Top 5 renter-friendly neighborhoods in NYC – part 2

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    Relocating home can be quite a challenge. You must organize the whole deal, pack accordingly, and search for Chelsea moving company to cover the hardest part. On top of it all, you must search for a nice place to rent and settle in. All those stages will spend a lot of your precious time, money, and sanity. So, let us help you with at least one. Here is the list of renter-friendly neighborhoods in NYC worth checking out. Let’s find your new place together.

    You are looking for renter-friendly neighborhoods in NYC? Let us begin with Brooklyn Heights!

    Assuming that you created your moving checklist, calculated your moving budget, and have found the reliable NYC moving team to assist you. Now we can look at a couple of renter-friendly neighborhoods in NYC. We begin our journey at Brooklyn Heights. This place kept its true nature since the Civil War. Untouched and preserved, you can still feel the historic vibe to it. Here you can find affordable apartments that can accommodate you alone or your whole family.

    Within walking distance, you’ll find all the shops, restaurants, and cafes you need. It is a place where you can raise a family and pursue your career goals. Although, this commodity and historic beauty comes at a price. Check out the renting price beforehand because it is slightly bigger than the other neighborhoods we covered.

    Downtown Brooklyn

    Now, let us go straight to Downtown Brooklyn! It has all the perks of Brooklyn Heights but it is located in the very center of the borough. This makes everything accessible much easily and the quality of life is better. Maybe you should pay this place a visit and visit one of the malls, shops, or restaurants in the area. You will fall in love with this place as soon as you feel how much it is alive. If you drop by, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Brooklyn Museum and catch a bit of history about the place. Hopefully, you won’t mind seeing a lot of construction sites all over the place. Downtown is growing and attracting investors and younger population daily. All in all, a promising place to invest in.

    Brooklyn has many renter-friendly neighborhoods in NYC
    Brooklyn has a lot to offer. Find yourself a place and get moving.


    Ok, we are lowering renting prices even more. Now we are talking about the Bushwick neighborhood. Yes, this small and cozy place will accommodate all kinds of families. Whether you are single in a pursue of a career, or a family of four, you can find your place here easily. Bushwick offers affordable rent, a friendly neighborhood, plenty of green areas, playgrounds, and parks. Of course, all the shopping and dining you can imagine. A whole package indeed. Although, with a lower price, you’ll face a lot of competition. Therefore, be quick when you find a place you wish to rent.

    Prospect Heights is surely among the renter-friendly neighborhoods in NYC

    The state declared Prospect Heights as the Historical neighborhood and it was renovated for this reason. Most of the condos kept the original brownstone look and a historic vibe to them. The whole area kept the original look from the 1800 and you’ll be amazed by the architecture of the whole picture. Yes, rowhouses covered in green and brown are all a family need. Along with the marvelous dining, shopping, and fun activities for the whole family. Oh one more thing, did we mention that this place is even cheaper than all the previous candidates? Yes, this place is affordable and beautiful at the same time. Check it out for sure.

    Brooklyn neighborhood during winter
    Neighborhoods like in the moves. Enjoy the old and cozy vibe Brooklyn has to offer.

    Cobble Hill

    The last one among the renter-friendly neighborhoods in NYC is Cobble Hill. This small city within a city preserved its original glow for decades. Most of the shops and establishments are family owned which gives a unique vibe to them. One theater, one barbershop, a couple of grocery shops, etc. You will surely meet all your neighbors in a matter of days and become one big happy family. And the renting price is somewhere in the middle. So you can either boost your relocation budget and rent a smaller apartment or relocate cheaply and invest in something bigger. You have a lot of possibilities with this one. But surely worth checking out if you wish to live in a cozy old friendly city.

    These were the top 5 renter-friendly neighborhoods in NYC. Now it is up to you to figure out which one will work the best for you. Happy hunting and be quick once you find something that piques your interest. Good luck!

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