Tips for beating the post NYC move blues

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    Moving to a new house means you will probably survive an emotional roller-coaster. Any type of move brings a lot of stress, joy, excitement and other different emotions. Most people feel the moving blues at some point, no matter how eager you felt about moving at first. Beating the post NYC move blues is not as hard as it seems and it is possible with the following tips.

    Knowing the reasons will help you in beating the post NYC move blues

    It is perfectly normal to feel stress and anxiety about your relocation. Even in a situation when you are moving to a better neighborhood, nicer house or to a new place you were waiting for so long. You think that you need to be happy about your beautiful new change but it is not necessarily the case. Many people experience sadness when they move. If you succeed to determine what is the reason for your blues, it will be easier beating the post NYC move blues.

    New York at night from above
    New York attracts so many people, it is hard to feel alone in NYC

    New York can be overwhelming for newcomers. It is especially difficult to adapt if you are coming from a small town. If you are moving to Chelsea, New York you can look forward to great restaurants, art galleries, and bars. It is easier if you hire a local Chelsea moving company, to settle in. Vivid life scenes will help you with beating the post NYC move blues.

    Most common reasons for experiencing the moving blues

    Believe it or not, you are not the only one feeling anxious about your move. There are so many reasons for moving blues. Most common reasons to feel sad or even depressed are: 

    • If you had to move for some reason. If this wasn’t your choice if you were forced because of changing jobs, moving closer to a sick family member or other reason. Normally you will feel stress because of the situation you are in
    • If you are coming from a smaller friendlier town, New York is a bit of a shock at first. But, only the initial feeling, later you’ll see, you will love NYC
    • Switching your larger, more spacious home for cramped New York apartment is also a very common reason, but it is okay, there is a way beating the post NYC move blues. You can live in a smaller space and feel good about it.
    • Leaving your family and friends behind is also why people feel sad about relocation

    These are only a few most common reasons. Some of the following tips could be helpful in these kinds of situations. Make sure that you understand that it is a process that takes time. There is no magic trick to make you feel happy at once. Do what you can and be patient and understanding.

    Distract yourself with the exciting New York scene

    New York is the best place to be if you need to fulfill your free time. As you may have noticed when you have decided on a moving company, there is a variety of choices. Moving service Manhattan is not the only thing that has so many choices. NYC has bars, clubs, restaurants, galleries, shops, sports stadiums, basically anything you desire. 

    Use this rich offer and distract yourself by doing something that amuses you. Choose an activity that will make you feel happy and relaxed. Maybe you should explore galleries or movies on your own. It will make you feel even more lonely. Pick something that reminds you of the previous home. Familiarity will relax you and it will make you forget for a second at least why you are sad. Visit some of the best theaters in NYC.

    Keep in touch with your family

    Missing your family and friends will cause stress and sadness. Try to keep in touch as much as you can. If there is a time difference between you, plan ahead the time to chat, call or video chat with them. The text often and share anything you are doing or how you feel. It will help you to feel closer to them. 

    Woman making a phone call
    Talking to your friends and family is the best way for beating the post NYC move blues.

    Meet your neighbors

    A perfect way to feel a little better is to hang out, go for a drink with your neighbors or new. Moving means leaving your friends behind and this is the main reason why people feel down and a bit doubtful about relocation.

    Try to meet your neighbors, introduce yourself and maybe organize a little moving in party. It is an excellent excuse to make some new friends. Also, it is helpful to know your first door neighbor in case you need help or assistance with something, you can always call neighbors.

    Kid in a swing
    A playground is the perfect place for your kids to meet new friends.

    If you are moving with your family with kids you can take them to the playground or park. Parks and playgrounds in the neighborhood are usually visited by families who are living close by. Your kids will feel a lot better if they have at least one new friend to play with after school. Help them in beating the post NYC move blues by organizing play day with another kid from school or daycare.

    Coping with moving when downsizing

    The hardest thing if you have downsized when you have moved is to get used to it. Downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean that you are losing something. We understand that it is hard to move into a smaller place, but you could look at the bright side of relocation. It is important that you always have in mind the benefits of the move. If it wasn’t your wish to move, you can try to figure out what things will help you to accustom and start to feel better.

    The smaller apartment is sometimes better than a big house. Think about cleaning, and how much time will you save if you are living in a small apartment. Bills, utilities, rent all this will save you a lot of money. Everything is cheaper in smaller places. Focusing on the positives is the best way for beating the post NYC move blues.

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