities of the building you are moving into. Otherwise, examine the ratio between what you get and how much you pay.
    5. Finally, inspect the building at night. Some of them have rooftop restaurants and clubs, which can disrupt your peace and quiet.

    Job opportunities when relocating to Manhattan solo

    When it comes to job-hunting in New York City, it is not too difficult. But it is far from easy. If your plan is to start over in Manhattan alone, you will have to liaise a bit more than usual in order to find a job in successful companies. A good old rule of thumb says that the more people you know the better opportunities will appear. 


    A man sitting on the road with a laptop
    In order to get an apartment you want, you need a good job.

    On the other hand, there are numerous vacancies in restaurants, bars, etc. If you are relocating to Manhattan solo, you will need a decent salary. Bear in mind that the average salary there largely depends on the type of business and profession. We recommend that you should look for a job in advance

    How to socialize when you start over in Manhattan alone?

    Honestly speaking, it will be really hard for you when you start living in one of the Big Apple neighborhoods. You know that moving to Manhattan alone means you will have to make new friends. That said, use every opportunity to socialize and befriend. 

    It will be much simpler for you to meet new people if you are employed there. For the time being, you can spend your spare time with some of your new colleagues. Most of them know you are about to start over in Manhattan alone so they will be helpful and kind. They can introduce you to their own friends and acquaintances. 

    If you haven’t found a job yet, but you feel like relocating to Manhattan solo, then try meeting your neighbors. Throwing a house-warming party is super effective. You will show your neighbors that you are polite, and they will respond warm-heartedly.  


    Friends having a picnic
    A new life means meeting new people and making friends.

    You can also meet new pals in a cafe, bar, club, local organizations, public transport, or even online. There are social events galore, like St. Patrick’s Day events, special parties for all holidays, etc. Use your hobbies to join some clubs too. 

    And don’t forget your old buddies — keep in touch with them by having regular chats or calls. Group video calls once a week are a great idea as well. 

    Is moving to Manhattan alone a good idea?

    All in all, the answer to this question is purely individual. You can make it a good idea if you plan ahead and don’t let anything surprise you. Without a doubt, you will miss your family and friends, but don’t get depressed. There are numerous fun activities in Manhattan where you can meet some amazing people. The adaptation can take a bit of time, but later everything can turn out well. Your new life is just about to begin and be stunning. 

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