Things You Should Know Before Moving to Gramercy Park

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    Ah, New York City, the Big Apple! One of the largest, and if we do dare say so ourselves, most beautiful cities in the world. NYC is filled with many different neighborhoods full of history, diversity, and local charm. If you’re looking to move to New York, you should consider hiring Heart Moving NYC. While you’re searching for that perfect neighborhood to settle in, you should consider moving to Gramercy Park.

    Gramercy Park is a very special part of NYC. The fast-paced urban life that is part and parcel of NYC takes a back seat here. So, if you’re looking for a quiet oasis in the busiest city on Earth, Gramercy Park is perfect for you, and  Gramercy Park movers can help you make the transition smooth.

    Gramercy Park street signs.
    If you’re looking for a quiet place in NYC, Gramercy Park is perfect for you.

    The Basics

    First off, a bit of history, Gramercy Park is the name of a gated privately-owned park in NYC, but it also includes the neighborhood around it. It is one of the two privately-owned parks in NYC. It is considered a wealthy, prosperous, and exclusive neighborhood. You even need a key to enter it. There are around 383 keys in circulation, and you need special permission to obtain one.

    Samuel B. Ruggles is the founder of Gramercy Park. He developed it in 1831 and added fences in 1833 and 1844. You cannot enter the park without a key unless you’re a guest of Gramercy Park Hotel. It is safe, quiet, and there a no tourists, which makes it perfect if you’re moving to Gramercy Park with your family.

    Why You Should Be Moving to Gramercy Park

    Let’s jump forward in time a bit. You’ve just moved to Gramercy Park, it was a smooth relocation thanks to your Yorkville movers. What can you expect from your new neighborhood? Beautiful brownstone houses, fancy apartments, posh boutiques, and craft shops, and streets full of mini gardens, trees, flowers, it is so picturesque it almost seems unreal. Who wouldn’t want to live here?

    If we can use one word to describe this part of NYC, it is idyllic. Everything in the area is top-notch — Schools, hospitals, infrastructure, you name it. In addition, numerous restaurants, great bars, and other amenities for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Or if you’re more of an introvert, you can read a book or take a walk in the beautiful park.

    Man moving to Gramercy, to avoid the noise.
    Hiring professional movers can help you avoid a lot of stress.


    There are some other things to keep in mind before moving to Gramercy Park. So, here’s a neat list:

    • It’s always handy to have some Manhattan storage units.
    • Gramercy has a higher living cost than most of NYC (around 44% higher). So, make sure you’re well-situated before you move.
    • The restaurants and bars in Gramercy Park are quite posh, so if you’re more of a low-key person, there are good bars and restaurants a bit further away that will suit your needs.
    • The average rent in Gramercy is around $3500. Therefore, before you move you should consider whether you want to pay that much money every month.

    Hopefully, this article helped to make your relocation to Gramercy Park a smooth affair.

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