Tips for moving a business over state lines

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    Owning a business is an always changing game. Sometimes, it may feel like you are juggling so many factors that your head spins. There are so many things to worry about, so when comes the time for a change, you might feel frightened. Packing up your office and moving it to another state may seem like a nightmare. However, there are many reasons for moving your office. Your business might be too small to accommodate all the workers. Maybe there are more clients waiting somewhere else. Or you have found a great and cheap office space, so relocating is simply the best option. Whatever the reasons for the move, there are a couple of things you need to do. In this article, we give you some of the top tips for moving a business over state lines. Follow these for a stressless and successful move!

    Decide on the organizational method

    The first thing you will want to figure out is how your business will develop in the new state. Since there are different types of businesses, so there are different ways of moving a business over state lines. If you are, for example, a sole proprietor, you can just pack everything up and leave. However, if you own an LLC or a corporation, things need to unfold in a different way.

    A fork in the road.
    Decide on the path you take.

    Lucky for you, there are multiple ways in which you can go about relocating. First, you can create a new company in your new state. After that, you can simply merge your old one into the new. Another option is to dissolve your company and reconstitute it in the new state. Finally, you can keep the shop running in the old place, but register to do business in the new. All of these come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, as well as commercial moving guidelines, so think carefully about your next step.

    Play the numbers game

    Of course, as you can imagine, numbers are a huge part of running the business. There are always charts to look over, things to calculate and follow, etc. The same thing will happen both in the old state and the new one. The difference here is that you need to do some more research. Remember starting your own business and exploring the market? Well, something similar needs to happen in the new state as well.

    Data on a laptop.
    It’s all in the numbers.

    The most important thing for moving a business over state lines is whether or not it can prosper there. It makes no sense for you to move a business that will fail in the new state. So, you need to justify the move. And for that, you will need all the facts and figure you can gather. They need to show all the expectations you have. Think along these lines – will the business benefit from the move and how? Will you be able to still maintain it, with all the new costs? At the end of the day, all expert office movers Manhattan will tell you that the reasons for the move don’t matter. Whether you are moving for professional or personal gain, you want your business to prosper if you are moving it.

    It’s a smart idea to call your lawyer and have a nice chat with them. They can inform you well about all the risks and rewards you can have. You also need to be sure you are not taking any illegal steps when moving a business over state lines!

    Picking where to land

    Just like when you were starting the business, where you end up setting up your shop matters. The location of the business needs to include so many factors. First, think about the neighborhood it is in. What kind of demographic there is? Who will be your main customers? Is there available space for your office, and are there any plans to expand or gentrify any areas? Also think about logistics and utilities, as well as government policies that apply in the state.

    A treasure map showing you where moving a business over state lines is possible.
    Location, location, location.

    Consulting about your lawyer and your corporate team might not be enough for this. Research the area online as well, and try to make as many trips as you can. Seeing it for yourself, in person, will give you a great idea about where you will be. You can also ask reputable long distance movers Manhattan about the area, and they can give you helpful tips for moving a business over state lines, too!

    Set up after moving a business over state lines

    Finally, once you have everything in order, it’s time to actually make your business available in the new state. This is a simple and familiar process. You already ran through it when starting in the old location. You can also visit the U.S. Small Business Administration website if you are unsure of the steps or forgot something.

    First, you will need to register the business both on the local and the state government level. Make sure you also read up on the tax requirements, because these change from state to state! Your business needs a place, and you already found one in the last spot. Now all you need to do is procure it by leasing or purchasing it. Then, you need permits and licenses that the governments require. Once you are clear with all the regulations, you can call professional movers to get your office furniture into the new space. The final step in moving a business over state lines is to start hiring. Afterward, you are ready to start!

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