Tips and tricks for relocating outdoor furniture

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    When thinking of moving house, people often forget about their yards, balconies, patios, etc. The first thing that comes to their minds is transporting the items from their bedrooms or living rooms. But when relocating outdoor furniture and ornaments, lots of steps have to be planned — from renting a short term storage Manhattan can offer to packing those items for the move. Fortunately, there aren’t many of them. But, unfortunately, most of them are bulky. Therefore, this guide will show you how to deal with such issues. 

    Downsizing prior to relocating outdoor furniture

    Once you decide to move house (and your garden as well) and find the new place of living, you should plan carefully which possessions you are going to relocate. Not everything from your old house can fit the new one. What’s more, this is also important for your budget. No matter whether you are hiring some Chelsea movers or other NYC agencies, the costs will depend on the volume of belongings. For example, moving patio furniture together with other stuff will raise expenses. That’s where downsizing comes in handy.


    A yard with a playhouse and swings
    What are the garden items you don’t need anymore? Maybe your kids have grown up, so the toys and playhouses aren’t necessary.

    In order to declutter, you might wish to take these steps:

    1. Make an inventory list of all the possessions in your yard.
    2. Before relocating outdoor furniture, think about what will fit your new home.
    3. Keep the things that you really need and that will fit. 
    4. Put the stuff you don’t want to move into three groups.
    5. Sell or give away those that are in good condition.
    6. Throw away unnecessary damaged items.

    Choose a reputable mover and storage

    Every person wants the best service, which means safe transport and secure storage for their belongings. There are many rogue movers that can charge you exorbitant amounts of money. For that reason, we suggest you keep an eye on every detail. If you want them to dismantle and pack the items before moving patio furniture, most movers will count it as additional service that is paid extra. Therefore, if you don’t feel like spending a lot, you should do the preparations on your own. 

    Besides, you might need some storage services too. In most cases, normal storing conditions will do for garden items. But if special features in storage facilities in Manhattan or other NYC neighborhoods are necessary, you ought to dig deeper. The majority of moving companies offer such services as well. Of course, mind the prices!

    Cleaning before moving garden furniture

    It is essential to clean all the patio furniture because they are always outside. Make sure to inspect the items for bugs and insects. You don’t want any bites while cleaning or preparing them for the move. Depending on the material, different types of maintaining garden items will be applied. This is especially important for the period after relocating outdoor furniture when you are storing it for some time. Since it will be stored with other belongings, dust and dirt are not welcome. 

    Relocating outdoor furniture needs dismantling first

    If your patio items can be taken apart, you should definitely try it. By doing so, you will make the whole process easier. Moreover, you will ensure more space for other things in the moving truck or in storage. Find instruction manuals and start disassembling before moving garden furniture to the new house. Some items are difficult or impossible to dismantle, so check with your movers how they will handle them. 

    Safely packing and moving garden accessories

    Like with every type of furniture, outdoor items need proper and safe packing. In order to pack them well, you ought to find quality packing supplies, such as boxes, bags, wrapping blankets, tape, bubble wrap, etc. If your patio table has a glass top, it must be packed securely and labeled as fragile. When relocating outdoor furniture, the fragile stuff should be properly handled and with extra caution. Otherwise, scratches, dents, and other damages might occur. 

    Patio furniture and a plant
    Sometimes, you won’t be able to take apart some patio furniture. It is essential that you pack and protect it properly.

    What is extremely important is to fasten the parts together and label every box or bag. While packing and moving garden furniture, keep small and loose parts together. Never separate them so that you don’t risk losing them. The last thing you want to happen is that you don’t have all the necessary parts when re-assembling the furniture. 

    After all, bear in mind that some stuff can be bulky and heavy. That means you can’t proceed with moving patio furniture alone. You need some huge help, especially one of professional movers. Certainly, they know how to deal with moving oversized items and you won’t have to break your back by lifting them in an improper way. Furthermore, you will save time and won’t risk breaking or damaging those possessions. 

    Transporting pots with plants

    In case you have pots and plants, think about what to do. If you don’t want to move with all those plants, go to a trusted website for plant lovers to find them a new home. But if you decide to relocate them, you can’t wrap them in bags. It’s not like moving outdoor furniture since plants are living beings. Find some wooden boxes with small openings to secure ventilation. Thus you will provide your plants with fresh air and some sunshine. 

    Time to enjoy after relocating outdoor furniture

    When your belongings arrive at the new house, you have to be careful when unloading them from the truck. That’s why clearly marked boxes and bags as fragile are useful. When your movers see such a label, they will handle those things with extra caution. 

    Friends are enjoying after relocating outdoor furniture.
    Have a barbecue and enjoy your new garden.

    After you unpack all the belongings, you should find them good places where they will fit perfectly. Although you might have had headaches relocating outdoor furniture, now it’s the right time to enjoy. Throw a party and chill out with your friends and neighbors.

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