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    Most of us dread moving. The moving process may get complicated even if you have someone to help you pack all of your belongings. Unless you hire professional movers in NYC, you may have trouble organizing your move. When moving on a budget, consider few tips for cheap moving and prepare as a professional mover.

    How to prepare and save money

    Preparation is the key when you have to relocate with limited funds. That is why you should take time and consider every aspect of your move. The first step to a successful relocation is making a basic plan that you put on paper. You should start planning a month or two in advance if you want to save as much as you can. Cheap moving may take a lot of your free time. That is why you have to make sure to divide your chores into stages.

    calculator and money
    When preparing your move, make sure to calculate your overall moving cost.s

    When you start planning your cheap move, first you should make sure that you have a moving timeline. You can organize better if you answer a few basic questions about your relocation:

    • Do I need professional movers to transport my belongings overseas?
    • Can I transport everything myself?
    • Should I make a strict moving schedule?
    • Can I get in trouble if I delay my move-out date?

    After you establish a moving timeline, make sure to plan each step carefully. You can divide your tasks by days until the moving day. It is best if you complete all of your tasks before the day of the move. That way you will be less stressed when you or your movers load or unload your boxes onto the moving truck.

    Get friends to help

    The cheapest way to move house is possible if you have help from your family and friends. You can save a lot of money and time if you have someone help you. In case you don’t have much time to organize your relocation, consider entrusting your friends to finish something for you. You can divide tasks among them but make sure you handle the most important and sensitive matters. Your friends can take care of cleaning while you handle important traveling documentation.

    Declutter your home before the move

    Cheap moving implies that you transport only essential items. If you have to use a professional moving company to transport your belongings long distance, they will calculate your moving quote depending on weight. That is why professional movers advice that you declutter your home before you ask them for the official moving quote or an estimate.

    Make sure you save money and sell most of the unnecessary items.

    To spend less on your relocation make sure you get rid of all the items you no longer need. Old clothes or stuff in the garage you no longer use are the items you shouldn’t pack. Consider saving even when moving on a budget and sell all of the items you don’t need. You can sell them online but keep in mind that selling everything online may take a lot of time. If you are in the situation you have to sell those items fast, consider conducting a garage sale.

    Do your inventory while you declutter

    While you declutter your home, make sure you do your inventory. It is very important that you create the inventory list when using professional movers to transport your belongings. The inventory list should include all of the items you wish to relocate. It is important that you have this list and pictures of your valuable items for insurance purposes.

    Find cheap moving supplies

    The cheapest way to move locally is to save as much as you can on moving supplies. If you already have a company in mind, contact movers from New York and find out more about moving supplies. In most cases, when long distance movers transport your belongings, they will include a packing service. However, that may not always be the case. It is best that you ask your movers about your responsibilities. One of the best cheap moving tricks is that you get free moving boxes.

    Get free moving boxes

    The items on your moving list that are the biggest money savers are the free moving boxes. You can find free moving boxes literally at every corner. The best place to start is your workplace. In case you work for a big company that has frequent deliveries, ask the doorman for the boxes they don’t need. On the other hand, you can always ask around at bookstores and markets for the used moving boxes. Also, fast food chain stores like McDonald’s may be just the places with plenty of moving boxes that get thrown away. If you ask nicely, they will probably give away the boxes they don’t need.

    How to save money while packing?

    When saving as much as you can on your move, make sure to have friends help while you pack your belongings. The packing process may take longer than expected so make sure you start packing at least a few days before the moving day. The most important step when packing without your mover’s help is to disassemble furniture. Make sure you take everything off the walls and take apart the big and bulky furniture pieces. When unpacking, you will be able to carry smaller pieces by yourself.

    woman talking about cheap moving
    Get your friends to help you while packing your home.

    When moving on a budget, make sure to avoid buying professional and expensive packing materials like packing peanuts and plastic wrapping materials. The packing process will be less complicated if you reuse the items you already have. Make sure you secure your breakable items. To do that you can use towels, blankets, shirts and similar items. Don’t forget to label your boxes that contain fragile items even if you transport them yourself. That way you will avoid damage during loading and transport.

    Other tips for cheap moving:

    • Use plastic bags for small items
    • Avoid non-transportable items if you use a professional moving company
    • Get the best deal when renting the moving truck
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