Tips for making your home more welcoming

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    We are creatures that are influenced by our surroundings. Our senses impact our perceptions, and our experiences can differ drastically whether we feel comfortable or not. In order for people to feel comfortable when visiting you, you need to take certain steps in making your home more welcoming. Being a good host is necessary, but a good host with a welcoming home is something you’d always want to come back to.

    Make it your own

    Your home needs to be a part of you. We always connect people’s homes with their personalities. Movie producers know this, and use it in order to convey a character. If a home is empty and cold, we expect the person living in it to be like that. If a home is warm and welcoming, we expect the person to be warm and welcoming. People will always connect you with your home, and the better you realize that the better you will know how to use it.

    Work with colors

    When making your home more welcoming you should start with colors. We always connect certain emotions and feeling to specific colors, and you need to know which colors invoke which emotions. If you are looking for a warmer, inviting feeling, you should consider yellow, orange and brown. Just remember to make them calm. A strong yellow or orange color is not welcoming. Make it quiet and calm. Think of a sunset on a beach. Those are the colors you are looking for.

    Warm colors can make everything warm and welcoming.

    Have an atmosphere

    In every room, there should be something personal. Something that clearly shows that this is your home. If you like martial arts, have something that clearly states that. If you play the piano, place it in your living room so you can play it for friends. Just remember to consider piano movers Manhattan so that you don’t risk damaging your piano when moving it. By having personal things lying around you’ll be making an atmosphere which tremendously helps in making your home more welcoming. Just think about what you are placing. It is easy to have your home cluttered which is never good. Figure out the vibe of the room and place your personal items accordingly.

    Work on your home

    Simply going from room to room and making them feel welcome with no previous planning is counterproductive. Your home is not just a group of rooms. It is a whole place that needs to have its feeling and vibe. Planning your home’s decor will do much more in making your home more welcoming than planing each room independently ever could. If you can, do this before you move in so you can talk with your Chinatown moving company in order for them to know where to unload your things

    Dedicating rooms

    Every room should have a purpose. If something has a purpose we immediately feel more comfortable when interacting with it. A living room, a bedroom, a study should all be purposeful and arranged in such a way that their purpose is clearly visible. Make the living room more inviting by having comfortable furniture and warm lighting. The furniture should be far enough for people to sit comfortably, but close enough to encourage conversation. Rearrange your home office so that it looks professional. Overall, think about what each room should be for and how can you make it best suited for that role.

    Comfortable sofa
    Comfortable furniture goes a long way in making your home feel more welcoming.

    Preparations for guests

    If you are having friends come over, make sure that the appropriate music is playing and that there is a scent in the air. All our senses help in producing a certain experience, and you shouldn’t shy away from using everything you can in making your home more welcoming. A welcoming home feels welcome because every part of it feels fresh and yet somehow familiar. Another way for something to feel familiar is for it to be intuitive. Try thinking as if you were a guest at your own home. Where should you go? Where should you put away your coat? And what about shoes? All of those things need to be intuitive if your guest is going to feel welcome. Observe them when they come, and if they seem confused upon arrival to know that you should change something.

    Clean your home

    This one may seem redundant, but you would be surprised how many people seem oblivious to it. Clean your home. Keep it tidy. A dirty home is always uncomfortable as people will be skittish to use your appliances and food utensils. Do not think that they won’t notice. They will, but they will not tell you as it may be awkward. They will pretend as if nothing is wrong but will be quietly judging you. Before you do anything, make sure that your home is clean an tidy. But don’t overdo it. A sterile environment is never welcoming. Keeping things nice and clean on a regular basis will be more than enough in making your home more welcoming.

    Add life to your home

    This can be either plants or animals. Whatever you feel is best. A living thing gives the feeling of freshness and life that is most welcoming. Add a plant to every room, except the room you are sleeping in and bathroom. Living rooms should always have a plant somewhere in them. If you are getting a pet, make sure that you know what you are doing. Having a pet is much more complicated than having a plant.

    A puppy is a great thing to have in your new, welcoming home.

    Final tips for making your home more welcoming

    A home is as welcoming as it’s owner. Therefore, you cannot have a welcoming home if you are not welcoming yourself. Make sure that your home is clearly yours and that it extends your personality. People will feel calmer if by knowing you they somehow know your home.

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